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Equality Now: “We Should Censor Other Countries”


Anti-free speech feminist group Equality Now has earned well deserved infamy with its suppression of adult game RapeLay, but now its legal representative in Japan (the group has no actual office there) has laid out the group’s position, claiming that Japan is poisoning the world with its filth and must be stopped, something we have heard before.

She puts it as follows:

“In Japan porn is insipid, finding its way even into the homes of common folk, and there is much depiction of rape in these works. For some years now, this has been a source of concern to overseas human rights groups.”

Her statement that “human rights” groups have been concerned about these erotic works is rather dubious considering Equality Now only appears to have heard about RapeLay after a UK rag recently broke a story on it during a slow news day.

She goes on to assert that it is proper for an American feminist group to be dictating what may be published in Japan, as Japan is poisoning the rest of the world:

“[The games may be made for domestic markets, but with the Internet they might find their way overseas.] It is thus becoming more than just a national issue.”

Heaven forfend anyone anywhere does something to offend someone in another country, as by this logic self appointed international moral guardians will have every right to force their governments to arrest them by a vociferous campaign of letter writing. If only reducing the rates of sexual assault in the US was so simple…

Via Yomiuri.

Considering that the game is actually perfectly legal in the US (though clearly retailers would be leery of it), and is subject to constitutional protection in both the US and Japan, it seems odd for them not to bother pursuing a ban of it and similarly “misogynistic” games (such as GTA) in the USA first, though this inconsistency seems not to have occurred to the group.

Alternatively, it may just be that harassing a small overseas publisher is considerably less risky for the group than attempting to tackle well financed and robust US publishers who understand the stakes involved…

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  • Oh lets just let the feminists take over the world already. I’m tired collecting garbage and laying bricks and railroads. Let the women do all these things while I stay at home making sammiches. How do you like them apples now eh? Dumb feminists…

    And the best part is, when I’m bored of making sammiches, I can overthrow the feminazi regime with a butter knife. Neeeehaw!!!!!!!

  • i read all of the comments i have come to this conclusion: feminazis who post here use the same arguments the get torn to shreds again and again. to those who wish to stop the equality now movement, try to start something in 4chan, like they did with Scientology. and to the people from both sides who just cuss, try to use sexism as a magic key, shut up. to those who said stuff like “get back in the kitchen” it was funny the first time. stop already.

  • This is pathetic , what are they going to do next ? Ban porn since it’s corrupting the world with it’s ‘ filth ‘ ? Let the humans be extinct then . They didn’t even take into account that some men may take it upon the other girls for revenge since the feminists banned their adult games and thus resulting in several more rape cases . Idiots

    • Yes Anon, they’ve already banned CP, and even normal porn gets banned as ‘obscene’ in some states. They want to expand it as much as possible. Look into these orgs and their members and you find strong links with anti-pornography movements who want to regress back to the times it was illegal.

  • we need to ally somewho to do the “dirty job”.

    in the future we need to create a liberated-zone ,
    do a country were otaku free , lolicon freee , downloadsss frree , knowledge freeeeee , ciencie freeee ….

    this is the country i want….

  • Dear gawd people these days. Always backing things up with belief and no one question with logic and reason…………………… Isn’t there suppose to be a reason why people are suppose to think? You can’t argue with people who follow belief blindly they should have the right of free speach stripped from them till they understand reason.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s only natural for the female species to want to restrict the male species’ ability to obtain pleasure. With fewer games available to them as alternatives to the ‘real thing’, men become more desperate, competitive with each other, and willing to make greater concessions for cunt access.

    For cunts, games, images, music and anything else that can substitute for them are all enemies to be fought, freedoms to be suppressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Censorship at its best we live in a dam great world huh?

      seriously though what the monkeyfuck is goin on? is it me or is almost everbody who’s not in there god forsaken mind trying to censor whats good?

      honestly this radicalism to the highest extent so for god sakes!

    • Anonymous says:

      i think that’s old and sankaku already posted about it. this is about what happened later… while the game is not banned in Japan, EN still feels they have made an accomplishment by stopping illusionsoft and amazon from selling the game to potential overseas customers, and they are hoping to go further by eventually getting games like this and others banned in Japan.

  • You sexist morons supporting RapeLay. Can you pull your heads out of your asses? Games like RapeLay trivialize violence against women which is why they need to be banned. Would you tolerate it if the same kind of violence was inflicted on any other historically marginalized people?

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, I shouldn’t even have read past the word “sexist” in your post, because that just reveals right off the bat how much of a hypocrite you are. Using the word “sexist” isn’t a key that’s going to magically open any doors for you.

      and oh, WOMEN? They trivialize violence against WOMEN? That’s why they need to be banned? But just women? What about the animals? Let’s also ban Mario for jumping on turtles (jumping on a turtle in real life is not pretty, mario makes it look like fun! Kids everywhere are going to try and stomp turtles now so that they can use it’s shell to attack other enemies!). PETA would be fuming if they found out about such an atrocity. What about all those games where you can kill and/or harmless NPCs (virtual men and women) with anything from gory results to trivial results like what happens with the turtles in mario? What about Soul Calibur 4, where you can “sexualize” a male or female character to however you see fit? I bet if it only let you customize men, you wouldn’t complain, but if it just let you customize women, all hell would break loose.

      When women are specifically virtually harmed, it’s far more atrocious and must be promptly dealt with? Women need to be treated equally, which means they need to be treated more sacred than other people, creatures, and things in games, thus making things more fair and equal.

      Also yes, a man-raping game would sell. There already is at least one, which someone has shared with us in this page (or was it the last one?), and it’s still on the market.

      To top it off… ir’s VIRTUAL. IT’S A GAME. It’s purpose is not to trivialize actual rape of women. It wasn’t created for that purpose. Sane people who play rapelay can still tell the difference between virtual rape and actual rape. You’re insulting players of rapelay and such games by saying they’re not intelligent enough to play a game like that without realizing it isn’t actual rape. You’re insulting gamers by saying we can’t tell the difference between reality and virtual reality. I bet you beleive that people who enjoy rapelay also now enjoy watching rape occur in a serious film, because you beleive rapelay has made them rape hungry D:

      And if the virtual world freaks you out so much already, consider the future, when men and women everywhere will be able to virtually act out anything they want to, and far more realistically and untrivialized.

      • Anonymous says:

        “To top it off… ir’s VIRTUAL. IT’S A GAME. It’s purpose is not to trivialize actual rape of women. It wasn’t created for that purpose. Sane people who play rapelay can still tell the difference between virtual rape and actual rape. You’re insulting players of rapelay and such games by saying they’re not intelligent enough to play a game like that without realizing it isn’t actual rape. You’re insulting gamers by saying we can’t tell the difference between reality and virtual reality. I bet you beleive that people who enjoy rapelay also now enjoy watching rape occur in a serious film, because you beleive rapelay has made them rape hungry D:”

        You still don’t get it. Any person who would get enjoyment out of even the virtual brutal rape of virgin girls is not sane. Brutality and blood? WTF is your problem? Of course it’s purpose is to trivialize the brutalization of women. What other purpose could there possibly be? Entertainment? That’s pretty sick entertainment. It is not about the “difference” between virtual rape and real rape, sonny. It is porn – brutal, sadistic, hard core degrading porn. And equating women with animals surely doesn’t do your argument much good. When rape rates of men equal those of women, maybe then you will begin to get it. Maybe you could step outside your cave and take a peek at what is going on in the world, what is being done to women and girls, because they are female. Rape is one of them. Rape to prove power. Has not one single thing to do with sex, pal….it is about power. Perhaps that is why you and your buddies enjoy the game. You feel the need for power. Well, don’t we all. Most of us, however, don’t need to watch the “virtual” degradation and brutalization of a “virtual” woman and her “virtual” young, virgin daughters to feel powerful. As for your one game with “virtual” rapes of males in it…can see that it’s a big hit….sure. And to the moron who is horny – to get off watching something like this indicates some serious issues with sex and sexuality so you might want to think before you brag about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus, yes, what rocks have you guys been living under? Or rather what caves have you been living in? You think you’re so witty and cool with the inane rhetoric but you really have no idea how asinine you come across. I can picture each and every one of you actually, from the ones who cannot spell and resort to shitty language, to those who think that feminists are to blame for their lousy sex lives. News flash, fellas…..teeny brains are not exactly alluring, not to mention general stupidity and ignorance. Maybe you should design a game that does to men (and boys) what Rapelay does to women and girls. Wouldn’t last a day on the open market. Jackasses.

