14-Year-Old Girl Faces 17 Years for Photographing Self


A 14-year-old girl who took naked pictures of herself for her boyfriend’s entertainment and posted them on her MySpace profile faces charges of possessing and disseminating child pornography, with a maximum sentence of 17-years. If convicted, the young predator also faces a lifetime of discrimination as a registered sex offender, along with rapists and pederasts.

This is apparently only one of many such incidents, with authorities now keenly launching a nationwide crackdown on the depraved actions of child-paedophiles, lest a plague of self-exploiting children predate upon themselves.

The girl seemingly wished to provide an erotic spectacle for her boyfriend (who was apparently fortunate enough to avoid seeing the images and so face charges himself), and so she took 30 pictures of herself in a state of undress, described by authorities as “very explicit.” She placed these on her MySpace profile page for his pleasure.

The scurrilous images soon came to the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who rushed to inform state police of the danger this paedophile posed to herself.

Police quickly served an arrest warrant on the girl child abuser, charging her with possession and distribution of child pornography. Though potentially a dangerous sex offender, they released her back into her mother’s custody.

In the event of her conviction, the girl will be forced to register alongside other perverts as a sex offender on the state’s register, as mandated by “Megan’s Law”, a law designed to ensure those who vile reprobates who so much as look askance at a child are denied normal lives in perpetuity.

The maximum sentence of 17 years in jail may be avoided as the young child pornographer may secure leniency, but there is not talk of dropping the charges.

The lady responsible for the creation of Megan’s Law is uncomfortable to see it exercised in this way; she seems to think prosecuting children for taking risqué photos of themselves is an inappropriate application of the law:

“This shouldn’t fall under Megan’s Law in any way, shape or form. She should have an intervention and counseling, because the only person she exploited was herself.”

The recent concern to hunt down the self-exploiting children who despicably take pictures of themselves for the titillation of themselves and their friends has been felt throughout the US.

Prosecutions in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Dakota, Ohio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin have been attempted in order to stamp out these child-run child pornography rings.

A recent case in Pennsylvania, where three girls took nude pictures of themselves, is a case in point. There the perpetrators also face significant sanction.

This case is however notable in that it is apparently the first to involve online social networking services.

Parents are warned to keep an eye on their children’s online activities lest they too turn into child paedophiles, the attorney general having this to say:

“Unfortunately, youth don’t have the same judgment as adults, and often adults don’t have the same technical savvy as the youth.”

Of course, this lack of judgment is no excuse for them not to be properly tried for their wickedness.

Via SFGate.

Protecting children from exploiting and predating upon themselves is clearly a matter of nationwide concern in the US, one of the least safe places to be a child in the developed world, despite having done more than any other nation to ensure children remain asexual until the age of 18.

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  • I’m 14. If I posted nude pics of myself, it’d be possession/distribution child pornography.
    So by that logic…
    When I masturbate, I am sexually abusing a minor.
    If I self-harm (I don’t) in anyway, I am causing bodily harm with intent.
    When I watch pornography, I am corrupting a minor.
    If I were to become a prostitute, not only would I be charged with prostitution, I’d also be charged with corruption of a minor, sexual exploitation and abuse of a minor and child prostitution.

    Yet only the first is true. This is complete crap. If there were a hypothetical case where a girl sends nude pics to her boyfriend, they break up and he uses them as blackmail, he should be charged with emotional abuse. Not because it was ~omgchildporn~ but because, well, he’s emotionally abusing her. If he stripped her and took the pictures, then it’d be sexual abuse. If she took the pictures of her own will and sent them of her own will, there is no victim, no abuse, no pain.

    The only problem I see with changing the law to allow consensual nude images shared privately between minors would be that it’d be hard to tell if it’s consensual. The receiver of the images could force the sender to take and send the pics, and then when questioned, the receiver could blackmail/abuse/threaten the sender to make sure that they say it’s consensual, but something tells me that this wouldn’t be done often.

  • From the article: >one of the least safe places to be a child in the developed world,

    More like >one of the least safe places to be in the world.
    Am I right?
    As a US resident, I am appalled at the idiotic policies that get enacted, and I am embarrassed by how easily the general population is brainwashed by Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
    For the sake of little green apples, come ON people – learn to use your brains, rather than blindly following.

  • so there is no regard for other kids seeing this stuff on the american moron’s myspace page?

    no regard for these pics possibly being taken and sold, perhaps by someone else, perhaps by the american 14 yr old moron?

    no regard for the many ways these could cause harm.

    ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

    Apparently most american kids think this is no big deal. wow. the USA is really in the toilet.

  • Another victim of Darwin’s Law, I mean seriously, who the f@$% posts nude pictures on a PUBLIC site. Also it’s not that she posted them on the internet anonymously, it is in a profile page with her NAME, AGE, and where she lives, at least the guys on /b/ remain anons. Look at it this way, if she didn’t get caught by the cops maybe all those MySpacer’s would have made fun of her and next thing you know, suicide. It is quite possible. Maybe I’m just exaggerating but still, idiot is all that I have to say.

  • This is so retarded. I wrote a song, just for america

    And I’m proud to be an american
    where at least I know I’m dumb
    and conviniently forget the men who died
    who protect my liberties
    and I gladly sit down
    next to you
    and criticize you for being to close
    All I can say is I love this land (love this land)
    Money Bless the USA!

  • =.=
    We should get evry child in the US to start doing this
    After a week, im pretty sure someone will realize that somethings wrong
    or not, the gov’t might just be like

    lol jk, but i think the girls a moron and so’s the gov’t points been noted enough, so i will definitely not call the girl a moron and the gov’t one to……

  • Megan’s Law was put in place by the actions of Maureen Kanka, a woman who doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s children but the one she doesn’t have…and “Megan’s Law” would not have saved Megan Kanka. The Kanka family was the ONLY family on that street that DID NOT know a sexual offender lived very close to them, so if they were that ignorant in the first place, how would the sex offender registry have helped? I’d go a step further and say that there should not be ANY publicly accessible criminal registries. Law enforcement needs to know, but the public at large has proven time and again that they are not mature enough to use that information appropriately. The privilege of public crime registries should be taken away immediately.

  • This is not the first or last time this will happen.

    She is 14! A kid still. She shouldn’t have (A) made the photos (B) Made the For anyone (C) Posted them on the internet.

    She made this mistake because she is a *KID*. No charges should be brought against her. But requirements for sexual ED / safety.

    She was more endangering herself than anyone else.

    There is a HUGE difference from a KID doing something stupid and some 50yr old man taking photos of a 14yr old girl as well as posting them. DUH

    Wish her luck.

  • God this no sex stuff in the US is running so unbelievably ridiculous.
    It’s a bizarre situation and I fear it might actually screw some people up who are growing up trying to explore and develop their own identities.

  • Anonymous says:

    So…the children are so important, that we’re protecting them from themselves…..by sending them to PRISON? And registering them as sex offenders for life? Good God this country gets MORE retarded every minute.

    • Amazing. In the US we have all of these draconian sex laws, and we come in on the top ten list of most rapes per population:


      Even more ironic is that Canada, which has more draconian sex laws to protect women and children than the USA, comes in at 5. Countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark which have some of the most lax sex laws in the world, and where prostitution is out and out legal, have less than a third of our rape rate. Who are these laws protecting again?

      Funny thing is, eventually the morons making these laws will look at those numbers, see all the Arab and Muslim countries near the bottom, and realize that laws punishing women for shaming their husbands during “unwanted sexual contact” should be enstated. After all, if women aren’t as likely to report rape, the reported rape rate will go down…

      • the_pragmatist says:

        Emotionfag retorts: “b-b-b-but UNREPORTED RAPES!” …even though by definition you can’t calculate that which is not reported, thus requiring “making shit up” in the form of some compensatory figure with essentially no basis, rendering it invalid in any scientific analysis…

  • Anonymous says:

    And all ya bullshit laws got you:
    “…US, one of the LEAST safe places to be a child in the developed world, despite having done more than any other nation to ensure children remain asexual until the age of 18.”

    • “Can we install a camera in every room of your house? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. You won’t even notice it’s there after 4 years. Is 4 years really so long a time to wait?”

      Seriously, you’re quite right. We should just roll over so they can step on the other side of our heads more easily.

  • ok not nly is stupid of her taking photos of her naked foy bf but to post it on myspace…but ok every1 makes mistakes i understand but what i simply cant take it is sentence some1 for taking pictures of themselves. WTF what they wanted? for the girl to take pictures of them? what she photographs in not ur dam busyness. and to make it worst the sentence the bf too for being bf of the girl, he probably didnt even asked for the photos and got it in his head too. “The lady responsible for the creation of Megan’s Law is uncomfortable to see it exercised in this way; she seems to think prosecuting children for taking risqué photos of themselves is an inappropriate application of the law:” even she agree with me in some point. the justice in this world… 1 word: FAIL

  • Anonymous says:

    “This shouldn’t fall under Megan’s Law in any way, shape or form. She should have an intervention and counseling, because the only person she exploited was herself.

    nuff said

  • Children should have laws in place to secure their physical and mental safety. However using laws to protect children against these same children is fuking retarded and hypocritical.

