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I don’t know why, but these kind of news don’t surprise me anymore D:

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  • Breast Exhibitionism:
    I don’t see what’s the probl… *explodes*

  • Evangelion Movie Trailer is Hollywood Quality:
    @dzodzu: nice to hear that! @Anonymous: Well, I felt that since the beginning there were a lot of both psychological and social factors being shown subtly. Mind you, that’s just my point of view in the matter, so what I saw isn’t necessarily what you saw too. xD The problem is that this is a movie, so a couple of things are lost in the process. We only have one released at the moment, so maybe we could make a better argument when they end all of this and finally could compare the differences …

  • Air Travel, Chinese Style: No Seats:
    “What could possibly go wrong…” Pilot: dear passengers, we’re going to enter a thunderstorm, so it’s possible that we’re going to experience some turbulence… please, make use of your safety belts. Passengers:…

  • Evangelion Movie Trailer is Hollywood Quality:
    Indeed, the American version just focus on the “apocalyptic issue” and the effects on the development of new technology (aka EVAs). They treat the selected children just like your average military pilot and leave all the psychological factors (and for me, the best part of this anime) on the side. Meanwhile, the Japanese trailer is all about the consequences that the 2nd impact had in the Japanese society and their “adaptation” to the chaos. It shows hands holding, the landscape after the …

  • President Vladimir Putin in Eroge:
    I like them all, and the concept is pretty original. xD Hope that the leaders take their gender-swap and “moefication” with humor. :3 (Btw, a poll would be nice… >_>)


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