      • Anonymous says:

        You two (or one?) have obviously only read MikeeUSA’s posts, or just took the short smart-alec comments too seriously, or (most likely) didn’t read shit of any the comments here (besides maybe scrolling through and picking out the words that helped benefit the image of us you already had).

        You two are hypocrites. You’re biased, you’ve made conclusions about us after making assumptions and generalizations, and even if someone here points out that they are female you’d probably assume they’re just male sexist chauvinistic misogynists like 100% of the rest of the people here that aren’t talking from your side.

        At least, that’s exactly what I gather from your closed minded comments. Correct me if I’m wrong… and by that I don’t just mean that you personally think I’m wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        God you are all so stupid. you have missed the entire point – whizzed so far over your heads you didn’t even hear it go. It’s good you have a place like this where you can rant your pea-brains with each other and save the rest of us from having to interact with neanderthals like you. You give gamers, and men, a bad name.

  • Hei thats a nice main pick of chikan whats the pics name ? Or whats the girl chararackers name ? Oh and about the post feminists are simply those who are too ugly to admit it so they find a hoby that makes others feell bad 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      This has gotten totally ridiculous. The fact is that the feminists are not about ‘equality with men’ anymore: they are trying to push their anti-sex and anti-freedom agenda so that they can brainwash men and women into thinking that “Sex isn’t all it is made out to be!”

      These ‘feminists’ are, by and large, dykes! I hate to put it that way, but from what I have seen, they are dykes who hate men, hate any MENTION of sex, and would be happier in a world with only women!

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminists are ugly, at least on the inside pretty invariably when they are talking BS like this ‘Equality Now’ people are.

      The fact is that pornography KEEPS women from being raped, it doesn’t MAKE women be raped! That has been proven by so many studies over the years, that it’s time for the radical feminists to admit that and shut up.

  • Anonymous says:

    AngryLoli has been ranting about this topic

    What’s interesting is that somebody on her blog recently discovered a newspaper article about her:

    She doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the images she posts on her site >_<
    Her real name is Christina Qi, which seems like a Chinese name rather than Japanese.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      gonna open that snatch like a Juice Box aren’t you dude! – lol.

      Ladies you know “equality now” should really mean??- Get a GUN Permit!(and a Gun). That’s equality!!

  • I agree with the Equality now group. Japan has no respect for women – so women in japan think it is okay for them to be dumb b/c they just have to find a rich men and suck up to them and get married to them, have children, raise children.
    i mean come on…and too much fudged up stuff on tv too- they talk about filth on national tv and they think it’s ok. they subject women as some tool or object

    • Anonymous says:

      why do you assume that it’s specifically women thinking it’s ok to be dumb as a result of men ignoring them? What if it’s men ignoring women because BECAUSE they beleive they’re dumb?

      A lot of people here say they prefer 2D women over real life women, and for many different reasons.

      Though sane people can tell the difference between a woman on TV and women in real life. That’s why they PREFER the women on TV. If they couldn’t tell the difference then they’d be ok with real women! lol

      But this is speaking very simplistically and with generalizations. I’m just trying to show that your point can be easily countered.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re right.

    Games like this pollute the mind of people and create rapists ready attack anyone in the shadows, I tell you. What’s even worse, they portray a woman getting comfortable with such violent treatment over time. You can turn any woman into a sex slave, just keep violating her until she starts begging for your semen because women are sluts by nature and they live for a dick no matter how hard they try to fit in the society… seriously, what’s up with that? That’s totally fucked up.

    What’s the future of a guy that plays stuff like this? Being a violent husband? A rapist? A sore loser that will never have real sex his entire life masturbating to porn games? You decide.

    • Anonymous says:

      some people that play eroge games can have sex with real people, they can also be married and have children. On the other end, people that have children and have been married to someone for many years and seem otherwise normal and good and don’t even own a sexy picture on their computer can turn out to be a child rapist. Your friendly neighbor who you love to chat with every day could one up raping a child one day! You should probably make sure you don’t get stupid and ask someone like that to rake your leaves for you one day, or they could end up going from your lawn to your living room when you’re not looking and could rape someone you love! Quick, build electric fences that separate everyone’s homes from everyone else’s, just in case!

      PRIEST have turned out to be rapists of little boys, more than once! Stop taking your kids to church, they might end up getting raped!

      Saying Rapelay can even potentially lead someone to rape a woman is absolutely pointless.

    • Anonymous says:

      yup, and little boys who play cops and robbers will all grow up to be either cops.. OR ROBBERS :O but either way, they’ll both end up just shooting at each other all the time while yelling “BANG! BANG!”

      And don’t get me started on cowboys and indians D:

    • Wow, this argument is so terrible I don’t even know where to begin. By that logic every game we play should turn us into a real life representation of that game. I am playing Mercenaries 2 right now…I have 0 urge to go and attack Venezuela. Well, there goes your logic out the window. Do try again.

      • Chris speaks truth.

        Using your argument, anon, that means all people who play FPS games are prone to cause high school shootouts. That means people who play fighting games are more likely to get into school fights, etc.

        In reality, this doesn’t happen. Why? Because normal, sane, mentally stable individuals can SEE THE DIFFERENCE between reality and fantasy. As supposedly deplorable as rape is (even though I think murdering others using a gun is far more deplorable since you can’t take back a human life), it’s being practiced in a fantasy game.

        Do remember Japan has a LOWER case of rapes per capita than the U.S.. You ever wonder why that’s the case? Yes, some of the rapes go unreported in Japan because women are supposedly taught to “just take it”, but I’m fairly sure that Japan would *still* be placed at a lower ranking than the U.S. if we account for the unreported rape cases for BOTH countries.

        Despite the unreported cases from both countries, Japan’s still able to control its otaku (who is probably the demographic for this game and many games like it) from shoving penises into anything that has a vagina. Ever wonder why that’s the case?

    • Rincewind says:

      The future of guys? They need to become the ideal of men, a shinning beacon of manliness, of course Im talking of “Alabama Man”.
      We need those action figure to be made and distributed among the young so they can learn the truth and can treat properly the womens.

    • Simple; they’re a bunch of pussies who only can focus and aim at a small pr0n company. If Illusion Soft consists of gun slinging and katana wielding Yakuza staffs, i’m pretty sure EN wouldn’t even want to attack nor criticize them.

        • Simple; they’re a bunch of pussies who only can focus and aim at CRIME-FREE pr0n companies. If ALL HENTAI COMPANIES AND DEVELOPERS (INCLUDING ERO MANGAKA, HENTAI ARTISTS AND DOUJINKA) consists of gun slinging and katana wielding Yakuzas, i’m pretty sure EN wouldn’t even want to attack nor criticize them.

          Happy now?

    • It’s because that is a real issue. It’s much MUCH easier to bitch about works of fiction that have zero actual negative impact on reasonable and stable individuals. Games are an easy target because all you have to do is say “OMG IT HURTS THE KIDS” or some similar soccer-mom rallying cry and you will get your way because no company wants that sort of publicity and therefore gives in. And for the few that do decide to fight it, they lose because there is no reasoning with these types of groups.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gender Equality? There is no such a word… people just get too serious about “Male” and “Female”. They are just different. It’s true that the social structures and bullshitty human’s idea (evolved from animal’s community) brought both genders to their troubling fates. Many things can’t be undone… plus, there are many more important issues… instead of challenging who is the better at domination… can’t they just help each other? There are many things males can’t do. There are many things females can’t do. What both genders need now is not “Equality” but “Compromise”. However, true compromise may be just a dream.

  • Idiots.
    Though I can see why they wouldn’t attack the people who made GTA. Just look at what happened to Jack Thompson when he tried to attack them and other publishers.
    …On second thought, I wish they would. I foresee an epic fail in their future.

  • Nochegame says:

    We need political power, someone that fights in the name of the freedom of expression.
    Attract the media and face “Stupidity Now” in their own territory, exercise the power of the organized opposition and crush them in their own game!

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe this is important. For all the outrage here and other places, the fact remains that these feminazis actually manage to 1) congregate in an organized group and 2) amass some form of political will towards supressing freedom of speech and expression *outside* of their own borders. This makes them dangerous and threating to any real equality or even basic freedoms.