  • Maybe this should oh i dont know be a sign to the masses in the US. Fact is children have sex drives too *gasp* so shocking is it not?! Also girls can get pregnat at much younger than 16 and up! Infact many girls express sexual tendencies before haveing their first period!?!

    People get the fuck over it fact is this is just a serious wake up call. Some girls feel liberated by these sorts of things. Some also feel sexy when doing this they want to feel sexy so the fuck what else is new. Give em a old fashioned sit n talk and also parents AND authorities realize that this is not that bad.

    Maybe when we get over this kinda shit the world will be a much more pleasent place.

  • Why must we suffer under the rule of these fucking RETARDS?

    Give me a severe moustache and a goose-stepping army and I’d wipe these bureaucratic cunts off the face of the earth.

    Fuck you UNICEF
    Fuck you DIET
    Fuck you Religion
    Fuck all ya’ll niggers.

    Stupid bastards.

    • Yes, that makes sense, because with a country that’s becoming a police state, you would like them to take away people’s guns at the same time that they’re incarcerating people for outlandish things.

  • How the heck is this advancing the course of freedom? So the American justice people are too chicken to take on their wildly corrupt business leaders so instead they take it out on a 14 y.o. girl? I think it’s rather a good idea to take erotic photos of yourself and post them to your partner! I did.. at a younger age than 14 – btw age of consent in Germany is 14, lower in some countries, kinda think it’s up to the individuals concerned. Are you not allowed to enjoy your body until a certain arbitrary age depending on where you’re born? Sorry, my mistake, Christianity means you’re supposed to feel “guilty” about physical pleasures! How messed up is that?!

  • Anonymous says:

    LMAO the world is just getting dumber and dumber. I mean really how the hell are you a sex offender by posting pictures of yourself……thats just god damn retarded, hell I might as well beat myself up and sue myself………stupid fucktarded goverments.

  • Anonymous says:

    who gives a shit? Why is it such a big deal? Drug pushers do less time!

    Really guys do your jobs and set up more speed traps to stop those speeders and seat belt violators. Those are the real crminals.

  • Anonymous says:

    So if i would be 14 and i would take photos of myself, i consider first that there are people retarded enough to throw me into jail for such things.

    Human kind is depressingly dumb.
    Evolve already for god’s sake and let me take pictures of nude self!!!

  • She should sue the state for mental distress, and unreasonable prison conditions. The thought of those bastards forcing the victim of a sex offense to be locked in the same cell as her offender. She’s also totally screwed if there is any sort of automatic restraining order. She’d be locked up for life since she has the audacity to flagrantly violate the restraining order every chance she has.

  • Well my country isn’t perfect, that’s for sure. This is an example of the American lock-em-up mentality. The idea is throwing people in jail is the answer to all social problems.

    Calculated as a percentage of the population, the United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world by a HUGE margin. The next highest is Russia, which is almost half the number, then South Africa which is about 1/4 the number. After that no country even comes close, and the average for the EU is about 8 TIMES less than the U.S.

  • God Bless Amerikkka, get out while you still can before that country declines even further.
    We used to joke “The FBI is watching you masturbate.”, but it’s reality.
    It’s a police state, it’s constant surveillance, it’s indoctrination, it’s censoring freedom of speech, it’s mass media control. No, it’s a dictatorship.

  • In the spirit of “victims don’t have to exist” war against drawn “child porn”, featuring imaginary characters, it’s only right and fitting that this girl is locked up and the keys are thrown away.

  • It was stupid of her to put naked photos of herself on Myspace. It’s also stupid that she may be registered as a sex offender for this. Matters like this should be left for the girl to handle. She’s in her youth and has a boyfriend, it’s not a big surprise she’d do something like this.

  • Dear Sankaku – I too am a victim of child self-predation. How dare you mock us! We are _hurt_ and _scarred_ individuals! My life will never be the same since I sexually abused myself.

  • The states with lower ages of consent must have smarter children in them.
    Because it really is a genuine measure of how well these teenagers can judge what to do with their body.
    Completely, totally and utterly genuine.

