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Stem Cell Breast Enlargement Dooms Flatness


Stem cell therapy now offers the prospect of “naturally” enlarged breasts, free of surgical implants.

The technique involves extracting stem cells from the fat of the stomach or thighs and inserting them into the mammaries, where they join the breast tissue, increasing the size of the breast as a result.

The procedure offers some significant advantages over traditional “augmentation.”

Unlike breasts enhanced with artificial implants, breasts treated with stem cells will feel natural, having the same softness and fluidity as natural breasts due to being constituted of the same mixture of glandular fat and water.

Further, implants often have long-term complications and may require replacements. They can also leak and cause scarring and nerve damage, to say nothing of the risks of failed surgery.

Implanted stem cells also promote the growth of blood vessels, ensuring sufficient blood circulation. Procedures that merely moved fat into a woman’s breasts were problematic to the lack of blood supply to the implanted fat.

The technique was pioneered in Japan, initially to treat women with deformities caused by breast cancer. Recently, the technique has also been used for cosmetic enhancements and has begun clinical trials in Britain.

The stem cell treatment appears currently only to be able to provide modest increases in breast size. While scientists are confident in increases of one cup size, only further research will determine if larger augmentations are possible.

Doctors also caution that the current technique only restores volume but does not provide firmness and lift. Those wishing to avoid unappealing ptosis whilst gaining even more volume will have to wait.

In addition, the process takes several months as the extracted fat is mixed with stem cells in batches and gradually implanted to achieve the desired shape and size.

The procedure is expected to become available in 6 months, costing some £6,500.

Via the Times Online (story dated 29th of March).

The refinement of such a process may prove a boon to oppai maniacs everywhere, though much of course could be said about the aesthetic value of a flat chest, already fast becoming ever rarer and (possibly) more sought after due to changes in nutrition…

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