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With all the articles her about selling virginity I guess they forgot the really hot 20 years old Italian model that was auctioning her virginity. Unless I miss it around here. Man she is probably worth all the money but still a bad idea.

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  • Schoolgirl Skirts Doomed: 80% Support Trousers:
    Well at least they let the school girls have two option. Knowing Japanese girls they would want to look cute. but if they want pant then let them have pants. This reminded me of elementary school when I had school uniform code. I didn’t want to wear skirt because I can’t do a lot of activity like chasing little boys down and kicking their asses for messing with me and my friends. But many girls still like to wear skirts and only a few wear pants so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • Akiba Trap Bar “Newtype” Opens:
    They have a dick!

  • Shonen Maid Shota Crossdressing Cafe:
    the character is actually a boy but the actual model/actress in real life is a girl. It’s not that easy to find actual naturally looking girlishly men.

  • Aging Idols:
    I doubt you would reach a 100. By the time you reach in your later 60’s your dick would probably stop functioning normally.

  • Chikan Mugs Schoolgirl for Pantsu, Leaves Bloomers:
    LMAO so true so true. I think he is just a simple pervert who don’t know how sex works. Also for just stealing her underwear he won’t be charge with rape but just assault and thievery.


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