  • At least we can take comfort that those people who loathe and fear sex will eventually be out-bred by those of us who love it.

    Every time I read US news, I want a revolution just a little more.

  • So she’s a sexual predator and porn distributor for taking nude pictures of herself…..

    What happens, then, when she masturbates? Does that make her a child molester, too? A child rapist?

    How much hard time would they make her do then?

    I mean, really. Just extend their logic a little bit farther.

  • “…provide an erotic spectacle for her boyfriend (who was apparently fortunate enough to avoid seeing the images and so face charges himself)…”


    he DIDNT see the pics and is still facing charges? typo?

    anyways this bitch is an idiot, put her in juvie and teach her a lesson

    • Junkujanai says:

      No. “…provide an erotic spectacle for her boyfriend (who was apparently fortunate enough to avoid seeing the images and so face charges himself)…” would still mean that the guy avoids charges.

      “…provide an erotic spectacle for her boyfriend (who was apparently fortunate enough to avoid seeing the images and so faceD charges himself)…” Would mean that he faces charges.

  • hahahaha, fucking myspace =D

    real villains in the story are the children themselves, the plot thickens

    seriously though

    1) sentence is kind of harsh

    2) who the hell puts something so screwed up in myspace out in the full open?

    3) first time the guy gets away with it lol

  • If adults can’t take those kinds of photos, then why should minors be allowed to? The punishment is way to harsh, but if minors can do it, then how would the photographer being an adult we worse, all else equal?

    • No. Although if you’re pre-pubescent and you look at yourself naked, probably.

      Post-pubescent, you’re an ephebophile. Since you know, being naked is sexual under every single circumstance.

      And sex is bad.

  • “The scurrilous images soon came to the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who rushed to inform state police of the danger this paedophile posed to herself.”
    Face, meet palm. Palm, this is face. I can see you’re going to be best friends forever, judging by your tight embrace.

  • …and the law fails again! Go self-righteous prosecutors go!

    This makes you wonder what the law is supposed to protect. Though I doubt these people ever wonder about that and instead crucify those who break the law to its fullest extent.


      • “Laws don’t work otherwise”

        And this is why we need a LOT less laws. Someone with a bit of fucking common sense should go through the lot of them and get rid of most of them.

        I seriously believe two thirds of laws are either completely useless, self-serving to special interest groups, or an excuse for the government to control it’s citizens.

        • @ Chris
          >we need a LOT less laws

          Exactly. Our government has taken over our populace, and proceeds to stomp into the offal any person who dares to rise above the least common denominator.

          In fact, the government of the USA is getting so powerful that the day will soon come when disagreeing with national policy will be labeled heresy, and you will be tortured for the names of anyone you ever met, so they can be tortured also
          I rage, but I’m not sure what (if anything) I can do to rectify this intolerable situation.

  • In my mind all those even considering charging her with child pornography should be the ones labeled as “fucking morons” as first suggest should be her label by Anonymous.

    To me this would be pretty much the same as charging suicide attempters with attempted murder, maybe we should charge those who cut themselves with assault?

    I just wish it was all a joke.

  • Erro-Chink says:

    After reading this I’m going to go watch American Beauty and fap to some floppy legal 16 year old tits. It’s funny how the Movie Industry can get away with it. But if an individual try’s it them self tries they throw the book at them so hard. I guess the argument there is that in American Beauty her parents being employees for child protection services can allow such things to happen. But I still think its bullshit, I’m sure you have seen lots of nude 14 year old’s online and had no idea what you were fapping to since very few girls today look there age.

  • “This shouldn’t fall under Megan’s Law in any way, shape or form. She should have an intervention and counseling, because the only person she exploited was herself.”

    Does this mean that those morons won’t proof-read their very own draft laws before passing it? O_o

    I guess in a few years babies will have to be born fully clothed or else the mother will end up being a registered sex offender.

    • Well, as someone said in [url=http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/03/25/arent-you-cold-in-that-skirt-child-abuse/]another thread[/url] recently:

      “This totally reminds me of the Paedofinder General from Monkey Dust:
      “So! You confess that for nine months you imprisoned a naked child in your stomach before forcing him backwards through your genitalia for your own sick amusement!””

  • Let’s have some fun complaining about the decision. It’s hardly without precedent, but seriously.

