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Feminist Group: “Japan Must Ban Adult Games”


A US-based international feminist “human rights” group, Equality Now, is demanding the Japanese government ban adult games (and manga and anime by extension) which “promote violence against women,” and violate the human rights of women.

They demand Japan institute a ban on material “promoting” rape and “Loli-Con” sex:

“Japanese companies are making massive profits from an industry based on violence towards women and girls, and ‘lolicon’ child pornography is becoming a huge market.

Why doesn’t the Japanese government step in to ban the distribution of products promoting rape?”

The group’s outrage stems from finding out about the recent Amazon Rapelay fiasco, where UK politicians and mass media with nothing better to do found out about the game being sold in the UK and US.

The game itself, a 3D chikan simulator released in 2006, features a fantasy scenario in which the player can sexually enslave a mother and her daughter, impregnating them and forcing them to have abortions if desired. A free demo is available here.

The game did not attract much attention in Japan, being fairly staid, but  several distributors exported the game (in its original Japanese domestic version), and it became available in such bastions of tolerance and liberty as the UK and USA.

Amazon quickly ceased distribution of the title in all its regional operations, including Japan. continues to stock other “rape simulators.”

Not content with seeing the west rid of this insidious plague, the group now wishes to force its views on what should be publishable onto Japan.

The group cites the dubious “research” produced by Japan’s tellingly named “Anti Pornography and Prostitution Research Group” to support its slanderous claims that Japan is nation where women live in abject subjugation under the power of male perverts.

The group is attempting to mobilise its global membership of some 30,000 to pressure the Japanese government into introducing strict censorship, and in the process abrogate its constitutional guarantee of free speech.

Equality Now describes itself as a group which “works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure,” an indirect way of saying they have their members bombard public officials and private individuals with angry letters. It appears actually assisting such women directly is not something they care to involve themselves with.

It usually concerns itself with “discrimination against women”,  legalising abortion, reducing domestic violence and female genital mutilation; pressuring sovereign states into curbing freedom of expression appears to be a new sideline.

You can read their lengthy screed against the evils of Japanese pornography here. It starts with a breathless review of the perversions offered by the game, and then goes on to make a circuitous argument that Japan has an obligation to ban such material based on UN anti-discrimination conventions to which it is a party.

They go so far as to provide pre-written letters of objection (in English) with which to harass the game developers, distributors and Japanese politicians.

The publisher of Rapelay tells the interfering group to mind their own business in no uncertain terms: “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.”

Via Yomiuri.

With violence towards women and girls far less common in Japan than in the USA or Europe, it would appear it is they who should be following the example of Japan…

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  • Thats stupid, the femist are funny because they only complain about hentai games “lolicon” and “rape” whit womens,but they not talk or complain about “shotacon” or “rape yaoi” jajaja equal femism its bullshit.

  • while you are at it, you should try to BAN porn out of the US that does the same shit. This has been going on for YEARS and YEARS. the japanese government knows whats going on and they have not done anything about it. so do you guys actually think you will make a change, even though you are based in the U.S. I doubt this will go through.

  • What the fuck makes them believe that Japanese officials are going to give a shit about any type of Femi-nazi group’s bullshit? Especially an American one?

    They can send all the angry letters they want but it won’t make any difference.

  • I fully uderstand the feminist point of view. After all, why is this almost always women that are raped, molested, big-breasted in the hentai games, in the cultural views about pornography, etc. It’s a kind of discrimination toward women – they’re not happy to see this image of feminity, and even less happy when they see it is done to make some male and jizzy pervs happy.

    Once said, banning this industry would not be a solution.
    At first, 18+ games can be an outlet for the people who have sexual pulsions – it’s normal to calm the tensions down, isn’t it? (Of course, in the case of rape pulsions, being followed by a doctor is the most important.)
    At second, a good sexual education is ne-ces-sa-ry, to understand what’s going on and have a better cultural view on it.
    At third, if the problem is discrimination, why not creating the same kind of scenarios, as ugly as they can sometimes be, but involving males instead of females? (of course, I’m not talking about yaoi)
    At last, not forgetting that sex is part of the Japanese culture since its roots, that the taboo is mostly Occidental, and that not every “adult game” is about rape or tentacles or God-knows-what.

    I said.

  • Anonymous says:

    Equality now through censorship… That reminds me of a certain political group…

    *cough*GODDAMN COMMUNISTS*cough*

    Also, to the fenminazis of the world, adult games is how we keep online sociopaths from raping the living hell out of you do you not get that?!

  • They do have legitimate concerns, though their goal is questionable. Interactive rape simulators should be frowned upon. The point that Sankaku Complex likes to use about little girls being safer in Japan in also a poor argument because of it’s questionable truth and the methods that are in place to do so.

  • I’m female. I don’t have a problem with feminism. I have a problem with frigid feminazis that have nothing better to do than crusade against the slightest offensive thing. It’s just a game. It’s not hurting anyone. If you play this game then go out and commit violent sexual acts, you probably had major problems to begin with. The same goes for blaming Doom because some kids shot up a school.

    If they were so interested in protecting women against violence they’d turn their attention to… Real women being treated violently! Not pixels and polygons being digitally diddled.

  • Anonymous says:

    its stupid. for thousand of years the fact that male dominate’s over women is proven all over the worlds history. gender equality just came up recently, i cant see any kind of action equality now can do to change the culture of the japanese people who even today still believes male domination. its a futile act. rather than making a fuss about other, why not amend for your own mistakes first.

  • I find it ironic that this group is based in America, since America is the second most lenient country on these things. Plus, if they tried to do it here, they would get Cock Blocked by the Constitution.


  • yeah…ban eroge…ban sex…just let the world end when the last human being dies when reproduction stops…remember people…NO SEX IS ALLOWED!!! it goes against human morals!! don’t reproduce!!

    that said, i think the members of equality now and any other supporting group of people obviously don’t know anything about sex other than the missionary position, either that or they’re too afraid to try it out, which explains why they’re lashing out at anything ‘foreign’ & ‘offensive’ to them. get real bit*hes!! go get yourselves screwed and maybe it’ll take the bitterness outta your lives!

  • battorudaiko says:

    feminists are lesbians? wtf happen with that frigid women eroge its only eroge used for entertainment to adults if somebody pass of fantasy to reality its really sick! at least i played some eroges and i still dont rape to somebody

  • Anonymous says:

    “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.”

    Heh for once the Japanese ‘better-than-thou’ attitude has a positive twist to it.

    Oh and damn you feminists, damn you all to hell! When will your wacky ways end?

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that it’s the anime style of art that makes rape and violence towards women look so appealing – female faces are drawn incapable of expressing pain, disgust, or hatred, and therefore the male viewer feels this to be a mutually erotic act by the participants.

