Dragonball Evolution PSP Total Failure


As we saw before, the much loved Hollywood adaptation of funny old Chinese cartoon Dragonball, entitled Dragonball Evolution, has received a PSP game of the same name.

The game has sold an astonishing 1,200 copies on the day of its release, topping the release charts in Japan (if you reverse the order).

You can also see a gameplay video below.

These are the opening day sales for all the other recent Dragonball titles:

2006-04 PSP: Dragonball Z Budoukai – 50,000
2006-06 PS2: Chou-Dragonball Z – 47,000
2006-10 PS2: Dragonball Z Sparking! NEO – 175,000
2007-03 DS: Dragonball Z Haruka Naru Goku Densetsu – 30,000
2007-06 PSP: Dragonball Z Budoukai 2 –26,000
2007-10 PS2: Dragonball Z Sparking! METEOR – 115,000
2007-10 Wii: Dragonball Z Sparking! METEOR – 22,000
2008-06 PS3: Dragonball Z Burst Limit – 60,000
2008-06 360: Dragonball Z Burst Limit – 9,000
2008-09 DS: Dragonball DS – 41,000
2008-12 PS2: Dragonball Z Infinite Word – 32,000
2009-03 PSP: Dragonball Evolution – 1,000

The legendary movie looks set to continue its legend on the PSP.

The game is out now.

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