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What did you expect from vampires…

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  • Kentaro Miura vs Tokyo Loli Ban:
    Makes me think about that episode of South Park when terrorists attacked Imagination Land.

  • Dreamy Theater Preview Quite Impressive:
    I just found about this PV, just now, from a different site and coincidentally it appears here. .__. At any rate, the games looks good. It’s indeed something you should get if you already own the 1st game and and a PSP.

  • Nintendo: “Move & Natal Only Wii Copies”:
    As if those games are even made by Nintendo… Third-party support has been sparse since the days of the gamecube. They have gotten better, but overall, the Wii is for family and children. And nothing says “family” like a lot of MINI-GAMES and Mario.

  • Nintendo: “Move & Natal Only Wii Copies”:
    Face it Miyamoto, all gaming companies copy each other. They did it with the analog controller. So the next step in the gamepad evolution,I guess , would be motion control. I for one, support MS and Sony for copying the Wii. We’d get to flail around like idiots, playing real games, instead of the kiddy stuff Nintendo keeps putting out.

  • Linux for Lolicon: Ubuntu Loli Service Delights Fans:
    She is cute,but nothing beyond that.


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