    I mean, whenever I watch Japanese porn, I’m always surprised at how goddamn ugly these Asian women’s faces look all scrunched up in ‘pleasure’, dead fish or statues that they are… I’m sure it’s the desire of the Japanese artist to remove the real pain aspect from the experience entirely…

    …because I’ll bet none of you sorry fags have a fucking clue what it’s like to have known women who have actually been raped or sexually abused.

  • DuoMaxwell says:

    Since “Equality Now” is US-based, let me ask you this question:

    Why are so Americans so puritnical, so uptight that it reaches levels beyond lawful stupid levels? This doesn’t make any sense! As if we weren’t prude and sexually hung up enough to outdo the Pope, and now we gotta drag the whole world into our sexually repressive ways.

    The USA is already repressive in sexuality enough without getting others elsewhere around involved, especially a US-based group of feminists wanting to bring a new Victorian Era that makes Britain’s era look like a playground.

    If anything else, I gotta say that Equality Now should take a laissez-fare approach to their ideals. In other words…


    Sheesh! This can’t get any worse.

    • Americans are all puritanical and uptight…and from a firsthand source, too! YAYAMERICA!

      If nothing else, the schizophrenic duality of unsexualized and hypersexualized elements in our culture says you’re over-generalizing as it is.

      Bush Admini’s out, we can finally chuck abstinence-only from our schools…it can only get better from there?

  • thebluescreenofdeath says:

    As you all might know… the world is entering a “Child Friendly Phase” that’s why they’re trying to rid the world from impurities which is already here since God’s time.

  • By the way

    “The group is attempting to mobilise its global membership of some 30,000 to pressure the Japanese government into introducing strict censorship, and in the process abrogate its constitutional guarantee of free speech.”

    What the hell, they have 30,000 members and they can pressure the government?

    We otakus number in the millions, why can’t we pressure a measly 30,000 non-government body.

    Am I right guys?!?!?!?!

  • Seriously, I personally feel that such games in fact reduce rape cases since gamers actually get to live in that fantasy for a while and thus satisfying their desire to actually commit rape.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    And if they wanna ban rape games, START WITH YOUR OWN LOCAL RAPE PORN YOU NOOBS!!!!!

    That would be all, thank you.

  • JustPassing says:

    Porn is a gold rice field u know 😀
    Imagine the money they harvest there
    They do that, one country’s crumbled
    I feel sorry for the girls gotten tricked into that though :'(

  • Anonymous says:

    You can contact Equality Now here:

    Also, here’s a sample message you can send to them:

    I support the protection of free speech and the open exchange of ideas and I wanted to contact you today and urge you to eschew the practice of demanding the banning and censorship of erotic media which your organization finds offensive to its ideals. I feel that censorship has the potential to cause great harm to the expression of ideas of worth and is inherently counter intuitive to the processes of free expression and open debate. I choose instead to effect real change on the erotic arts by supporting and creating erotic content which better fulfills my ideals than those materials that do not appeal to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    why can’t those US Bitches mind there own problems at there at there own country? look at there country hunreds an thousands of people die in america WHY?? because its a violent place out there pimps an gangsters an wannabes think its cool to treat women like sults i respect women alright men and women are equaliy the same. what about Obama? you dont see him changeing ANYTHING!!! after he became the prez he said change will happen…. yeah right every body said theyll change this an that all a buch of LIES!!!. i’m sorry if this offended any one out there i’m just giveing my opinions so dont take this to heart

  • Anonymous says:

    As lots of people said before this is nothing but sexualized fiction which is not hurting anyone. Its just a release of pentup feelings in the confines of your room. They must separate fiction from reality.The ones who are determined to do it IRL will do it regardless as raep for them is not just about sex.

    These feminazi fools don’t realise that they are attacking the very idea that was instrumental in giving them the freedoms and power they have now , i.e.,Freedom of Expression .
    Now taking their banning idea to its logical conclusion , why don’t they live under the Taliban. Afterall everything is banned , so they should be happy no?? Aha, but it comes with a tiny rider that THEY MUST STAY IN THE KITCHEN .Oh , and also they will be married off at a very young age. Sounds pleasant doesn’t it.
    Ban all you want , but one day it will bite you in the ass, everything will be banned including you and YOU WILL END UP IN THE KITCHEN.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Seriously, these feminazi bitches must stay away from my eroge .
    Equality Now STFU and GTFO . Go help some real women who really need it.

  • After reading these comments for a while I realize most of you people are right. There are still games, shows, cartoons etc. of basically the same things happening to men, and feminists are only focusing on these things happening to women.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a feminist and I love loli and moe animes. I find efforts like this embarrassing. Equal rights for everyone means free speech, I wish they’d pull their heads out of their asses.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should just go and ban all sexually related things in some country. Every single thing, including playboy and then even put clothing on the venus de milo. It’d be interesting to see how the shit hits the fan after that. Public daylight rapings in the street would probably happen as some sad fellows snap from the impeding repression.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think they right they shoud just mind there own fucking business, they have there own business and they making money out of it

    i hope Obama will change it or he could just die like other president, to say the truth i’m shock that obama is still alive D=

  • Jeffery Mewtamer says:

    This ‘Equality Now’ organization seems to have some extremely skewed beliefs. While I can sympathize with the idea of eliminating discrimination against females, there is no justification for their discrimination against males. Instead of targeting a bunch of harmless porn viewers, how about making efforts towards catching actual rapists.

  • DrifterXLurker says:

    LOL WTF? WHat part of being 2-D and hand drawn do they not understand? “Japanese companies are making massive profits from an industry based on violence towards women and girls, and ‘lolicon’ child pornography is becoming a huge market.

    Why doesn’t the Japanese government step in to ban the distribution of products promoting rape?”Pffft… Yeah right. Only ignorant fools can fail to understand something like that. I’m not against the feminists but how I loath them when something so stupid as this actually happens. I mean what the hell!? Stupidity has its limits. Promotion of rape? Hah! Why won’t you ban RL (real life) Porn before you say something about something that ain’t real in the beginning. Unless they’re stupid enough to say that someone that doesn’t exist is a victim then I just pity the fools…

  • “The group is attempting to mobilise its global membership of some 30,000 to pressure the Japanese government into introducing strict censorship, and in the process abrogate its constitutional guarantee of free speech.”

    wow! 30,000 of angry women

    “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.”

    TAKE THAT!!!

  • rapelay is a pretty good game. no sarcasm intended. actually, all of illusion’s games are good. maybe they should try making a man-rape game to please the female fans. then they’ll shut up.

