Pupil “Miscarriage Club” Trys to Abort Teacher’s Pregnancy


A gang of schoolboys nursing a grudge against their teacher, who was six months pregnant, organised a “Miscarriage Club” in which they conspired to kill her unborn child; they mixed chemicals into her food and attempted to cause her to suffer dangerous falls.

The teacher and her unborn infant escaped harm.

The group of schoolboys, numbering eleven and in the same class at middle school, apparently nursed a severe grudge over a change to their seating arrangements, as well as after being scolded at club activities.

As a result, they decided to abort their teacher’s pregnancy by way of revenge.

First they started with lesser acts of harassment, spraying her car with chalk repeatedly, but soon progressed to loosening the screws in her chair in the hopes that she would suffer injury when it collapsed.

These efforts failing, next month they intensified their efforts. They hatched upon the scheme of feeding her what they hoped would be an abortifacient.

Stealing some alum and salt they had been using in a chemistry lesson, they surreptitiously mixed it into her food.

The teacher apparently ate this contaminated food, though she suffered no ill effects.

A girl did however see them interfering with the food, and alerted another teacher.

The school rounded up the troublemakers and gave them a telling off, and called their parents in as well. They are said to be very sorry for attempting to terminate their teacher’s pregnancy.

The teacher in question will be taking maternity leave from April onwards in order to have her child.

Via Yomiuri.

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