Mother Raeps Teenage Son: “Have Sex With Me or Die!”


A 36-year-old woman has been arrested for forcing her teenage son to have sex with her, threatening him with violence if he did not comply in satisfying her.

The woman, a resident of Sverdlovsk in Russia, returned from a lengthy prison sentence to her family, living with her mother and her 15-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

She had apparently served a variety of sentences for robbery and theft, and was an abusive mother, beating both her children, once hospitalising her son.

Soon she began to long for the company of a man, but, with none being forthcoming, she decided a boy would do instead, her son.

She finally acted after returning home from drinking one night, demanding her son join her in bed and have sex with her, and threatening to kill him if he did not.

Terrified (presumably), he complied.

Eventually, the boy took his complaints about this maltreatment to the authorities, and a therapist elicited an admission from him that he had in fact been raped.

When these accusations were leveled against her, she soon admitted her crimes, explaining that she had become desperate for a man’s attention and so turned to her son. She awaits her trial.

Her children have been dumped in an orphanage.


Via Heaven.

With the family now given over to a Russian orphanage, it is anyone’s guess whether they will fare any better than under their abusive mother’s reign…


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