      The question now is, where do we go to organize and collectively air our grievances in a systematic fashion, and where it actually has political clout? We need an actual organization ourselves to combat this nonsense these neo-fascists are spewing. The fight has gone way beyond just one game and one company now.

  • These feminist and children activist groups don’t have much regard for the Constitution or civil liberties so they seek to do an ends around them by pushing for international laws that subvert domestic law. A prime example is this CEDAW law that is making its way as we speak in the U.S. Senate.

    “This Is No Time to Go Wobbly: After 29 years, Senate ratification of the CEDAW treaty is still a terrible idea.”

    • I do want to point out to others that the Weekly Standard is a ‘true’ conservative site. I personal am on the left for most issues. However, the information at this site is reasonable and well researched, compared to that of Faux News, though I disagree with the opinions of a lot of their other articles.

      This isssue however is one I believe I can definitely agree with – the CEDAW is *way* too broad. I’m all for women’s rights, but I’d rather legislation be passedon specific women’s rights issues, rather than something like passed, because it will make it way too easy to feminazis (not true feminists) to justify civil lawsuits by pointing to it and going “SEE? THEY VIOLATED DIS. GIMME MAH MONEY!” Reminds me too much of the DMCA and how badly the RIAA/MPAA has been abusing it.

  • I’m all for respecting women and treating and hating everyone equally, but for some odd reason…I FUCKING HATE feminists. The just urk the hell outta me. I think they need a dick up their ass; this I can do!

  • I’m seriously concerned about the amount of power this group is getting. Although freedom of speech is a right here in the states, I honestly think it should be a human right for the rest of the world. Equality Now! is doing (a much less toned down version) of what the Bush Administration is doing by sticking their heads into OTHER COUNTRIES’ BUSINESS and dictating what’s acceptable or not and by acting like we’re the Mommy of the world.

    We’re doing what we can do undo all of what was done in the past 8 years, but feminazi conservative groups like Equality Now needs to be fucking kept in check. If they win more and more of these international lawsuits, it’s only a matter of time before they bring it back into the states and cause a commotion over here. Seriously, I’m wondering if it’s possible we can get the ACLU involved in this issue.

    I wish I had some legal experience to do so, but this extremist group (which I think is in the same veil as the neoconservative far right and the far left Greenpeace treehuggers) needs to be stopped here in the states before these feminazis infringe upon the rights of American citizens. Next thing you know, they’re going to be calling a ban on females in fighting games or whine about how GTA IV is absolutely deplorable for allowing you to buy hookers.

    Seriously, if anyone has any legal experience, they’ve got to be violating SOMETHING with their attempt at being the Mommy of the world, aren’t they?

    • Anonymous says:

      For starters, if they pulled this off in the US, they’d be guilty in no uncertain terms of violating the 1st Amendment. Make no mistake.

      Not only are they trying to deny those rights, they are insolent and insensitive enough to bully another sovereign nation and indeed a different culture altogether that perhaps understands proper social structures better than they do — a brief comparison of the crime rates alone shows this.

      At this point, they’re just getting off on bullying others and feeling important over nothing, which is their entire goal, seeing as they can’t and haven’t done anything redeeming and of substance, like help solve war hunger or deliver some form of aid to disaster-stricken areas of the globe.

  • invincible says:

    Anti-free speech feminist equality MY ASS. This is such a dumb dip-shit that piss my off so much that I want to pound those SON-OF-A-BITCH until they freakin’ go through the black hole. The Japanese poisoning the world? That is such an annoying STATEMENT. To be correct, the Japanese is the one to up lift this whole world. If you are against it, you are just a dumb BITCH FUCKER! There is no such thing as EQUALITY ever and if you do think that is, then you are just a FUCKER that leach off from your freakin’ parent. People are fuckin’ dumb that they blame things on other when they cannot support their ass. In this case, blaming Japan is such being a FUCKER. Erotic game are made for adult, and playing LOLI game does not make one become a LOLICON get that in your freakin’ ugly head you dumb BITCH! If you don’t like it, don’t play it BITCH-ASS-FUCKER! Don’t go ad ruin it for other ASSHOLE!

    • uh, ^ you are just as extremist as they are, and its just as bad. if you want them to change, go about it intelligently. you’re just trying to troll them on a site which evidence proves they never bothered to look.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can totally understand the existence of these feminists now. I’ve just basically read a bunch of comments here that are from the exact same kind of people, just defending a different side. It’s too bad that if one of these feminists, one with a more open mind, wanders over here that person is going to see a bunch of butthurt comments full of stuff like “bitch” and “cunt” and “death to feminists” and assume we’re all asshats like they are.

    But the truth just is, every group is full of a majority of asshats, whither it’s the feminists or sankaku fans, which is why we’re all doomed. Humans are a greater risk to humanity than global warming or any shit like that, and that’s something we’ll never raise alarm about even after it’s too late.

    Fuck fighting these feminists, we’ve already failed when our group is full of such losers.

    • Anonymous says:

      They shouldn’t. Equality Now is just being an egoistic, self-righteous hypocrite.

      They are being stupid, plain and simple. The US Constitution itself protects freedom of expression, and those feminist Equality Now lunatics don’t care about that apparently. Note they don’t even bother challenging things of a similar nature in the US itself, because they know they can never win.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re assuming that these people in this thread are all assuming that all women are horrible. Most people here are directing their attacks on the women IN THIS GROUP, Equality Now (though, one thing you can point out here is though, is that not everyone in EN is probably a woman). If someone says “cunts!”, they’re referring to those specific women, not women in general. In fact, next to no one has directed attacks toward women in general (and even if they did it probably wasn’t serious), though some have generalized FEMINISTS, and even then most people use the word FEMINAZI to narrow down who they’re referring to.

      Women are very welcome here. In fact, women coming here should be incouraged.

      Also let it be noted, there are women already here, and even feminists, who aren’t/wouldn’t hold back on wanting to call these EN women/people something unsavory.

    • It’s not misogyny, it’s just that many people here are extremely pissed off and vent their anger in saying things that sadly come across as misogynistic. It’s a grave misunderstanding to think women are not wanted here. The only characteristic you must have in order feel at home here is an interest in anime, manga, H, and/or the occasional weird news.

    • AmericanOtaku83 says:

      No offense, Anon, but most of the folk here are male. It’s not that women aren’t wanted here, but you know how guys are. I just think Equality Now just goes too far, much like the ACLU.

  • AmericanOtaku83 says:

    I support women’s rights, but come on. This is just a video game. None of it is real. And how can they censor other countries when we can’t even censor ourselves? The Religious Right want’s movies and TV to be like it was in the ’50s: No color and no coloreds.

  • KajunBowser says:

    These recent events have just lit the fuse on my rage cannon. I’m effin’ sick and tired of these groups that seem to have some sort of self-righteous, misguided and probably politically motivated actions of this [In]Equality Now group. Haven’t women in most of the civilized world have equal rights anyway, of course not counting certain countries where ancient law still have women under men’s thumbs. They go after a raep simulation eroge from a country that has the lowest rate of any G20 nation in raeps, that also has regulations on porn and hentai that make sure no one of invalid age gets to them, let alone makes it a pain in the arse to get the stuff outside the country. Upon that, they do this in a country where laws have been established that protect women to the point where women can use the laws to frame some unsuspecting shmuck on a crowded subway car, and will hunt down a weird-looking guy for asking some little girls for directions.

    The thing is, they feel empowered being from a country that lieks the “change” that’s going around and they want to impose it on other countries, with whom we have friendly relationships with (for now). They have clearly overstepped the name of their organization in trying to get RapeLay pulled from some store, if not banned. Then, after this alligator tears-induced victory, it goes straight to their heads. Remember, there are responsible feminists groups, and then there are feminazis like [In]Equality Now. These groups are the enemy of real free speech worldwide, slowly spreading a “soft tyranny” like venom flowing through the veins after a snakebite. It’s time for everyone that loves the freedom of doing as they please (within reason), regardless of race, religion, nationality or political affiliation to start kicking arse for it, starting with this “equality” group.

  • mechwarrior says:

    This same group, in fact, tried to get GTA(3 onward) banned. History can tell you the rest. Dont worry, since they are feminists, most people wouldnt give a damn about what they say.