  • tenbatsu says:

    Well, they should at least look for the idiot that imported that game and posted it on Amazon. It was supposed to be domestically distributed not internationally. Silly protestors, Rapelay is for otakus.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s just plain dumb. Really. If they can stop at least ONE Japanese company from publishing their games then they have my vote. Or maybe not. Coz it’s just plain freakin’ impossible, idiots!

  • Anonymous says:

    Every day, cars manufactured in the United States killed hundreds of people around the world. American cars should be prohibited.
    Also, it is necessary to ban McDonald’s for their crappy food.

  • Anonymous says:

    This proposed ban could hit the yaoi games as well. That’d make a lot of female yaoi raep fans mad. (Those fangirls scare me, but I support their right to to that stuff.)

  • Anonymous says:

    “Feminism -The radical notion that women are people too.”
    I’ve always agreed with that sentiment and would call myself one as long as the definition stayed within those terms. I cannot abide by this radical crusade to ban a whole category of video games just because a few involve sex crimes. You’re no better than douches like the Taliban who should be the real targets of feminist rage. Those so-called pious assholes are commiting real rapes I’m sure.

  • Sometimes these activist groups just go too damn far. Seriously people, this is a fantasy medium. A place for people to explore their fantasies without having to actually act upon them. And on top of that, if you don’t like what’s being portrayed in the product, don’t endorse it or give it any media coverage. The biggest killer to any medium is a lack of exposure and demand.

    The Equality Now idiots have effectively made the medium that much more popular by rallying against it. Too bad they just don’t get the law of ‘Against the Grain.’

    People will always want to do something considered taboo. Let them do it in a virtual world where there are no repercussions besides less of a social life for the person partaking of the product.

    • They’re fucking stupid. All they want is control, not equality. They’re a bunch of shit headed dykes that are mad that men are fapping to pictures of anime girls whom are infintely more attractive than they are. And they’re jealous of that. That’s all it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    They are just saying ban the violent-sex ones. I don’t really care about those that much.

    There is a study that when shown violent sex guys will be more aggressive or something. However, nice-sex erotica (Probably Da Capo, Air, To Heart 2) would make guys more sensitive and caring.

    If they cross the line, there will be much rage.

    • I’d very much doubt they’d stop at the violent ones only. After all, around 80% (my guesstimate) of the more “vanilla” games out there include e.g. a harem ending – something sure to annoy any rabid feminist. Those would be the next to go if they got their way (which, mind you, is about as likely as PETA convincing all of Japan to go vegan).
      A quote from Neil Gaiman’s blog, where he wrote about defending the freedom of a kind of speech you don’t even personally like (he was specifically talking about lolicon manga), seems very relevant here:
      “The Law is a blunt instrument. It’s not a scalpel. It’s a club. If there is something you consider indefensible, and there is something you consider defensible, and the same laws can take them both out, you are going to find yourself defending the indefensible.”

    • You simply don’t see the big picture here.

      This is like if they were to ban rap music. “Oh, well I don’t really care much about rap music.” That’s not the fucking point. The point is that it sets a precident, it’s a slippery slope.

      All they need to do is say Megadeth is rap, and suddenly metal is banned.

      You all think this is starting with hentai, but it’s not. I actually started with banning CP, and the slip is that now they’re calling fictional hentai and stuff that, and they’re also calling written works that as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unless they got some other study to reference, they can only use the study stated with all it’s flaws.

        If they were to try to ban ALL hentai games then another feminist group will start to fight them for being ignorant. Probably the 3rd wave feminists.

        Feminist groups disagree and sometimes fight with each other a lot and have several different factions.

        • Anonymous says:

          yeah, lets have rapits raping real, 3D lolis outside in daylight rather than keeping them in their dens all day fapping as they virtually rape fake lolis. very smart.

          I don’t like violent, raep mangas and stuff, but taking those away is not only counterproductive but a first step towards taking away something you DO like.

        • Anonymous says:

          Changed my mind. If you tried to hide then it becomes that more desirable. That’s what pornography really is.

          This feminist action is counterproductive even if I don’t care about about those kinds of games.

          Yo feminists! I know you do a lot of good things but this with backfire no matter how you look at it.

  • Anonymous says:

    no wonder america has a higher rate of abuse towards women; let the angry, lonely women speak out and lead the women of your country to try and pick fights that aren’t even there and you’re bound to rape and beat the rest, who at least look like women.

    oh btw, usa stop prying your shit in where it doesn’t belong. If you want to uphold women rights, go save N Korean or African women, they need the saving more than a lot of Japanese women.

    • Miroku74 says:

      I wonder what would happen if 30,000+ obasans were to tackle the job of driving this group of idiots into the sea? Would it improve the situation? Consider that many of the previous generations were raised from the cradle to the grave as living Yamato Nadeshikos.

  • Jesus Christ says:

    I despise rape and loli in adult games but if these feminist fucks succeeds in this pro-shit action then other adult games will follow suit until we get to pure long skirted anime chicks.

    This is one of the shit I despise in the US. Sure the US is the greatest country on this fucking planet but it’s feminist and other proactive groups that smears the country with crap.

    Also. I’m not sure if I, Jesus was the one who said it but Women belong to Men according to the Bible. God (My Father) and I, Jesus despises those who transgress His laws. So if these feminists are remotely Christian or Catholic or whatever Christian cult they may belong to then they should just shut the fuck up and suck my God-given cock.


  • I despise rape and loli games but if this feminist group succeeds in this action, other adult games will follow suit.

    This is one of the things I hate about the pro-this and that groups of the USA.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why cant women accept porn?

    Because they refuses to accept the fact that they belong to us.

    After all~

    Genesis : God causes the man to sleep, and makes a woman from one of his ribs, and the man awakes and names his companion Woman, “because she was taken out of Man.”

    Well, they do belong to us…

  • I think the more legitimate feminist groups should get off their ass and protest moralfaggotry like this Equality Now group.

    Also, nobody abbreviate them as EN, since this belongs to Exploitation Now, a cool webcomic, who deserve it.

    Of course, we know they won’t, because they’re pussies.

  • They’re just a bunch of people who’ve failed at their sex lives – or maybe don’t even have one at all. Heck they may not have yet experienced masturbation in their whole pathetic lives.

    This “equality” thing that we speak of: I believe it refers only to the fundamental equality. Equal access to resources, equal chances to opportunities, equal rights and privileges, etc. A woman can become president of the United States, should she apply for candidacy and win the election. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that men have to start pissing sitting down, nor do women have to do it while standing up.

    I believe that everything has their own roles to play. These adult games exist to satisfy the desires of those who want it. In the same manner, men and women, though both equal, have their own roles to play. The current feminist movement exists to add more conflict to the world. And no matter what they say, men can never conceive a child (through natural means, of course)

  • Rallies for banning fiction again huh? HA.

