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Japanese Women Want It Hard


A recent sexological survey of Japanese women reveals just what they want in terms of a man’s penis; hardness trumps length and girth by a considerable margin.

The survey, “For a Better Sex Life”, was conducted with scientific rigour by the Urology Department at Toho University’s medical faculty, covering over 5,000 female participants, with the objective of better probing sexual satisfaction amongst women, with firm stress on the importance of hardness.

They found that 40% of women felt “hardness” the most important factor in appraising a man’s penis, followed by a positively flaccid 18% for “thickness” and 17% for “length.”

When it came to “getting it up quickly”, a patient 84% would in fact rather their partner display “staying power.”

The survey also delved into areas of intimacy: to the multiple choice question “What is your favoured atmosphere for having sex?”, the most popular preference proved to be “an atmosphere of kindness and affection expressed by words and deeds” (17%), followed by “Not one-sided” (14%), as well as a setting “with mood” and “where I can speak up”, both with 12%.

Men may be surprised to hear that concerns over technique and performance ranked only 12th, with 3%, whilst Japanese women are apparently forgiving of performance problems: coming in at 18th, only 0.2% admitted to caring about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 0.4% actually wanted “to get it over with quickly.”

Regarding the deeply felt concerns over hardness, the researcher draws attention to the American developed “Erection Hardness Scale”, unsurprisingly enough a rating system for the hardness of a man’s member.

The 5 level scale extends from 0 to 4, with 1 being likened to “jelly”, 2 to “orange”, 3 to “grapefruit”, and 4 to “apple.” Jelly and orange are signs of erectile dysfunction, whilst even grapefruit may prove a sign of the disorder if a man or his partner expresses dissatisfaction.

Conveniently, this means any couple with an unsatisfied partner and a hardness less than “apple” will be able to be diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction, and so receive medication, likely in the form of highly effective blockbuster anti-impotence drug Viagra…

Via ZakZak.

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