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Otaku will Buy Anything? $200 Haruhi Tissues


Haruhi may be a franchise on its last legs, but it doesn’t seem to stop otaku for paying top dollar for anything bearing a likeness of one or more of the SOS-dan.

The latest case is that of the Haruhi tissues, the essential accompaniment to any ronery activites


The tissues themselves start at ¥525 for a box of 200, but there are 20 different boxes which must be collected, which sell as a set for ¥10,500.


A set of Haruhi tissues is no good without a display case, so the full set, including an acrylic display case, comes to ¥21,000, or some $210.

The tissues contained within the boxes are ordinary in every respect.

In their defence, the boxes may also double as onanism material.


You can buy them here.

“Haruhi Premium” indeed. Active onanists will need to watch their bank balance…

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