Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Third Season Exposed?


An apparent leak reveals the possibility of a new series of sublime if abstruse parody anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which would bring the successful franchise up to its third season.

The source goes so far as to offer the date for the airing of the show as being July.

The particular board this rumour emanates from is apparently inhabited by at least one industry insider, whose numerous leaks have mostly proven correct. Thus observers are happy to consider the probability of this rumour being true to be quite high.

You can see the track record of the mysterious source below:

Zetsubou Sensei from July Unknown
Negima continued by Shaft Unknown
A Certain Scientific Railgun in 2010 Actually due 2009
Fullmetal Alchemist cast to differ substantially in new series Correct
Munto to be 9 episodes Correct
Basquash air details Correct
Strike Witches II due 2010, to be based on light novel Correct
Haruhi to be broadcast as mix of new and old episodes Unknown
Shangri-La (Range Murata anime) to be 24 episodes Unknown
Asura Cryin’ to be broadcast as two seasons over spring and autumn Unknown
Seitokai starts July Correct
Omamorihimari to be animated in 2009 Correct
Seiken no Katanakaji produced by Manglobe Unknown
Hetalia air details Correct
Spice and Wolf second season starts July with 12 episodes Correct, but episode count unknown

It would appear the leak is highly reliable.

You can see the original 2ch exchange preserved here.

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