    Minds like these wont go away until they build the Orwellian kingdom they’re ultimately after.

    As puerile as they are intellectually, their acts are frequently motivated by a desire to protect the ones they love.

    And as misplaced as it is, that motivation is practically unstoppable, and makes up the core of the most resilient type of fanatical mentality.


    This wacky femi-Nazi group (as opposed to real feminists, which obviously these loons are not), UNICEF, the creeping excessive power granted to the UN, the people behind these elements will continue gaining control and breeding faster than they know how to think.

    Such is human weakness towards irrational beliefs and actions.

    It’s moments like these that I’m reminded of why the healthiest thing a person can do for intellectual progress is create artificial intelligences greater than their own limits.

    Make them. Make them incapable of the militaristic prejudiced tendencies depicted in news articles like these. Make them able to breed faster than any slow thinking politically motivated control-infatuated zealot could ever hope to contend with.

    It’s unfortunate that there exists no other effective solution against human kind’s inevitable desire to force their beliefs on their neighbors regardless of the costs.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a conspiracy I tell ya, because Japan is making all the money on adult games and the people in the us who put the feminists in this crazy position is sticking them out like a sore dildo that japanese companies are profiting from the global recession because of Otaku

  • Okay, time for a seriously long, thought out girl’s eye view on this.

    I’m not a feminist. I don’t believe one gender is superior to the other, just as I don’t believe one religion or race or sexuality or anything is superior to the others. I believe all things should be treated equal and no more than that. Give everyone and everything a chance to experience both the wonders and horrors of life.

    I do not agree at all with what these women are doing, either. If it was real life rape and such, yes, I would be against it, but I would be against guys raping women, women raping guys, gays raping each other, and straights/gays raping the opposite sexuality. NOBODY should have to experience the horror of rape.

    But this is fiction. A fucking videya gaem. Nothing is being hurt, except for maybe pixels, and you don’t see any pixel rights groups out there, which is because they’re not fucking real and nobody is getting hurt at all. You play it, you jack off, everybody wins.

    If you don’t like the content, nobody is forcing you to play it. Same with any book or show or any form of media; if it’s not real, then there’s no reason to raise a fuss about it. You don’t have to enjoy it. You don’t even have to breathe near it.

    Not everybody agrees on everything and likes everything, but if you don’t like it, don’t take it from others. America has stuff like freedom of speech for many reasons, this being one of them. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to pry it out of the hands of anyone who does. I encourage everyone to love the shit out of what they do, even if it rubs me the wrong way.

    These women are just moralfags, plain and simple, giving women like me a bad name. Being gay and a woman I honestly cannot see what they’re talking about and wish they’d stop, but they’re not going to. They’re the anti-fun establishment.

    The classic feminist just wanted equal rights; now she’s twisted into this feminazi I can no longer agree with. It’s a shame that not everyone can just agree that people are cool no matter what their background, story, gender, whatever is, but that’s human nature. We’ll never be completely rid of them, as nice as it would be to have that.

    At least I can direct my attention and energy to things that actually matter.

    Everyone should go and play a porny game right now and enjoy themselves to counter this and feel better.

  • Algester says:

    wait banning adult games would also mean banning adult yaoi/yuri games…. /me ponders the thought….
    uhhh then yes all comes to a conclusion that the world must ban sex there in, inturn leads to global decline of human population which inturn defeats such purpose of having human desire for sex….. sooo uhh…. wheres the homosexual stand in here supposed this could be the case or with anyone pertaining to the fetishes themselves even

    • Lesbians do not wish they had dicks. You don’t seem to understand what a lesbian is. This myth of a woman turning to sex with other women being unable to get a man is stupid. You firstly would not call that a lesbian, it would be a heterosexual bisexual having a circumstantial relationship.

      Furthermore, there’s no shortage of ugly desperate men, they will always be easier to land than a woman, even a really ugly one, so it’s a silly myth.

  • Invicible says:


  • Invicible says:


  • Anonymous says:


    I am afraid there is a tsunami in the horizon. Those extremist whales are gonna present their case to some dumb senator who feeds on taxpayers’ money. Then the “lawmakers” are gonna pass some stupid bill to ban eroge on US soil, just like what they did to booze in Prohibition Era. This might be a good time to stock up on eroges.

    • KajunBowser says:

      I’ll be damned if that happens. Quick, we must get all dumb congressmen out NAO! Oh wait, then we wouldn’t have a Congress (lol). An even better reason to get rid of them. We get to keep out eroge and get a smarter circuit of Congress.

  • AnynomousOver9000 says:

    SCREW THIS! Just because there’s “violence” in sex doesn’t mean people have to emulate them! Also, there’s a LOT of women out there with a masochist fetish! Finally, WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA FAP TO NOW HUH?!?!?

  • Anonymous says:

    If they truly wanted equality they should have gone to Russia and joined with a group of domineering women to create a game where you’re a woman (with customizable features and outfits, because from my experience many girls love that part of games if they have them, like various fighters do) and you can enslave customizable boys and men to be your sexual toys. Even judo-chop robbers and tie them in a basement setting to do SM things on them. Hell, i’d even play that, if you could make the woman really hot.

    Since the feminist group didn’t think of it, the rapelay people should make it and say “hah!”.

    • They already do this, it’s two faces of the same coin, they just approach sex and violence independantly.

      It’s just like, when the KKK goes after the blacks and jews, they try to do it separately, they don’t want them to find out about a mutual enemy and hook up.

  • Anonymous says:

    what is with all this women’s rights stuff after you get marry and they divorce you who the one who keep the house car kids so on? even if it the guy who owns all of it. t

  • Anonymous says:

    just 30k membership just have a few ppl go to akiba for a few days and you get a hell lot more then they can ever hope to get in there live time.telling them to fuck off and kill them self,also to make more of them and change japan dumb censorship law.

    • I almost want to heartily agree with this–But they clash! If the people making porn games don’t get money they either can’t eat (a quick track to dead makers, and those don’t make many games!) or they have to enlist in other places for money to eat which is less time on games?!


  • Anonymous says:

    That’s pretty haughty of some US women getting pissed over something halfway across the world.

    Women love to bitch.

    Women demands “equal rights” while promoting traditional values such as “man always pays for a date” that benefit them.

    Women are lying bitches and hoes.

    I’d bet that its made up of Jewish mothers, fucking bitch-ass kikes.

    • MikeeUSA says:

      You’re infavor of Men being jailed for having young women of childbearing age as wives (usually females gain the ability to have children at age 12, 13, or 14: this is when they were married off throughout history… untill modern pro-women’s rights democracy came around).

      You’re also infavor of Men being jailed for domestic violence (so thusly he has no power at home).

