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Jesus Christ Super Sentai


Morning Two magazine has recently published a manga booklet portraying holy men Jesus Christ and the Buddha as sentai power rangers, fighting off evil demons in typical religious fashion.

The manga is entitled “Saisei Sentai Holy Men”, and is a side-story of 聖☆おにいさん / Sei☆Onii-san / Saint Young Men, itself a popular gag manga featuring Buddha and Jesus cohabiting in Japan.The booklet is an adjunct to online publication of the title, lest anyone not feel like buying the magazine anymore.

Success brings with it the intriguing possibility of a live action adaptation, though what at times pathetically timid Japanese publishers would do were anyone to object to the work on any grounds whatsoever is not hard to imagine.

The good source.

There is of course one character who is likely to remain notable by his absence…

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