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Women-Only Carriage


The women only carriage on a Japanese train. The lady patrons appear to be comfortably seated, and enjoying the ride, which is more than we can say for the men’s hentai section at the other end, where the male patrons look to packed in like sardines.

The carriages are of course controversial, with many observing that they seem only to encourage discrimination in their turn, whilst failing completely to tackle the issue of the rail system being populated by a minority of maniacal chikan who seem only to be reported or apprehended by their victims in a few cases.

On the other hand, we hear of men being falsely accused of groping in order to extort money from them, or in some cases by mistake or for no good reason at all, all of which usually carry the presumption of guilt on the part of the man.

A difficult issue, but scenes like this seem hardly to be the answer?

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