Human Hair Clothing


As the global recession continues to wreak havoc with national economies, an enterprising Romanian woman has offered up a unique solution for her country’s economic woes.

Ionia Cioanca (71) has been creating hand-made clothes and accessories from human hair since the age of 16. Now well accomplished in the creation of human hair products, Cioanca hopes that her techniques can help revitalize the local economy.


Using techniques for processing wool, Cioanca carefully harvests her own hair to make blouses, coats, hats, gloves and even handbags.

The grandmother turned would-be entrepreneur believes that her profession is a sacred one citing the example of Mary Magdalene wiping the feet of Jesus with her hair.





Cioanca has pressed the mayor of her town to help her register her accomplishments with the Guinness World Book of Records. Not only does she hope that the publicity will prove a boon to the local economy, but also encourage a cottage industry based on human hair products.

Via Bistriteanul.

As the Romanian economy has worsened, more of its citizens have seemingly turned to the selling of goods that were once considered the realm of taboo

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