  • You know what? STFU!!
    Insensitive or not, I see this as annoying, and nothing else.
    I think that just the minority of their so-called “Organization” even cares about the Japanese Ero market.

  • azumipwnsnaruto says:

    I was wondering why arent they fighting for something instead of strawmen arguements with rapelay since if I’m not mistaken laura ling of current tv is held in prison in NK now why equality now isnt worried about this female journalist is above me maybe they want to start small & insignificant targets before trying to get female equality in NK?

    • Female equality is pretty much established in North Korea (as it’s a communist country). They even have mandatory military service for females. What North Korea lacks is respect for human rights in general.

      Also, Equality Now does run projects on real and important issues (like eradicating the practice of female genital mutilation in Africa). Which makes it even sadder that they had to pick a fight with freedom of expression.

    • Anonymous says:

      Though maybe you’re being series, I’d like to think people who comment like that are just being silly and trying to make a joke (although a stale, old, and overused one). But it’s really kind of counterproductive to say things like that either way (especially cuz it’s not really funny anymore). These feminists have helped out people in the past that were in situations that needed their help. They’re human, have rights (to live, especially), deserve to have their opinions, and are most likely acting out of well intentioned beliefs, as much as many of us would hate to admit it. The only kind of things that should be ridiculed here is their misjudgment, possible bias, hypocrisy, and resulting actions in this case.

      • Anonymous says:

        “deserve to have their opinions, and are most likely acting out of well intentioned beliefs”

        “Hell is full of good intentions or desires.”
        -Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153)

      • Anonymous says:

        I can tell you’re a female, since you’re being butthurt over things that you really doesn’t seem to able to grasp, to comprehend.

        I understand that some girls/moralfag males may be scared, but most people here agree with “normal” feminism ideals, as long they don’t interfere with what doesn’t concern them. They just don’t agree with radical feminism, and are angry at it. This feminism and bitches we speak off are radical feminism and feminists.

        inb4 GTFO seriousfags/butthurtfags. This is Sankaku complex, don’t expect people to not try to vent their anger and express serious, pondered, mature opinions which really reflect them and will lead to academic and serious debates of the topic. Know your place.


  • Yawn. Hardly news. I just hope rest of the world has more commons sense then these sort of groups. Who the fuck gives them the right to tell me what I can buy/play/watch? It’s the Mass Effect/Hot Coffee bullshit all over again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, you people have no idea what feminism is about. If you think a website full of young men anonymously reveling in their hatred of women (calling them cunts, bitches, whores, etc) is a good place to learn about what femisim is doing and what its goals are, you are sadly mistaken.
    Why don’t you try reading something written by a feminist?
    Feminism is not you’re enemy. Feminism has been slandered and discredited by the misogynistic forces its been trying to undo. Do you honestly think there is no bias in this article? Maybe, just maybe these sorts of simplistic, emotional, polarizing straw man depictions of feminism are the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can tell you’re a female, since you’re being butthurt over things that you really doesn’t seem to able to grasp, to comprehend.

      I understand that some girls/moralfag males may be scared, but most people here agree with “normal” feminism ideals, as long they don’t interfere with what doesn’t concern them. They just don’t agree with radical feminism, and are angry at it. This feminism and bitches we speak of are radical feminism and feminists.

      inb4 GTFO seriousfags/butthurtfags. This is Sankaku complex, don’t expect people to not try to vent their anger and express serious, pondered, mature opinions which really reflect them and will lead to academic and serious debates of the topic. Know your place.


    • Obviously there will be many here who don’t take this seriously enough to keep their exaggerated comments and “tit for tat”, “eye for an eye” views under control. This is sankaku, a place that usually pokes fun at news and the silliness behind it. A lot of people that use words like “whores” and “bitches” are just failing at trying to be funny, or are just too pissed to think properly to realize that they’re not helping by saying things like that.

      But you’re no better for generalizing all of us. A lot of us are respecting their right to be feminists and to have their own views and we’re respecting them as fellow humans, but we’re just calling them out on their actions which are directly effecting us. Even if our commenting here has to effect on these feminists, maybe they’re not even reading these comments at all and are even deleting any emails that oppose them on sight, but we have a right to be here and share and express our views, hopefully at least spreading some awareness and teaching others. There are some useless comments here, but I think most people can tell easily between a comment that shouldn’t make a difference if you read or not, and one that deserves a fair chance.

        • I am a turd, a lowly abject turd.

          Seriously give the SCUM manifesto a try. You won’t be let down, there are torrents of it available just google it. SCUM doesn’t discriminate, you don’t need to be a female to be a member of SCUM

          “Being in the men’s auxilliary is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for making SCUM’s escape list – it’s not enough to do good – to save their worthless asses men must also avoid evil. A few examples of the most obnoxious or harmful types are: rapists, politicians, and all who are in their service … CENSORS on both the PUBLIC and PRIVATE levels;”
          Qoute Valerie Solanas

          This should give you some idea of what you are really getting into, it’s a good read and you will learn.

          Christ bled to death when we cut it off.
          S.C.U.M. men’s auxiliary Florida USA

    • Anonymous says:

      At least some of us are dimly aware that feminism doesn’t entirely consist of this, rest assured. That’s the reason why half-seriously call that knee-jerk fanaticism femiNAZISM.

      And well, yes, that whole bit of news looks almost so much like straw(wo)man feminism that you’d think they’re trolling. It would pass as such if they weren’t privating the unwashed, fapping masses of useful, huh, content, hence the rage.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s silly to expect people on a site like this to comment seriously on serious issues, so as much of a good point you may have, you’re wasting your time writing. People on these sorts of sites comment for 3 reasons. 1) To get attention. 2) Pure boredom. 3) To point out someone else’s mistakes. You and I fall under #3. You’re pointing out that they’re wrong, I’m pointing out that you telling them that doesn’t matter to them. 😐

      • OigoMiEggo says:

        Can’t tell if you’re trolling or truly indignant, but either way, you’re a fool to think all of us don’t realize that all news carry a bias. I mean…Jesus Christ, the article is on a site that bases its traffic on people interested in Japanese culture and other similar topics, how can it not carry a bias? Same can be said for all other news sources.

        Some of us, if not most of us, do check our sources and what we’re up against before discussing it.

        We have no idea what feminism is about? We know full well that feminism is a movement created to improve females’ status/lifestyle in their area on a local level, and other areas on a global level.

        Maybe if such extremists didn’t make such a foolish claim that these games increase rape incidences, feminism would be better received eh?

        tl;dr: Stfu and get off your high chair because men are just as affected negatively by feminism as women are by misogynism. That is why some are against it and that is why I bash it when it rises to such extreme and relatively useless levels. Really, who cares about games when there’s more important issues at hand? There’s not even a positive link between games’ themes and the incidence rates of their related themes.

        • Anonymous says:

          have to agree with you, these feminists should waste their energy doing stuff that are ACTUALLY helping women around the world…like child prostituition in poor countries or sumthing

  • Anonymous says:

    Only one man can save us from the feminist forces. That man is Kenji Seto. Everyone pray for him so he can summon up enough energy for a Spirit Bomb to blast those feminists away!

    • ^ This.

      Also, rape fantasy (note: fantasy) has been a staple of BDSM ever since the dawn of humanity. There are a lot of people who like BDSM, both male and female, so it’s quite obvious that erotic fiction dealing with that theme is quite popular. You don’t even need to be into BDSM to like rape fantasy, you just have to have a thing for hard sex.

      It’s perfectly fine if you don’t like it. Firstly, you are in the majority there, and secondly, you are entitled to your own likes and dislikes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Any group that calls itself a feminist group is not bothered with equality.

    Feminism is just sexism, with female superiority in mind. It doesn’t matter what justification you put to it, in the end it’s just another form of sexism. Whenever a woman says “Whatever men can do, women can do as well” may be right, but whenever they say “women can do better” you’ll know who you’re dealing with – a liar and a sexist.

