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Hehe, nice indeed. =D

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  • Kudo Loli Figure:
    Mai waifu… *sniff* *sniff* =(

  • Cosplay Queen Saya Passes Away:
    Just had to log in and drop my comment here; you will be sorely missed Saya, for you are my most favorite and dearest cosplayer ever. I might never had the chance to meet you in person, but I can feel a great lost for the whole cosplaying community. You are, by far (and I mean by far) the best Hatsune Miku cosplayer the world has ever seen, and I will always forever remember that deep inside my heart. RIP my dearest Saya, Muzaffar

  • Sexy Mio Akiyama Black Bikini Cosplay Gallery:
    Nope… but yeah, she still looks nice even if she absolutely fails cosplaying Mio. ^_^

  • K-ONahole! Yui “Virgin” Dutch Wife:
    After I read the first few lines, I knew it was Quen’s style of writing and I didn’t even look at the poster until I finished reading the whole page lol. I miss seeing you here Quen. =(

  • America Fattest Nation After All:
    Still doesn’t change the fact that we Asians are never fat to begin with!!! ^_^


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