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Haruhi Second Season Episode Dated


Against all reason Haruhi fans are still hoping for clarification on the matter of whether the rerun currently airing will actually contain new episodes, and with Kadokawa merrily stringing them along, they are left to glean what they can from third party reports.

The latest such report comes from the recent Wakayama TV listings, and seems quite credible as such.

If their schedule is to be believed, the 8th episode of the rerun will be titled “Sasanoha’s Rhapsody”, which does not correspond to any of the episodes in the first series, and so is thought to be a new episode. What it turns out to be will be known when it airs, at 1AM on the 25th.

Astonishingly, stations have apparently been told not to reveal any details of what they are actually broadcasting where Haruhi is concerned, so the listing may be in danger of disappearing thanks to the surreal nature of the Haruhi PR machine, which has been trying to kill any confirmation of a new season since its initial ambiguous announcements of one.

Lingering fans who have not converted to Mio-ism will doubtless be pleased if this turns out to be the new episodes (not) promised.

Others will doubtless be perplexed at just what Kadokawa is trying to acheive with its bizarre burial of an unconfirmed new season in the middle of a rerun…

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