    Giving them the time of day is important though, because you can see what ignoring the whole movement has done.(you can see it in this post by Artefact)

    • Anonymous says:

      exactly, they can’t call themselves “equality now” and then proceed to call themselves “feminists”. That’s like assuming in all cases that women are less equal to men, all over the world, and that in order to achive equality we need to help out women to get their equal rights. They can’t see that there are cases the world over where gender has nothing to do with the lack of equality and rights. What about fighting for equal right for poor people versus rich people? In India there are male and female untouchables that can’t do things that shouldn’t require them to be more wealthy. Feminists only fight for other women, not for the equality of all people, and it’s easy to assume that they hold a bias towards women in all cases even when it’s the woman at fault.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. We can’t just grin and brush this event under the table… that’s what grows and empowers their feminazi antics. Simply ignoring them not only fails, it makes them stronger as you hand them more and more of your personal freedoms and rights. It may be in microscopic portions, but the Grand Canyon wasn’t created in a day either.

      They need to be addressed in tangible, no uncertain terms. Since rational discussion with this particular group seems hopeless, filing a counter petition, motion, or some form of lobbying *gasp* might be in order.

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally I think radical feminist groups like these spark the fires of misogynistic behavior.

    Everyone is cool with women presidents, ceos, lawyers, etc until they start whining about porn or games or whatever, then all you hear from guys is “Back to the Kitchen!”

    Men don’t complain about games in which girls rape guys…

  • TsubasaNoTenshi says:

    Their movement is quite obvious and predictable. They naturally go by the idealistic beliefs of moral and society, but at the same time practicates partial Fascism quite triumphantly…

    One might wonder to what extent will this take matters.

    It is obvious that controlling the masses is an easy job for an organization having behind itself the certitudes of a possible utopia along with absolutely no background, evidence or common sense. They do not need proof, statistics, reality – They apparently go by the way of Christ…

  • what japan poison the world!!!???
    what a bunch of hypocrite bitches,honestly if any country is poisoning other country’s it is the USA,keh(look at the rising rate of crimes in central europe,et etc)!

  • I wonder what would happen if someone posted a comment that outlined an agreement to this Equalitynow organization… I would disagree with them, but damn, I would sympathize with the coming beating…

    • OigoMiEggo says:

      Pfft, give me one reasonable argument, and I’ll rend it asunder with exponentially more reasonable arguments. There need not be a crude beating if there be a mental beatdown.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh shit, now you know all manga, anime and miscellaneous fictitious titles will be censored to oblivion thanks to this bitches.

    Fem!anon here who played the game (and loved it), I can’t believe people are raging for a piece of software when there are so many children suffering from all kinds of shit.

    If there’s one thing I hate is people imposing their beliefs when it’s none of their business (srsly? Americunts nosing in Japan?)

  • Equality Now my ass! More like “Feminist Equality Now”

    I think this is stupid because something can’t be stopped. They think that everyone will agree with them if they succseed. Porn and such has always been a part of humanity so why should everything stop right now. It’s not like we have reached a highter point of understanding or anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    After all AvenueQ has taught us… THIS? I weep for humanity. While most of us has a healthy ability (I’d like to believe anyway) to differentiate reality from fiction, EqualityNow either doesn’t understand this concept or conveniently ignores it so they can have yet another pathetic excuse to bitch out loud. All of course in the name of padding their own ego for accomplishing nothing of real merit, nor is it feeding or clothing the many hungry and truly suffering of the world. If we let them have any more of their way, we’re all fucking doomed.

    Fascism rearing its ugly head once more, hello again dark ages.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, this so called “organisation” or “movement right” just want free money

    Feminist 1 : I need money to pay house rent…
    Feminist 3 : Well, i need em to buy those 1k dress, my hubby will never agree if i buy one
    Feminist 2 :Don;t worry fellow women, i got a cunning plan!
    Feminist 3 & 1 : Ohh, do tell! do tell! do tell!
    Feminist 2 : We come out with some righteous right movement, make web site, and the most cunning is, we put up donation page and voila, $$$! I’m sure a lot of fools will support us if we go bash about equality!
    Feminist 2 : Ohh ohh, i have one idea, i watch news about some…….blablabla


  • WE NEED A FUCKIN COOL “EQUALITY NOW GANGBANG RAPING SIMULATOR”, and maybe a whole ton of doujins to go with it.

    But please lets just imagine their members as 2d loli, nurses and schoolgirls for the occasion.

  • On their page about RapeLay, in order to contact Illusion Software, Amazon and the government, they’re providing some “sample letter”… A blatant proof how bad they want to force their ideology into ppl’s mind.

    Hope they’ll fail.

  • Anonymous says:

    Again with American feminist ?

    Just too tired to deal with it ( better act than just talk )

    I bet those feminist are hypocrites whose job are fapping with their vibrators and dildos in their secret rooms.

    Why don’t they manage their own problems ?

    • Anonymous says:

      They can’t… unless you (or anyone else) lets them.

      And that is precisely what the dorks at Amazon and Illusion have allowed to happen. They’ve let themselves be intimidated into submission rather than stand up for free speech and expression, thus unwittingly giving Equafags unwarranted power and legitimacy.

  • KKitchen63 says:

    Reducing the rates of sexual assault has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the availability or prevalence of erotic literature or entertainment media. Numerous studies have proven this.

    If porn is supposed to be inducing horndogs to rape and pillage at will, then why is it that countries with less stringent laws governing adult entertainment media have sexual assault rates that are so much lower than those of the US? The folks at Equality Now are likely mum about facts that contradict their agenda.

    • Who cares about sexual assault?

      The Bible’s opinion of a man raping an unmarried,unbetrothed young female is that he marries her, doesn’t divorce her, and pays the father the bride price.

      Not even the Bible respects rape victims.

      Neither should you.

      Females were made for Men.
      (Yes, the old book collection is interally consistent with regards to this atlest… I guess it was important to the editors)

      • Gantz_Playboy says:

        Not to be Dick Mr. MikeeUSA, but it’s the brashness (and Lack of Hyperole!) of you comments that de-rails the whole legitimacy of the Males argument…hear me out!

        There should Never be an open call or justification for ‘killing’ of any group or it’s members. While your anger is clearly presented so it your unbiased hatred. There is NO Excuse for this. It means the Feminist ‘win’ and you lose your cred & argument- no way around that. Are we clear?

        Perhaps you mean that the ‘Feminist’ you despise should all be ‘marginalized’ and rendered Useless and powerless in matters involving societal laws and cultural norms. Thus destroying their powerbase, goals, rcruitments, and effect on anything!- Right? attack the policy, ideals, or belief systems – NEVER the Person individually. It’s NOT personal- it’s a intensive cerebral debate over Ideals.

        People are willing “to Die” for their beliefs & values. Crush their arguments, values, and ‘False Gods’ render them Powerless and force them to LIVE in the shadow of their own failed Bullshit! while Your Ideals prosper or Survive to mock the losers!- That ‘is’ worse than Death! Right?

        Killing the messenger only creates ‘Martyrs’ who inspire others to continue what You were trying to kill- That is NOT effective and as you may already know is considered a “Threat of Harm” and could be considered ‘Hate Speech’- You Lose MikeeUSA!!

        It takes patience, skill, moxie, and education to KILL the thoughts, beliefs, and ideals of others- it’s ideological Darwinism at it’s finest! There is never a justification for actually “Killing” another with whom you disagree with ideologically. Never. Are we we clear? I don’t want to see you bring ‘shame’ to males, women, this topic, Sankaku Com, or Artefect with that ‘angry kill’ & Bible justification nonsense. It’s a debate! not a bonfire! (I ask that ‘Others’ for the sake of Artefect & your fellow posters keep an Eye on this “Type of Speech” as we are ‘all adults’ right?)

        If a crazy batshit feminist came at your with a knife or gun and said “I’m gonna kill you”- then, you can snap her neck and claim self-defense…but how many Feminist go around doing that?

        Killing Bad! – Intellectual ‘Soul Crush’ Good!

        • Anonymous says:

          I really want to know, MikeeUSA… what the FUCK happened to you that made you like this? Your mom gang up with a bunch of feminists and BDSM rape you and your dad half to death and then for circumcision on you?

        • Reasoned discussion is useful for the planning of construction, events, and happenstance.

          In other areas it is useless. Men have been talking quietly about women’s rights and why such is bad for generations. They have done nothing but graduate from quiet discussion to slightly louder discussion through their productive lives (and then they die, out of steam, with nothing to show for any of it.)

          Let us start as a slightly more useful position: perhaps then we shall not graduate from quiet useless talk to less constrained useless talk; but rather from chatter with no constraints and no “reason” to action, achievement, accomplishment: the long awaited destruction of our enemies and the reacendancy of Man over all.