    1. Nudity ain’t sex. Any correlation is cultural. Calling this a “sex crime” is perhaps more than a bit shortsighted and narrowminded.
    2. Girl is a minor (if she was not there would be no crime).
    3. It is generally accepted that most adolescents and minors should not be tried as adults except for significant offenses.
    4. Signifcant offenses include say, murder.
    5. Generally, failed suicide attempts as a minor (which could be considered a first-person equivalent to murder and is illegal in the US) does not involve a trial as an adult.

    Given that the legitimacy of this as a sex crime is in doubt, it’s hard to say that giving a minor 17 years in jail for producing images of herself naked is a reasonable punishment. Given the fact that this girl is a minor generally the sentence shouldn’t go past when she becomes 18, if it should be considered an offense at all.
    Still, given all the reasons to not post such images on a public forum (dealing with pedobear, for example) I dare say that this is one of the most significant. Seventeen years? At 14 that’s pretty much locking her out of a future.

  • Out of all the ways…My Space? Stuff like this has been going on for ages with teenagers, but this has got to be one of the most foolish. That’s just stupid on her part.

    Still to be labeled a sex offender, that’s pretty whack (not that the UK Government is any better at criminalising people, likely to get worse). How will punishment do any good here?…We’re not in the medieval ages no more, though sometimes I wonder when you could be charged for thought crimes, imagination is deemed more dangerous than reality and objects are still blamed for ‘causing’ some negative event. This was just a silly mistake, if anything she will need therapy and counselling.

  • The minute I read the headline I knew it happened in the US. It’s sad, but true. Thank god I live in Europe

    I find it funny that many Americans think catholics are like this (not that I’m a catholic, altough I was baptized when I was little without my approval I’m an atehist), but it’s precisely this puritan thinking among lawmakers and the elite in the US that brings about these bizarre and illogical cases which can’t be found in many other first world countries (Europe -including catholic europe-, Japan…) and which sadly put the US at the same level as infamous countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran.

    By the way, aren’t laws against child porn supposed to be there to protect (3D) minors from abuse? So how do you protect a teenager who posted them herself? You protect her by putting her in jail until she’s 40? And who protects her, more importantly, from these moralist retards?

    Anyway, she’s not being punished because she needs to be protected from herself (?). The sad thing is she’s being punished because she’s done something against the moral codes of some religious fundamentalists who want to control everything in society and make people as bitter are they are. It’s just they take advantage of grey areas in law to do this, but if they could, they’d throw anyone in jail who has sex outside marriage, masturbates, or watches porn/hentai.

    By the way, in many countries like Japan, Spain, Germany, Austria or Italy the consent age is of around 13-14, so even if they were so retarded (never heard of something like that there) as to prosecute someone for posting their own pictures, this girl would already be at an age where she can decide on such stuff

    • Sadly alot of U.S. catholics fit the bill. Same for evangelicals. They ran the country with bush and even worse these concepts are so entrnched in us society that open minded people like myself have to fear the government just because of our views. also i do support 13-14 bing age of choice in my state it’s 16 (by technicality and parental consent) But that will probably change if palin the “perfect” mother she is has her way. I ean really she touts about absinance working and yet her daughter gets preggers so she turns it intoi a stregnth not to have an abortion line then has her daughter go out and give some damn interview. Religious logic = fail and this is coming from a guy who belives in ALL gods . I mean really stop butting in on peoples lives. Why i wish i could make a law i’d call the FUCK YOU law F-YOU law for short basically if you’re not hurting anyone (with clauses fro cases such as this or sex in general that say if it wasn’t against said persons will their cool) then nobody can interfere same for suicide and other things. Plus the humor value in hearing a judge say sorry under the Fuck You law he’s free to go or being able to say Fuck You without even having to worry about some prick saying verbal harassment yeah that’s my “beloved” U.S. for ya. Also anyone know where i could go for legal statistics from many countries i’m planning on doing research on the association between child protection laws like this and the 3d loli hunters. Again something i’m afraid to even attempt because of my government.

    • Don’t count all of Europe in on your argument.
      It’s plain to see that England is following down America’s route, starting with banning physical contact between dance teachers and students.
      Think about that one for a bit.

  • Don’t you think the law is too straight for these teens I mean they are still in their youth and might do stupid thing. So, letting go this once might help to clear up her mind abit.

    It’still quite stupid to post something like that in Myspace. She should have try to use some private photo hosting.