      You’re also infavor of females being able to divorce Men at will (ditto).

      If anyone dislikes women’s rights, they should work to destroy women’s democracy. Have a Men’s republic instead perhaps.

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    They target Japan because they would face backlash at home. Lets see them try anything in the US.

    This the First Amendment, bitches. Here is the Second Amendment to back it up.

    • MikeeUSA says:

      Nope. The USA is one of the most pro-women’s rights cuntries on the planet, it also exports this to all countries it conqures or has influence over.

      Today in the world there are few countries that are infavor of Men’s Liberty (none really). You can that the USA, western europe, and women’s rights advocates for that.

      Women’s rights advocates should be killed.
      This will never happen.
      Men will never have what Men wish to have,
      nor will Men ever have liberty.

      Death To women’s Rights.
      Viva Men’s Liberty.

      • Anonymous says:

        you can’t ask for liberty and freedom if you can’t be willing to give any. by yelling death to women, you are saying you want to take their right to live away. fucking biased hypocrite. and I’m a guy, btw. You’re no better than a radical feminist, in fact you’re worse.

      • smooches says:

        Your right on some points. Just look at commercials and marketing in America. Men are always portrayed as complete idiots and as a burden that women have to baby. especially white males.

  • Feminist Group wants to ban H Game ?
    well…their wish,at least the rest of otaku in Japan never accept that fact
    and we already know ” otaku power ” when they get serious!
    No kidding,but H Game will never banned…wwwwwwww…and feminist group act so high and mighty,like they are a US Government themself…

  • Cerenado says:

    “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.”
    …Mkay? What else do you want? You don’t even live there for crying out loud.
    X-rated FTW~

  • I’ve played it. It has great graphics and it was fun, and this is a girl talking. I’m still not wanting to rape any man or woman I stumble upon though.

    Some people should just understand that fantasy and reality are two different things, and that any sane person would not act upon his/her fantasies on the real world to begin with.

    I’m ashamed to share the same sex genre with these crazy group. I love a part of feminism because it’s what gave us the right to vote and have equal opportunities, but this women… just… GOD.

    • “Some people should just understand that fantasy and reality are two different things, and that any sane person would not act upon his/her fantasies on the real world to begin with.”

      Ditto, ditto.

      I’m not ashamed of my gender, personally, and I shouldn’t have to feel so because of anyone else’s actions.

      “All feminists are ultra-lesbian man haters out to rip away any sense of freedom for anyone with a cock’n balls in their obsessive penis-envy,” is as fallacious as “All otaku and/or hikkikomori are fat, unbathed, sweat-drenchedly rank, perverted paedophiles,” or “All men are vagina-craving dicks with adrenaline and bodies, rapists waiting to happen,” or “All Christians are gay-hating/murdering bible-smashers that molest choirboys,” or “All Japanese teachers are paed–” okay, maybe not the best example, that last one.

      The point stands. Anyone prepared to lambast all feminists for being like this deluded group had better be prepared to stand up and be counted among the rapists and abusers these people think these games make people into. Because you can’t just selectively judge groups by their lowest common denominators, it’s all or none.

      Fuck sweeping stereotypes.

      • Sadly the people who annoy the hell of the world the most are the small groups that give bad reputations to the whole, so they look bigger than they are.

        More than once I’ve been branded with the worst shit of feminism and lesbianism just because I support gay rights and think men and women should do whatever they want as long as there’s an understanding, female/male stereotypes be damned.

        So I’m still ashamed of having a bunch of morons giving the wrong idea (no matter what it is), because you know that’s the idea people will pick up.

  • NotAnonymous says:

    So stupid. While some games like Virgin Roster kind of disgust me, I still think people should be given the choice to purchase whatever they want if it’s fiction. What would fans of guro and other “weird” fetishes do if they didn’t have anywhere to take out there urges?

    I even know some feminists that play rape eroge lol.

  • I have a better idea.
    Lets go against japans censorship(everything must be uncensored) and they should send more games translated out of their country.

    I demand that right as a man.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I can see how a bunch of women from another country sending threatening letters and emails not even in Japanese will cripple the eroge developers into submission. Much like how I can see fishing in the Sahara will net you some nice catches.

  • Ummm…no and no.

    Sexualized fiction is a release from pent up feelings, if you are strange enough to want it(the fiction) its not going to make you a rapist. If you are stuck or damaged emotionally its not going to matter what you consume you are going to seep in your mentalities or get over yourself.

    Its like saying games or films are bad because they frustrate and excite you, well holly fck if being alive is bad then we need more dead people….

    By the end of the day sexualized fiction is no worse than anythign else huamns consume,jack off to or enjoy.

    Also modern Feminism like modern “ethnic” groups had a place in society 50 years ago now adays they want concision’s and tributes be made to their niche regardless of logic or reason…

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent, EXCELLENT comment, and I’ve read through pretty much all of them here. If being alive is bad then we need more dead people, brilliant. Artists and creators of things like manga out there give us windows into what the mind is capable of, the extent it can go to, the brightest lights and the darkest of darks, to make us more aware, smart, open minded, and and full of perspectives, to make our own decisions about who we are and what we think and what we like and dislike, to show us the world and make up our own minds about it. Then people like these come up for whatever reason and ban them from people.

  • pandaman /otakuman says:

    wtf sure its all goood and graet that they wanna `help the rights of women but theyre going way to fuckin far wit this crap .stupid cunts!! theyre mad just cause theyre pussies have cobwebbs inside also there are women in usa who read that boy on boy shit . japan is a pervy place so shut the fuck up stupid feminist and get over it……………………………..also i love cake!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    “It usually concerns itself with “discrimination against women”, legalising abortion, reducing domestic violence and female genital mutilation; pressuring sovereign states into curbing freedom of expression appears to be a new sideline.”

    You make it sound like countries outlawing domestic violence and female genital mutilation is a bad thing.

  • If you actually read the article they are not trying to ban “sex ganes” they want people to write the people who distribute the game “Rapeplay” and ask them not to sell games that show women and girls being raped. That isn’t censorship, it’s putting pressure on the companies and I much prefer that route than others they might take.

    I can’t believe people actually enjoy that sort of thing. But there are worse things coming out of Japan than that; some marketed to young girls.
    (There are other things that are even worse but I’m not even going to mention them.)

    I remember watching “Papa to Kiss in the Dark” because it was labeled “Shojo” and I thought since it was meant for young girls that meant it was pg….WRONG. A father molests his son repeatedly and this is supposed to be good fun for young girls to watch? What are they putting in their wasabi sauce?