          Death To women’s Rights.
          Viva Men’s Liberties.


    They are going too far… There are already local feminist groups in these parts of the world… If they combine with each other… Ugh… Its like cancer…

    Please… Someone… Kill the cancer before it spreads… x____x

        • This is certainly true, but not what MikeeUSA is primarily talking about. He’s talking about beating your wife (and probably worse) as punishment whenever she does something you disagree with. If he was just complaining about manipulative sociopathic women always getting away with their antics, I wouldn’t have to disagree with him.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          To some degree, that is probably true.

          E.g. “hey honey, i’m feeling like getting it rough tonight and enacting a rape fantasy of mine, can you do that for me?”
          *2 hrs later*
          “police? *sob* i just got raped by my husband and all the neighbords heard it! *sob sob*”

          E.g. “honey, i make the rules, now stfu”
          *she hits husband in crotch* *husband hits her back across the face*
          “police! my husband’s assaulting me! come before he kills me, i’m hiding in my closet, please…no no…STOP!!!” *hangs up*

          You may find it hard to believe, but there are such things as manipulative sociopathic women out there…and I have met and suffered them if you say I don’t know what I’m talking about…

        • Millions of Men are in jail for the feminist crimes of:
          marital rape. (having sex with your wife)
          domestic violence. (controling your wife)
          failure to pay child support. (failure to pay whore)

          Millions of feminists are alive, free, and well.

          I wish I was as bad as feminists. They would all be dead or imprisoned if I were.

          But no men are as bad as feminists, and that is why we suffer.

  • I personally have the opinion that people are entitled to their own opinions. But if something offends or disgusts you due to your religion or beliefs, just avoid it! You don’t have to rob others of their freedom, nor do you have to spread or convince others of your ideals. Each individual has their own unique fetish, culture and opinion.

  • “The games may be made for domestic markets, but with the Internet they might find their way overseas. It is thus becoming more than just a national issue.”

    Yea right… So what? If Japanese Visual Pr0n Culture really spread around the world, wouldn’t it be better if the whole world also just stay self perverted but still keep the smallest number of rape cases like Japan..?

    EQUALITY my arse!!! This ban war is ridiculously one-sided!!

  • Annoynymous says:

    Feminists hate it when you remind them that most men the monsters that they think all men are. Ignore their shrill calls and whines for “equality”, these attention whores hate it when nobody gives a damn about them. Anyway capitalism will triumph and everybody will still be able to play their favourite bestiality-chikan-shota-lolirape-simulator at their own discretion.

  • Maybe we should make our own group and harass these ladies with emails. We could name it something like “Shut Up Now” or “Get back to the kitchen Now”.

    No offence to the female readers of the site, but what this so called ‘feminist’ group is doing is MADNESS.

    inb4 300 jokes.

  • I never liked rape porn and games, it’s not my thing. But this “feminist” group is full of BS. Prove me these games are actually connected with real life rapes and incentive them. Other than that, GTFO. Ò-Ó

    • Anonymous says:

      Heaven forbid feminists provide good arguments, clear sound logic, actual research, or solid proof of any sort, or shoot — anything outside of anecdotal claims. They would have to asplode violently if they did.

  • hauntedskin says:

    They are the absolute equal/opposite of radical Islamic fundamentalism where men have absolute tyrannical control. They wish the opposite could be true. They are both 2 sides of the same coin…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well pointed out.

      These feminazis that are Equality Now are fundamentally on the same level as those radical Islamic fundamentilist terrorists. The only real differences between the two are that the former 1) operates under the pretense of being somehow helpless and fundamentally oppressed, and 2) they haven’t taken up arms (yet).

  • Did you know, this is a conspiracy!! Feminists are being paid by western porn industry to undermined the Japaneses industry since the Japanese are making more sales than them!!..

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      NO- a conspiracy would be if N.O.W teamed up with the ACLU and paid these bitches to cause a stink that could be carried by the “Elite Liberal Mainstream” media into creating some type of Anti-Pornography law in the USA….funded by Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and the ‘Real Prez’ of America George Soros.

    • Detailoid says:

      Obviously. I mean, I read a dystopian story and now I’m a mass-murderer who likes to kick dogs for fun.. Anyone can see that was inevitable. Damned books, they should all be burned….

      • mewofforcena says:

        What about literary legends, like Sherlock Holmes, in which crimes are commited after crimes?

        What about children’s stories where wolves eat people before being cut open and filled with rocks, then go to the well because they’re thirsty and drown there because of the rocks?
        Stories where a knight or prince charming, or whatever the hell it is, KILLS a dragon, or worse, an evil witch, violence against women, to save a princess, giving her the role of the helpless damsel in distress?

        What about the fucking BIBLE everyone seems to fawn over?

        Books, video games, music, movies, don’t cause murder, theft, drugs or rapes. It’s the people who do.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing wrong with feminism, but these people are just cowardly. It’s as if there aren’t enough real issues confronting women in the world. Women STILL earn significantly less than men for doing the same job and hold less jobs in powerful positions in the private sector. But confronting these issues is difficult because you have to ask questions of the powerful, so instead they pursue the weak – perverted basement-dwellers.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Women STILL earn significantly less than men for doing the same job and hold less jobs in powerful positions in the private sector.”

      Outdated argument. Women who don’t make excuses to be absent so often, or who do as much overtime as men, as well as those who also take risky ventures, earn as much or even more than men.

      • Anonymous says:

        It *is* an outdated argument. As is the feminist movement itself, which is nothing new (even its formal opposition, the anti-feminism movement, has been with us since the 1970s).

        Ignoring the slight possibility they were even relevant in the first place, they certainly aren’t now. Nor do they have any clue what “intercultural issues” mean, much less “culture”, much less that the rest of the world doesn’t think exactly like they do. This, to them, is intolerable. To that end, they spread their own brand of fascism as a cure-all.

  • Their doing this because no one wants to (rape) them I mean to have sex with them. because their bunch of Ugly savage and brute feminist.

    If they want WAR will give them WAR, that they will regret for all eternity.

    YES MY LORD !!!

  • Anonymous says:

    wait… they want to put a whole load of businesses out of work in a country where what they produce is legal because it cna be aquired in the US by means of the internet because this is ‘poisoning’ other countries!?! the only people who would bother to import the game are people who want to play it O.o;

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m going to laugh when all this crusade of charades backfires and rape rate and crime rate against children increases.


  • Its just a farce. They know that nothing they do can stop the industry or even disrupt it.

    Imagine if the industry does go down because of them, doesn’t that mean they will have to close their offices with their aims achieved ? There will be no more silly females donating money to them.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      First post? Nice one Brother!!!!- hey dude why are you wearing a dress? Are you a Troll Feminist Spy??- lol. (Kidding)

      Dude there are no Alien feminists…cause they’re smart enough to have invented a spaceship and inter-dimensional travel, I think they’ve gotten OVER the horseshit that is feminism!- lol.

  • Do these people really expect that by forcing sexual repression on everyone that the horrible sex crimes they are trying to combat will significantly be reduced? THAT is what you call backwards thinking. It doesn’t take much to figure out that plan is made of total fail, unless you’re refusing to grow out of your ignorance!

  • Anonymous says:

    O YEAH BLAME JAPAN FOR ALL OF THIS!!!! JUST LIKE YOU BLAMED VIDEO GAMES FOR ALL DEATHS THE MURDERS FUCKING FEMINSTS i repect women alright but….. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AT YOUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rape games or ero games has nothing to do with this! i hate rape & rape games alright but will defend it! stop blameing video games for this because YOU bought it for your own Chlid! next time… look at the rating system and… LEARN TO FUCKING READ the back of game cover to know what content the game has oh…… if you cant read it GET SOME GLASSES! who is this bitch any way????

    • Detailoid says:

      What about the tons of feminists that do get laid? What about the feminists that are happily married and have kids?
      Protip: There are a lot of different kinds of feminists. Some use that label instead of “equalist” or “humanist” even though those labels fits those people equally well, some use it instead of “fascist” or “gender nazist”, even though those labels are as accurate for those people.. Essentially, vague label is vague..

        • Someone is also sickened by the generalizations and massive hypocrisy that spews out of people on sankaku sometimes. No one is going take you seriously wither you’re on this side of the fence or the other side, the person in charge is the one that gets on top of the fence, above both of the sides, and manages to keep enough balance to stay up there!