  • well holy crap the amount of crazy stuff for possessing child pornography is insane nowadays i don’t know why someone would be stupid enough to put it on Myspace, its obvious your going to get caught seriously the stupidity nowadays is appaling

  • The only person that sounds mildly intelligent in this article is the creator of Megan’s law. The girl is an idiot for posting nude pictures on the web. Isn’t there a more discreet way to do it? Like print them out and give hard copies to her boyfriend? And of course the law is dumb. It goes along the lines of counting a suicide as attempted murder. And the judge must lack a considerable amount of judgment as well.

  • If one decides to take pictures of one’s self, one must be ready to accept any consequences that may happen. If those pictures made it to the public’s eyes, expect to be ridiculed by the masses. I find it hard to believe that what the girl did was an error in judgment. She’s really just an idiot.

    These laws exist to save the government the trouble of saving your ass someday. Take this bit of news I saw sometime ago. A girl took nude pictures of herself and sent it to her boyfriend. When they broke up, the boy didn’t take it very well and blackmailed her with the pictures. Fearing that the pictures would spread, she asked the help of the police. The boy was charged accordingly but now his parents are mad for charging an underage boy of crimes and possibly do time in jail. Now the authorities have to take the case put upon them by the boy’s parents on court. Such a hassle.

    These laws also saves the morality of humanity. If every teen was allowed to post nude pictures of themselves on the Internet, what do you think would happen? While you’re at it why don’t you allow paedophiles to engage in sex with minors. I’m sure that someone will defend paedophilias’ rights using these pictures as an excuse.

    But I do feel that the punishment is rather harsh. But this should serve as a warning to other would-be nudists out there. You can’t always do what you want.

    • Actually… what _would_ happen if everyone was allowed to post nude pictures of themselves, underage or not? …Nothing. Even if _everyone_ did, nothing would change.

      I guess you could just know what everyone looks like naked.

    • rockbottom says:

      You are so off base I don’t even know where to begin. First off, the person responsible for crafting Megan’s law even states that the law is being used incorrectly since it’s being used to PUNISH the children it’s supposed to PROTECT.

      Using her or anyone else to “Serve a warning” is exploitation by the system as a lazy and cheap alternative to forcing parents to actually raise their kids and changes in the school system and the hyper-sexualized media. In other words, it’s ok to exploit kids so as long as it’s not sexual exploitation.

      Seriously, think about it for a moment. Are these court cases really necessary? Is there really no other way? Even you said that the punishment is rather harsh, and just about everyone who is remotely sane agrees. So in light of that why is this case being pushed forward? Obviously for ulterior motives that are so sickening that I really think the US could give a damn about kids.

  • …I was about to jokingly post asking where to find these pictures, but because of recent arrests because of things said jokingly on the internet (specifically this guy http://nu.web-log.nl/photos/uncategorized/2009/03/13/breda.jpg and http://www.ad.nl/multimedia/archive/00201/breda_201731a.jpg ), I’m not posting it, just to make sure police won’t be knocking on my door tomorrow.
    And the worst thing is, this is already the second time in like two weeks or something. Go government!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! How do these governmental instances and “National Center for Missing and Exploited Children” find these pics and these “jokes” so quickly… Do they have a team of uberlurkers or do they have some uberfilter thing… seriously…

      Seems like Anon failed that time…

  • rockbottom says:

    I love how when someone makes a law “for the children” it doesn’t take very long to see it used “on the children”. Even if the charges eventually do get dropped there’s no doubt her life’s going to be pretty fucked up given that she probably thought it wasn’t a big deal. And it wasn’t, even if it was a stupid mistake.

    But yeah, this is your tax dollars at work. I’m guessing these cases tend to add up in costs. Glad they’re using all this money to go after some nasty child-criminals.


      • pinkunicorn says:

        The problem here is its wasnt “child pornography” but nude photos used for private reasons. But they where classified as first ones.
        If a 17 year old girl for example has sexual intercourse wih another guy at the same age in a normal relationship (considering agreement with the parents), its also not “child prostitution” for the same reason.

        Yes this girl made a mistake by posting them in a public place. But she souldnt be charged for publicizing or possesing “child porn” but for “disturbing” public policys or something in this manner, like a man or woman who runs arround naked on the street or over your football ground just for fun, wont get charged for “illegal prostitution”.

        This is just the product of a bunch of bureaucratic retards who do not care for the safety and well-being of this girl or other kids at all.
        Actually they irony is that exactly the reason this girl shouldnt be charged and treatened like one of these adult perverts, is the reason why child pornography/prositiution is illegal or atleast despised in the first place. To explain it with few words “its just a kid. a kid!”