Comment on Pupil “Miscarriage Club” Trys to Abort Teacher’s Pregnancy by BuggyBY:

TL;DR: Obama is a hero to at least half the world’s population. Thread over.

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  • Evangelion Sneakers:
    Damn it, do want. I bet they don’t make them in my size, though. Curse my comically overgrown Western feet!

  • Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”:
    Please elaborate what makes the source linked from the article “clearly not credible”. Do you claim there are no such false arrests, do you dispute that the presumption of guilt makes it incredibly hard for the accused to defend themselves, or do you speak from personal experience of being unable to take anyone standing close to you you on Japanese public transport to court with an accusation of indecent behaviour because Japanese society is ever so tolerant of that sort of thing? What, exactly …

  • Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”:
    And banning free speech is the way to combat degrading attitudes? Something tells me this is not going to be terribly successful.

  • Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”:
    Urban legend, eh? anyone?

  • Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”:
    Well, back in my 4chan days I once saw a flash game whose objective was to whip a bound and gagged loli to death. This was the first time anything I’d seen on my computer had actually induced physical nausea.


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