Woman Recovers Money After Dog Eats It


Kelley Davis came home to find that her beloved family pet had eaten the $400 of extra money she had earned as a physical therapist.

Davis had initially assumed the money was in her pocket. But when the money was nowhere to be found, suspicions turned to Augie, her 2-year-old Swiss Mountain dog.

Augie apparently thought the money was simply a snack left behind by his beloved owner.

Rather than get mad, Davis simply waited until the next day and took Augie for a walk. Davis was able to recover parts of three $100 bills and five $20 bills after Augie passed them.

Davis washed the money pieces with a garden hose and hopes to have enough pieces to reassemble them. No word whether any bank has deigned to accept the reconstituted currency.

Assurances were given by a North Carolina veterinarian that the consumption of money would have no long-term ill effects on the dog.



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