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Queen’s Blade Airs Uncensored


Upcoming oppai anime Queen’s Blade is set to air soon, but one question on the minds of many was whether the title would suffer a DVD marketing drive leaving its erotic credentials in tatters.

Happily for fans, liberal broadcaster AT-X is now trumpeting the fact that it will be airing the “raw” version, which is the same as the DVD. That means it has uninterrupted views of Reina’s nipples.


However, the scant few other stations airing Queen’s Blade will almost certainly be opting for a heavily censored version.

It is also not clear whether AT-X will actually be able to keep up the nipple-laden broadcasts throughout the season, but it seems possible…

The DVDs themselves will evidently have something extra special. On top of this, there is also the OVA to anticipate.

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