          We can win this EASILY if we all have the right mindset.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      But if anyone was willing to Fuck them then they wouldn’t be Feminiest!!! seriosuly how Models, Hot chicks, and Playboy models are unhappy with the treatment of women?- lol.

      Feminism is simply ‘socialized’ revenge for not being born as or fawn over like a “Cheerleader”…In my opinion.

      Ya know what?….Fuck You Feminists! I’m gonna Fap to the picture of the blonde pigtailed girl upto RIGHT Now!!

  • アノニモウス says:

    I wish these feminazi would at least try to combine solid research with lawful methods, as oposed to cyber bullying and propaganda. Seriously, their entire movement is based on the fact, that men dominate over women, which of course hasn’t been true for many years in the entire world, save for few countries in Asia.

    I have no respect for people who complain about being oppressed over a trait, which they themselves use as an excuse to demand special privileges. This is the equivalent to a Jewish person complaining that all white people are nazi and demanding to have special rights granted by law over them. Hypocrisy much, ね? We certainly don’t see black people go on the streets and cry how unjust the world is to them, even through they face far more discrimination (esp. in the USA), than them.

    This case is starting to get sillier by the second. First they bully a publisher, than use that success to force their opinion on an entire nation. And the reason is what… that other societies are getting influenced?

    So dear feminazi… um…. any proof? Surely you aren’t making unreasonable demands from a whole nation based on your biased views… no, no don’t bother answering. I know the routine. “Waaa! Men oppress us” -> “US congress accepts bill”.

    Doesn’t it ever occur to anyone, that allowing any law to difference between “man” and “woman” is sort of.. you know… discriminating? But just try telling that to one of the harpies and see what happens:

    • The arguments in that video are so damn pointless. As soon as that situation comes up, it shouldn’t become a question of all MEN versus all WOMEN. It’s the problem of the two individuals who entered into the problem together. People always assume in a situation like that that it was the MAN who is responsible for having sex with the woman… what if it was the woman who first made the sexual advance?? Maybe it’s her fault she got pregnant at first. Was she raped? If not then she’s just as responsible for the sex that happened as she consented to it, and in the end it’s really both parties that are equally responsible. Furthermore, some men in that situation WANT the kid to be born, and likewise some women would want the kid to be aborted even though the man wants it. Ultimately it’s between those two people, it’s not a question of rights and outside people interfering and men VS women.

      Men’s rights movements are fucked up too. Feminists, Males rights, they all suck. It’s the people in between that get screwed over for their fucked up actions. And if anyone argues that those groups, like the feminists, can help out in a case where someone is truly being oppressed, well honestly you don’t need to be a feminist to help out in those situations, but you are being bias and focusing on one kind of problem that way. You help girls in rape cases that received no justice, but what about boys? What about that case in America recently where a teenage girl (17 or something) seduced and fucked 2 older men and then took them to court for it? Care for EVERYONE’S RIGHTS, and the truth, and realize that anyone could be the wrongdoer in any situation, make or female, or else your group is pointless!

  • Anonymous says:

    “[The games may be made for domestic markets, but with the Internet they might find their way overseas.] It is thus becoming more than just a national issue.”

    They need to get this newsflash: there are much more and far more unsavory porn created by people all over the world and shared with others for free ALL OVER the internet. Don’t they feel they’re battling for a lost cause? What a waste of time if there ever was one, and pissing off a ton of people while doing it.

    They’re absolute, total block heads. They’ve made their decision and nothing can change it, that’s just how closed minded the members of this group are. Why don’t they think for a second about why no one in Japan has succeeding in doing anything about it? Or if Japan is actually worse off because of it? Have they ever looked at anything from more than one angle before? Do they let information into their brains that can go against their “CODE”?

    • OigoMiEggo says:

      I wonder if they realize that if they do hinder or cut down the Japanese porn industry, many others will rise in its place…after all, there’s always Chinese copies or just works from different artists/companies trying to fill in what will be a huge gaping niche left in the vacuum.

      But no, it’s not like there’s no other porn industry that’s very widespread on the internet; it’s not like there’s no competitors in the porn industry that are waiting for another competitor to fall so they can move into their territory; and most importantly of all, it’s not like there’s a myriad of dedicated people/servers/backup servers that can easily restore the supply of Japanese porn that might be shut down.

  • Anonymous says:

    I apologise on behalf of the British media for starting this pointless assault on general morality issues.
    However the British press is busy at the minute since evidence that our MPs are a bunch of thieving bastards has come forward (again!). If any of you want a joke, porn films (which is techically illegal due to their S&M theme) had been claimed through taxpayers money by some politicans.
    Our media won’t be bothering you for a while! =3

  • OigoMiEggo says:

    Has anyone actually looked at some of their actions in other countries on their site? The format of their articles are sad as hell.

    E.g. from most recent:

    specifically: (but trust me, a lot, if not all, the articles on the same source page follow the same format with varying ratios)

    They are essentially starting off all their articles with an anecdotal appeal to their readers emotions; that already indicates a crappy article trying to bring in more people. Their ratio of writing is essentially 3/4 anecdotal appeals to people’s emotions with no statistics given on actual crimes committed to cause this countermeasure. 1/5 of article may have statistics or just act as their transition to their proposal. 1/9th actually states what they have tried to do to reduce cause that made them act. And at the bottom of each under “recommended actions” are general requests that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. They don’t even cite statistical sources.

    Trash…just trash, all of this organization. How can they possibly threaten the porn industry?!? It’s infuriating such a retarded group can pull off what they already have!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s legal, it’s not hurting anybody, so why give a shit? Freedom of speech also protects the shit you don’t like/don’t want to hear, dumbfucks.

    It’s quite arrogant to think that your beliefs are true and that everybody else is false, and it’s quite retarded to try and force those beliefs on other cultures.

  • Anonymous says:

    God damn they’re quick! So is there anyone still on sankaku that wants to ignore this group because it “doesn’t effect” them? RapeLay may just have been the beginning after all. I’m still surprised that they managed to take them down, and so fucking fast to top it off.

    • That absolutely true… this is only the beginning after this maybe they come out with something else… until we become a feminist… and all of adult game, hentai, ecchi, loli, and maybe figurine too become a history even if they allow it to become a part of history…

  • I see nothing wrong with feminists, women empowering themselves is a good thing for them, but so force there views down the throats of others and take away free thought makes them just as bad, if not worse, than the men they claim keep them down.

    • Anonymous says:

      The real problem is that Feminism is not a unified moviment. Yes, there are a few enlightened feminists out there. They’re the only ones who lives to the legacy of the real feminists of the late 19th century.

      The problem is that fat moral sex-negative Christians, radical lesbians (read this Atma, I’m not generalizating all lesbians), decided to adhere to the title of “feminist”, just because they do what THEY believe is the best for all females. That is a form os fascism: You impose what you believe what is right among all people of a group, just because you think you are more right than the other beliefs of other groups.

    • And on that note I think we should make a masculinist group to empower men and defend free thought from feminist! Maybe ban romance books as they depict men in cases we cannot provide causing us to be looked down upon :O

  • Why the hell they put so much afford to pull them down? Just mind your own business since the game in right under constitutional protection in both the US and Japan.

    This is a case of international bullying! About the sex culture in Japan well it’s their way of life.

  • Seriously, nowadays feminists are really turning me into a misogynist. Pretty much every damn hot steamed shit that comes out with their words makes me feel like an aspiring wife beater.

    Can’t they just shut the fuck up, and stop lying about seeking fucking equality when it’s pretty clear that they only want superiority?

    It’s kind of ironic how they’re sure not helping their cause that way.

    • Detailoid says:

      “Seriously, nowadays feminists are really turning me into a misogynist.”

      Excuses, excuses. If you really were annoyed by the fact that they were retarded bullies you’d be pissed off at them, not women in general. It’s the equivalent of being pissed off at Inko-chan and yet wanting to snap the necks of all talking birds because of it. Or being pissed off at the KKK and wanting to beat up all “whites” because of it. Or because you met a few dozens of Jews you were annoyed with and want to make all Jews suffer. (Whee, Godwin’s Law)

      What you’re doing is exactly what the morons are doing, too. “Argh these rapist men are making me hate men. They only want superiority and power yet lie about wanting equality. Fuck them all! They shall all suffer, even for the things they as individuals did not do nor support!!!”
      You’re not helping your cause either.

