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I prefer the terms “Pro-death” and “Anti-choice” myself.

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  • Pupil “Miscarriage Club” Trys to Abort Teacher’s Pregnancy:
    I’m not sure where you get that impression. American schools have just started calling the cops and arresting students whenever something violent happens. A reaction to school shootings and other incidents. Even bringing a knife to school will get you arrested.

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  • Kämpfer Quality:
    You know, it’s not very offensive when you recite someone’s user name as an insult. Please try harder.

  • Kämpfer Quality:
    If you go actually watch the scene, you’ll see his/her reflection is correctly mirrored a lot of the time.

  • Kämpfer Quality:
    Everything except that towel rack seems to be mirrored correctly. Although the scale is slightly off. This suggests it may have been added for TV censorship and may vanish in the DVD release.

  • Darker Than Black Unintentional Flying Car Anime:
    It is big enough to accommodate a person. The shadow is in the wrong position which creates the wonky perspective. Here’s a shot a bit later in the scene: You can see it’s obviously intentional. It has a glowing sphere on the bottom.

  • Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize: “What Has He Done?”:
    It just means his competition for the prize was even less impressive. There aren’t exactly many people around who have successfully promoted world peace.


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