Girl Sells Virginity to Highest Bidder


An 18-year-old Romanian girl is currently selling the rights to her virginity at a German auction site; she is still going for a realistic price, so this may be the opportunity less wealthy virgin-hunters are looking for.

Alina Percea, a student, stands at 5 feet 7 inches (173 cm), weighs 108 pounds (49 kg) and is fluent in English. Alina guarantees buyer satisfaction, promising that she will create for the winning bidder a romantic ambiance to make the taking of her virginity a memorable experience.

A medical certificate verifying her innocence is available to those who require further assurances that the merchandise is in a pristine and unsullied state.


Additionally, the winning bidder is asked to pay reasonable travel and lodging expenses, as Alina prefers that the transaction occur over the course of a weekend rather than in a single encounter.

If the winning bidder brings a health certificate showing that he is free of disease, Alina states that she is willing to forgo the use of condoms. Alina will use a birth control pill as a reassurance against potential future encumbrances.

Alina hopes to use the money to fund her future studies. She also hopes that this process could result in a potential husband, perhaps a rich one who lives in a developed country…

The current bid stands at a paltry €5,033, a relative bargain considering the millions paid for older, less attractive goods. This is a one-time offer, unsurprisingly.

It is not known whether Alina is using this opportunity to escape an uncomfortable home life given that sexual relations between family members have just been given free reign in Romania.

Bids for Alina’s virginity can be made at Gesext.

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