      This kind of “feminists” are called femnazis for a very good reason, you know.

      • I assure you your statement is false, my dear Anon. it’s because they start from the point of being omni-potent that they go for feminism. I’ve worked under a feminist which kept insulting me and the rest of the male workers because we were incapable of anything, we were lazy and didn’t care about anything and men are useless and only women are able to do something useful in the world and blablabla. I quit as soon as i could.
        She’s a fascist, and so is her husband. She also has 2 male sons, i guess she’s been punished by the heaven or who knows what. The point is, she’s a great in the kitchen..

  • Sex crime rate against minor is low in Japan…why then should Japan shoulder the blame for the rising sex crime rate against minor in US and UK?… Does this prove that ppl in these countries are more easily influenced by the Hentai and AV content….???

    • The West can be easily swayed by such frivilous media (as much any other country) especially by News with just the word ‘justice’ i.e Iraq and Tibet or like the whole Maddy kidnapping, sure I feel bad for the parents but it’s not like they’re the only ones in this situation and there are far worse scenarios. Yet they get full blown coverage and everything. Same with Jade Goody, she’s not the only one with cancer for crying out loud. But it begs the question is it the people who are easily sheeped? Or are governments and news networks very good at mainpulating people. Still you need to be very, very, very mentally challanged to have difficulty seperating real and ‘not real’ to begin with. It seems it’s something the West has a affinity to though, which is blaming and criminalizing other countries for their own problems. To shift the eyes to someone else.

      If these desperate hags against ‘Free-Speech’ and for ‘Inequality’ want to go on facts and evidence then the international crime stats purely show how misplaced their priority is. They just genuinely can’t go up against big shot companies like ‘Rock Star’ because they know that their arguements is filled with complete BS also it’s Western, as opposed to foreign countries. The FACT that they can’t do shit to actually help real women in their own country being nothing more than a shell or shadow of the real Feminists in the past who actually made great accomplishments for EQUAL RIGHTS and never to come close to what they achieved. Give them props for picking a stage name like ‘Equality Now’, any retard would instantly think that’s what they are about…What a load of fudgepacks. They’re nothing but bullies who’s attentaive to force their illogical, bias, hypocritical beliefs on everyone until they have an steel grasp of how people should think. People like these moralfags should go set themselves on fire and die in a ditch.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like, the lack of an outlet for a sexual attraction towards minors result in real cases of rape happening. Where such legal and harmless outlets exist, these things have less tendency of happening in real life. It’s kind of like legalizing alcohol (remember Prohibition), prostitution or marijuana. If there is a legal outlet, no matter how unlike the real thing it is or how the ‘kick’ isn’t as strong, people would still be less inclined to take on the risks of the real deal. Since there is a legal one, why go through all that risk? But if there is no legal outlet….

  • I no longer see these people as women trying to give the rest of us a bad name by being snotty about having it their way; I seem them as fascists who won’t be happy until they can police our thoughts. Think of porn? You get whipped. Think of fapping? You get whipped. Watch or own or download porn? Get thrown in the slammer.

    It’s human nature to want to fuck and fap. We have high sex drives and are one of the few animals that enjoys how their reproductive process feels. Maybe if they sat down and gave it a try they’d relax and enjoy themselves.

    Someone needs to seriously sit down and just stomp them flat. I want porn. I like porn. If they don’t want me to have it, too bad, the law mentioned protect me from people like them, but I guess the constitution and bill of rights and similar documents in other countries are good enough for them. They can hate it and not use it all they want to, but if they come knocking on my door, you can bet there’s going to be a war over my personal business.

    I officially ban them from being associated with my gender and hope their cold, black hearts grow to love and accept, but at this rate, I doubt they’ll even have anything resembling a heart very soon.

    Women’s rights, my ass. These girls are just douches on a moralfag crusade. If they really cared, they’d fight real rape, not rape of a CG model or graphite drawing that -doesn’t even exist- but it’s obvious they don’t.

    The only time being a girl is hard is when I have these idiots running the show and giving the rest of us bad stereotypes.

    brb punching something

    • >Think of porn? You get whipped. Think of fapping? You get whipped. Watch or own or download porn? Get thrown in the slammer.

      They see porn as something keeping men away from them. “I can’t get laid, where are all the good men?! I BET THEY’RE MASTURBATING TO THOSE GOD DAMN CHINESE CARTOONS! If we get them banned, I’m sure they’ll see our way of things and finally submit to us. Spoilers: so ronery ;_; lol.

      • Them being bitches and picky are keeping them from being laid methinks.

        I’m 25 male and a virgin and I don’t really want to be. Granted I am somewhat picky in the sense I don’t want annoying bitches.

        That and I am apparently insane for wanting them to actually show some fucking initiative.

        Granted I’m also anti social as hell so maybe that has something to do with it too.

        Mainly I just think most people regardless of gender are too fucking picky when it comes to partners.

    • Detailoid says:

      Misandry addicts are horrible indeed. People who fight windmill giants because it’s so much easier than fighting actual problems, and yet feel accomplished by it, are infuriating. The two combined makes the world a worse place for all of us. Argh.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      ATMA…I really want to believe you….Hmmm how to test your resolve??

      Quickly name 3 anime girls you want to fuck! Then 3 actresses, then 3 Misc women…GO!

      I’ll say this….I once met my ‘ideological’ equal online. She was everything I was not and we got along famously- even our astrology charts were Polar opposites…She was a Lesbian from California who was a Liberal who liked punk music, internet poker, comic books, and Playboy Models. You remind me of her with that ‘speech’ above. She was a One of a Kind Treasure of a human being. I think you’ll fit in well here!


      • 1.) Kallen Stadtfeld/Karen Kozuki (Code Geass)
        2.) Leina (Queen’s Blade)
        3.) Kaere Kimura (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

        1-3.) The actresses that played Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, especially Willow

        1-3.) Three of my good friends who also may or may not like other girls. They’d get a nice romantic dinner first.

        And as a bonus, whoever the leader of Equality Now is to show her who’s boss.

        And haha, I enjoy all of those too but the poker. I’m more of a console game player.

        • Anonymous says:

          hahaha, a Queen’s Blade fan and a buffy fan too. Like I’ve said before… Atma is pretty much like the coolest woman ever created, unfortunately for us hetero types… 🙁

          But i’d definitely friend you within a millisecond, dudette 😉

        • Anonymous says:

          … and then let them have it again? Brilliant plan, comrade. I’m sure if we pretend they don’t exist, they’ll go away quietly. Of course, by that point, the world will have embraced fascist ideology, and we’d be all fucked, but yeah.

        • Gantz_Playboy says:

          To ATMA:

          Impressive – Most Impressive…indeed you are powerful.

          I Will school you on Playboy models next session- lol. I myself loved Cordelia. So glad Charisma posed. Alyson’s never really done ‘decent’ nudity. Any thoughts on “Dollhouse”? I soooo want to bang Sierra (actress Dichen Lachman)- I can’t stand Eliza Dushku.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure that not all of the members of this feminist group are women, as being a woman is not a requirement of being a feminist. In fact I’m sure some of the people defending the banning or rapelay in the comments of the last stories were male. Great post, though.

      I don’t personally associate them with feminism or females anyways. They’re no different from the devout religious asshats or attention whoring politicians out there. These are just another group of fools that want to force their opinions and morals on others. Close minded individuals who don’t take the time to fully understand something before taking action on it. Ultimately, this has got nothing to do with gender or even equality of people.

      Their first mistake was calling themselves “Equality now” and “feminists” at the same time. A person who truly wants equality doesn’t call focus on one group but should be constantly open to helping all groups who are being oppressed by something. Would they fight for our equality? Our rights to fap to the fetishes we want to without harming even a fly?

        • You’re also forgetting the devout, holier-than-thou, god-fearing, sexually repressed Internet White Knights.

          You think they exist only on the internet? Think again.

          I think their technical term is “manginas”

        • Anonymous says:

          either female or gay guys, eh? why do people always forget about the devout, holier-than-thou, god-fearing, sexually repressed, religious extremists?

          Then there’s the other kind of religious nut dudes… those supposedly over religious males are just hypocrites that do what they say they’re against on one end, and preach against it on the other end.