Top 10 Traps Set by Japanese Women


Japanese men have been asked to identify what female behaviour gives them the false impression “I have a chance with her”, when in fact the man has no chance at all…

The results are enlightening, though perhaps not in all cases surprising; the top 10 follow:

1. “Let’s go home together.”
2. Being called by my first name.
3. When she asks to have a sup of my drink (indirect kiss!).
4. Being touched when she’s sitting next to me and says “Mou!” (“Oh you!”, etc.).
5. Being talked to in a sweet voice.
6. When she responds to mails promptly.
7. When you’re invited to a lady’s home and told “Just take a seat on the bed.”
8. Being told by her “I think I had a bit too much to drink!”
9. Receiving mails from her ending in heart marks.
10. Discussing things when she’s looking up at you.

Via Itai News.

2ch offers such fanciful gems as “It’s ok to come inside” and “Let’s have sex”…

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