Suika Ibuki Plushie Sold for Over 9000!


A limited edition plushie rendition of Touhou’s Suika Ibuki was auctioned off for ¥916,000 (US$9,300) in a recent auction.

The plushie, manufactured by Pink Company, is a special limited edition version, with the uniquely desirable characteristic of having closed eyes, instead of open eyes as in the inferior peon version.

The extremely limited run of only ten would likely explain the exorbitant price commanded by the doll, if we discount the matter of the eyes.

It was originally sold at a recent Reitasai, with the price having been around ¥12,000, or some $120. The doll itself measures around 45x25x25cm.

The auction is still visible at Yahoo Japan for the time being.




The official production version, in which her eyes are open, sold out immediately upon pre-orders opening.


Otaku do seem to deserve their reputation for being devoted rubes, capable of buying anything, at any price


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