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some people who do enjoy it, though, and such media can be made to keep their hunger at bay. Take away their toys and they’ll find NEW ONES, get what I mean? It’s unfortunate you had to see that, though. It’s too bad there’s so much mislabeling like that on the internet especially when the content can get especially gruesome due to guro, BDSM, and rape fetishes. That video should have been not only labeled as shojo but also incest, rape, etc. Such things have happened to me too as a kid and I’ve had to see rape anime that I didn’t want to, and they disturbed me, but maybe it’s better I saw them to be more aware.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is called “selective censorship”. Why only target eroge? If you indeed preach equality, you should target all media and venues equally. Ban all movies, books, musics, paintings, sculptures, dances…every form of human entertainments that makes reference to rapes and sexual assaults, which I am sure there are plenty(As an art history student I can already come up with a long list of examples just from artworks). Just because this one eroge made the headline, they decided to go after it. I think they are just a bunch of attention hordes.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘I can’t believe people actually enjoy that sort of thing.’

      I bet you also ‘can’t believe’ people cook cute little puppies and kitties for their midnight snacks, yea?

  • RoninZakku says:

    …*shrug* people shouldn’t stick their noses where they don’t belong. In all honesty, this kinda crap isn’t gonna make men systematically start raping women. The only reason why men do this is because they have a power issue, that is they want to be a dominant one in power, or they just can’t get any and are too stupid to bother to think why.

    Banning adult games isn’t gonna change anything, all it’s really gonna do is make people try harder to find adult games, forbidden fruit type of thing.

    And this is why I really don’t respect feminists. Srsly. GTFO of my territory! RAWR!

  • So…. they played it?
    Lol!!! Now that’s what I call a good review of the game.

    Played it and fap to it like a dozen times, but their review totally beats my summary of the game.

    A US-based international feminist “human rights” group, Equality Now?
    They should try their luck on Obama first before trying My Hero Taro Aso!

  • Mankinds never satisfy themselves with anything so even if such a thing like “ban all adult anime/games/manga” would go through, they would always find something else to complain about because that’s how humanity works. We always want to achieve something more then what we already can.

    But everyone knows that you can’t stop these things because then internet would’t exist.

  • So why don’t they put all that energy into making a game where you rape some male characters?
    That equals thing out as well doesn’t it? I’m all for equal rights, so gogo you feminist bunch.. Suprise us and create yer own damn eroge.

  • Anonymous says:

    Making anything freedom of speech illegal is fascist and un freedom loving.

    But I do wish there was less hentai about raping women.
    I mean, could it hurt to put a smile on their face from time to time instead of tears?

  • anonymousq says:

    Okay so rape is okay aslong as its virtual?
    Im one perverted fucker but i can atleast understand that disntinction. Irrespective of if you believe this group is retarded your should atleast understand them because of that point.

    • Anonymous says:

      imagine for a second that all people who raped and killed woman and girls in the past instead had a computer with a program that let them satisfy their lust on people that don’t exist.

      But then even that wouldn’t be enough to stop it because some people do these crimes for reasons beyond sexual satisfaction. No matter what, you can’t completely control the world. You can’t stop rape, just significantly reduce it. If you honestly believe that less rapes would occur on real people if people were banned from having the choice to do it to fake, 3D people, then you need to do your research harder.

  • Anonymous says:

    love the last comment there
    “With violence towards women and girls far less common in Japan than in the USA or Europe, it would appear it is they who should be following the example of Japan…”

    besides, IF someone had the urge to enslave a mother and her daugther, woudlnt it be better to do it in a game?
    I believe it goes the other way, not playing the game then wanting to do the real thing, but wanting to do the real thing then satisfy with the game.

  • Games lead to violence=>ban
    Action movies lead to violence=>ban
    now what? Eroge? Srsly! Nothing leads to it. How violent I am depends on how my parents brought(issat the right word? My english sucks) me. Using violence against kids to punish them-thats the source. Not even single time my parents smacked me, instead they left me without sweets, TV, games and even books. Now i can’t even think about lifting a finger against a girl. It disgusts me. I’m a big guy (188cm and 110kg) so I kinda afraid I’ll kill a girl if I even use a little strength against those fragile bodies. :/

    Well, whatever. Not that Japan will ever ban those things… Loli-maybe,but unlikely.
    P.s. Ban bukkake, while u’r at it. Girls can drown in there. It’s violence!

    • Bigfootmech says:

      I got beat when I was a kid (plenty). 183cm 87kg (athletic build) I still wouldn’t think of doing anything bad to anybody innocent (feminists can go burn in hell).

      And the right phrase is “brought me up”.

        • my parents gave me a mix of beating and teaching. I don’t think it should matter how parents go about it as long as they just DO go about it. Many parents don’t watch their kids at all, or watch what they do, let alone explain anything to them or prevent them from doing things. Many kids don’t even get love from their parents, let alone teaching and raising. The people who say media makes kids do bad things aren’t looking hard or deep enough to make any difference worth mentioning, or maybe they’re one of those lousy parents themselves. A parent that lets their kids see boobs and blood and explains it to them is better than a parent that shows it to them and doesn’t say shit, or maybe even better than those that don’t show them anything at all.

        • Miroku74 says:

          Maybe the problem today is that many kids aren’t getting the kind of tough love we got growing up from our parents? just a thought here.

          Seems like ever since people started getting their noses involved in other parent’s responsibility to discipline their children that a lot went out the window, including common sense.

          I know if I had ever even THOUGHT of calling my mother a bitch, she’d smack the taste out of my mouth….. by reflex without understanding why. It was creepy. She always knew when I was up to no good. 😀

          So…. I turned into a hikkikomori/NEET/(*maybe*otaku late in life, but I’d be a worse person had either of my parents not taken the time to dish out the occasional bit of corporeal punishment.

          Aside from Child Advocate groups who meddled in things like this….. at times it was necessary, for children who ARE being abused…. but they’ve taken it too far. As in THIS and any other case where they try to get something banned which they have a problem with it.

        • AoCanada says:

          Yeah, same here. I was a stupid kid, always doing such dangerous things, and being mean to others. My parents would hit me almost every day (Justified hitting, of course. They were not abusive.) and would also forbid me from watching TV. The worst thing they did was take away my Nintendo (NES) and wouldn’t give it back for MONTHS. I’m sure without any of that disciplinary action, I would be a horrible person today, and would probably be doing a lot of stupid things that would most likely get me killed.

          I’m a good person, and I would never hurt anyone. Oh, did I mention I’m a big fan of violent games and eroge?

        • Anonymous says:

          Can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure am glade that my parents had the balls to beat me when I went out of the line. Otherwise I can be certain that I’d turn out to be an asshole.

  • “works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure,”

    Could we pressure them to give-up?
    and what kind of satisfaction will they get if they succeed?

