The Shock of Suzumiya Haruhi: Delayed Another Year


The latest and increasingly unawaited novel in the Haruhi series, 涼宮ハルヒの / Suzumiya Haurhi no Kyougaku (The Shock of Suzumiya Haruhi), by 谷川流 / Nagaru Tanigawa,  looks to have  been delayed yet another year, the second time it has been delayed.

It now looks as if three years will elapse before any new release in the formerly popular series…

Reports indicate that the leaked schedule of light novel releases published in Sneaker magazine fails to make any mention of the title, which can be taken as a tacit admission of delay. Previously the sequel was set for a mid-2007 release, but this was postponed a year.

This means it is likely the series will go three years without a novel release, which should leave no-one in any doubt as to the oblivion facing the series, especially if the anime rerun proves to be mere eventful marketing rather than the dramatic coup Kadokawa is likely hoping for.

Just what the author is thinking is anyone’s guess.

Probably nobody will remember Haruhi by 2010, having forgotten it in a haze of of Mio-induced delirium

Via New Akiba.

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