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Live Action Evangelion Not April Fools’ After All?


It has been reported that the jolly April 1st Evangelion poll held by Yahoo! Japan, in which users were given the chance to select which actors they felt most appropriate for a supposed Evangelion live action movie production, may not be so fanciful after all.


Yahoo! Japan initially asked visitors to vote for the cast that they would most like to see featured in the “live action adaptation”; this was soon identified as an April 1st event.

However, Asahi TV later confirmed that they would be going ahead with the production of live action images, using the top voted cast if they could manage it.

This will not be a movie though; instead it appears a short casting clip or photo shoot using the cast (presumably cosplaying) is intended, strictly as part of the promotion of the upcoming animated feature.

As of now, the highest voted actors and their likenesses are as follows:


Via ITMedia.

We have to wonder whether a live action adaptation is not at the back of their minds after all…

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