  • msgundam2 says:

    that will ban non-hentai too. there is violence agents women in non-hentai anime and mangas. and what about men getting raped I see that in ani/manga or are men sub-human.

  • Sigh, ban sex games, ban violent games, ban violent programs, ban criticism of islam,ect.
    Its clear that ppl fail to see the root of the problem, its not about promotion, its about interest, ppl are interested in these topics/themes, i read somewhere that feminists even want to ban porn, but instead of looking down at us men, for liking porn, why not criticize those women whom perform these acts? Its a double standard feminism has.
    Also if we are to think about promoting actitudes, lets ban the news, something that most probably everyone watches, the lvl of detail that the news gives when someone was raped, or murdered ( hell they even make a macromedia flash simulation of it, when its a school shooting) it more then enough to get the average persons brain working so that he may imagine what happen, how that person penetrated the women as she screamed to stop, its pure hypocrisy, lets attack the game, but not the news!
    Its ok for the news to show women raped, but its not ok to she 2d women get raped, in a fictional world.

    These things enrage me enormously, BASICALLY feminists are all ugly lesbian bitches that since they cant get penis, they whine like the bitches they are, the cure for feminism is cock in vagina , so that they can STFU. They want equality, them women just like men must have compulsory military training.

    Also, WHAT ABOUT MODELS and these singers who are sex idols? dont they promote that men look at women as just a walking piece of meat to penetrate?

    Soo much contradictions for feminism, i demand DDoS feminists site, not because they want equality because thats good, but for the contradictions and general stupidity and extremism that sometimes compared with islam extremism is basically the same.


  • Anonymous says:

    “The publisher of Rapelay tells the interfering group to mind their own business in no uncertain terms: “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.””

    Well stated. Between the media companies pressuring Canada to pass DMCA-like regulations and now this crap, I’m getting sick of people from my own country trying to tell the rest of the world what to do.

  • Bigfootmech says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the Japanese government ban H-games that’s a laugh. It’s like telling the British government to ban Telemarketers or the Americans to stop making sequels/prequels/bookmoviegame for everything. It’s absurd.

    Not only that but what next? Ban people having sexual fantasies for things? Clamp down on sex altogether and make it only for reproductions sake?

    Dangerous Big-brother-esque thoughts there. I hope these people don’t think they can ban our right to fap to whatever we want to as long as it’s not real.

      • Men are more productive workers. If all women were to work, vastly less mandatory housework would be completed. Because of this, men, the superior workers, have to spend more time doing domestic tasks and less time working. Where is this going? Were still getting the same total number of hours worked by the entire workforce on average, however the efficiency of the workforce is lowered. Working the same hours with less results.

        Now, none of that would be true if feminist truly desired to be treated like men. For example, by all means, you can work. But your going to be doing exactly the same amount of work on your period as your doing off it. I don’t give a shit if you need to run to the store to pick up some tampons. Get to work, bitch.

        • Anonymous says:

          In my family, everyone helps out in the housework and everybody works, though not because we say we should be that way it just ended up that way. Basically, I think people should stop deciding for and controlling OTHER people and just watch out for themselves without taking other people’s freedom and happiness away. It’s only when other people’s freedom DIRECTLY effects you or others you literally care for the well being of that you should start to enter negotiation mode.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          Males are more prone to be able to work a set type of jobs better than females and vice versa. It might as well be biologically proven given the initial upper/lower body strength potential in males and females as well as how females and their babies are better able to interact than males and their babies.

          In before mpreg *shudders*

        • Men can do housework, too. For example, you can go mop up that period blood of mine you won’t let me plug up!

          Now personally, I don’t believe in stuff like that, but your bullshit works both ways, retard.

  • Feminism has gone too far. It was ‘born’ to make women’s lives equal to men’s. But now it is trying to make women’s lives better than males’, probably even destroy men entirely. They started arresting people for saying “Good morning” to schoolgirls but men adapted and survived by playing eroge and fapping to anime. Now lolis are banned, they are gonna ban eroge, next, lemme guess is ecchi anime, then goes moe and we will have to watch ugly 3D porn or die. Despite the fact that 3D porn is same shit, they won’t ban it ’cause it’s ugly. This is worse than WW2.

    How can eroge lead to rape? There are a lot of them with no violence towards females. This is shizzle like the Philippines’ hentai ban – “We are putting ban on hentai, Japanese animated child porn.” – too little of investigation done before taking action. All for the hatred to males. Most 3D women suck.

      • That’s what I mean. If 4chan was run by woman this would basically be it.

        – Delusional about their world wide relevance.
        – Made up of idiots from everywhere.
        – The bulk of the people are complete wankers with a few truly impressive/dangerous/motivated folks that do everything.
        – Stand against issues as long as it really doesn’t involve work or danger.
        – Sometimes do something special but more often then not, their causes more or less end up as a failure (Tom Green anyone?)
        – More or less just trolls.
        – TITS or GTF…err

  • Miroku74 says:

    “Dear Equality Now,

    Go fuck yourselves.




    if they’d get their heads out of their twats instead of yammering mindlessly, they’d see the numbers of rapes committed on women and children in their OWN part of the world is waaaaay higher than elsewhere.

    Leave our HARMLESS 2D pastimes alone. ><

  • Anonymous Japanese says:

    The number of rape cases recorded in 2000 (or 1999) among G8 nations:

    (per 100,000)
    Canada 78.08
    USA 32.05
    Britain 16.23
    France 14.36
    Germany 9.12
    Russia 4.78
    Italy 4.05
    Japan 1.78

    • Reading. Understanding the facts behind the numbers. Coming to educated conclusions. These are good things.

      Do a google and you’ll find it’s the same situation in Italy. “Feminists have taken over the world oh save my white middleclass ass” FUCK THAT SHIT COME ON AND LISTEN this isn’t some secret that’s hard to reach, it’s not some twisted truth that’s been made to give the women an “upper hand” or whatever. FEMINIST ISN’T JUST WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE, just because you CHOOSE to only see the extremists that makes you no better than the people who blame videogaming for murders. STOP BEING SO IGNORANT, this goddamn site is like an evening newspaper of shock stories/interest catering and holy shit look at you you’re getting high on easy stories handpicked to trigger predictable triggers in you just so you’ll KEEP ON CLICKING, returning and getting them their goddamn ad money. This isn’t your friendly “for lawls” or “just another anime lover” blog this is awful journalism with a profit design, just like everywhere else.



      ‘Cause I don’t ever want to be afraid and face all these things that come to me. Let’s do that. LET’S DO THAT

      • OigoMiEggo says:

        Goddamn, my ears actually hurt from reading that @_@

        And if you’re going to include an article that already shows signs of writing to provoke an emotional reaction, you probably want to provide actual statistics or something aside from your irritatingly, overbearingly insolent and nonsensical literary diarrhea.

        tl:dr (since it seems like you can’t bear to put up with a rational argument): Caps lock is NOT cruise control for righteousness, you hypocritical tard who follows another popular media that does make articles designed to bring out a person’s emotions.

  • you wanna know the truth?
    just because those fat, ass-ugly feminist don’t get their share of dick, they now forbid men to WANT to fuck the good looking chicks.
    human rights activists … what the hell? virtual people aren’t human. if so, why may i delete my account in any virtual reality game?
    I AM A MURDERER for deleting data pretending to be human……….bull-fucking-shit

        • Ukonkivi says:

          Oh look, more responses to feminism when it is in the wrong, with misogyny and patriarchy.

          I’ll disagree with feminism when I believe it steps boundaries of the personal values I hold. But I’m not going to agree with the support of Patriarchy.

          I believe in gender equality, not patriarchy, but I cannot support the illegalization of rape pornography altogether. Even if I find that raping women is all too common of a theme in hentai. Because it goes against my Libertarian, anti-authoritarian values.

          I prefer to spread my personal values socially. Not make law.

  • Anonymous says:

    So instead of imagined sex and virtual reality where people can fulfill their desires without actually harming someone else, these feminists want to ban porn so that desperate people have to go out and rape someone?

    damn these moral faggots! RAWR

    • Ukonkivi says:

      Oh goodness, let’s ban feminism in a country with loads of sexism to fight!

      As much as I think Japan has many forward strides in areas such as certain areas of Transgenderism, women STILL have much to gain.

      For instance, respect in the workforce. Women are still seen too much as caretakers and not moneymakers in Japan.

      • OigoMiEggo says:

        Kinda hard to take female equality seriously if a large outspoken minority of them say they’d rather homemake and have a rich husband instead of honest work. The minority ruin it for the majority

        • But some woman DO want to work, and some men don’t let them. Even if the majority still want to just be housewives, even if a single woman wants to go against that and do something else, she should be given complete freedom to do what she wants, wither she sucks at it or not. Simply put, higher a person, male or female, based on how well they can fill the requirements, and nothing more or less than that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Femnazis have always been counter productive in terms of promoting female equalities. Just about all of the real strides made in female rights progression around the world were done by *gasp* not feminists, but regular civil rights activists.

        Doing craps like attempting to violate people’s sacred rights to free expressions would only go against their causes.

  • Anonymous says:

    They should fuck them selves those international feminist bastards. There targeting the wrong crowd. I guess those does bitches say that a mum fuck his own son,while threatening him with violence, huh? Speak up, sluts..

  • Infernal says:

    This vaguely resembles the RE5 being racist arguemnent. Someone should start an organization called ‘AIM'(Anti-Ignorant Moralists). Which pushes to ban the outright ignorant from forcing their bias and uneducated views on others i.e people who say ban violent videogames, ban porn, ban homosexuals, ban loli, ban anime, ban religious jokes, ban Harry Potter, ban all imagination…It’s one thing to say ban this media in your home country but to overseas?

  • FoolyDooly says:

    I got bored so I sent e-mail to the n00bs.

    “As a person who believes that every person has every great rights, I do believe that you’re infringing their Freedom of Speech.

    There is no conducted studies that proves this game, or any similar game, has caused more violence against females in Japan then any other countries. If you point to studies right, it is rather proven that Japan has far less sexual criminals then American or most developed nations. If this is case, I do not see where this is going. Japan has culture of animation and game of this sorts for a while, and there was no raise of sexual crimes in that country contrary to what you’re thinking. Are you attacking the company just because “game looks bad” on women? So when movie against rape and such are to be shown, how would directors and writers show the emotional pain the victim felt without describing and writing it? Is this game that entirely bad? If you insist, where are the proofs? Just the fact that this game is derogatory does not seems to cover it; rather, what you’re asking for is mere censorship against all art medium containing sexual assault, whether good or bad, without any proof or research material.

    In simplicity, I can’t help but notice you’re asking them to withdraw all games with such views. Wouldn’t this call any movie, novel, or art describing rape and sexual assault to be called down, too?

    I believe what you’re doing is mere call for pure censorship, and instead of calling for right for women, you’re taking away rights away from all human beings, and I believe you guys should stop.

    If there’s any other problem, please contact me @ Thank you.

    -K.K., Advocate of Human Rights.”

    • Ukonkivi says:

      Honestly, that’s not about exploiting women.
      Having women in fighting games is a part of equality, it’s promoting the idea that women can be as a formidable fighting opponent as a man.

      It’s giving them honor and respecting their ability to fight. As opposed to leaving them out of the picture completely and only including men in fighting games.

      In fighting games, the objective is an honorable battle.
      In rape games, the objective is to exploit women.

      It would be more misogynist and patriarchal to leave women OUT of fighting games. In fact, if fighting games were to leave women out, Amazon feminists and various other kinds, would be creating a shitstorm over it.

      • AoCanada says:

        What about the fact that all the female fighters are always flashing their underwear while they fight, which of course makes sense, because in real life, if you were wearing something so revealing, there’s bound to be plenty of things showing while flipping and jumping around, but why then, does nothing like that happen to the male fighters?

        Not that I’m complaining.

        • When Ahhnold hit the big screen as Conan the barbarian, a lot of girls drooled over him and guys didn’t say anything about it. the guy had nothing but a fur loincloth. I thought conan was cool growing up. But a warrior woman who wears little clothing seems to be seen as sexist and woman demeaning. THere was Xena, and she worked out to some extent with both genders, but I’d still say she was far more modestly dressed and armored than Conan, or even Hercules, who often ended up fighting shirtless.

          Also, it’s been proven that woman find muscles and tough guys sexy, but it’s just that girls are grown to associate muscular men with stupidity, sports obsessions, a large ego, and other less appealing things. I’d say the same thing happens with men and boobs, as a lot of men tie large boobs or revealing clothing, and even an hourglass figure to being an idiot, a whore, a bitch, a gold digger, a slut, a porn star, or something else that isn’t appealing. Ultimately, boobs, muscles, tight asses, sexual organs, and other gender-defining things are sexually appealing to nearly all humans, but many people are just raised by society to associate them with dirty, negative things.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          But if you were to take a look at it from both female and male sides, both genders in the game offer eye candy…it’s just that animating occasional pantsu exposure is a hell of a lot easier than animating constant exposure of rippling, but not grossly so, muscles.

  • all_hail_AV says:

    “This product is intended for domestic distribution and was approved by Japanese regulators. We won’t accept this sort of criticism from overseas groups.”


    well said !
    im on your side Rapelay !