PS3 Lolicon Faces 99 Years


A lolicon who successfully persuaded an eleven-year-old girl to send him naked pictures of herself faces charges; unusually, he utilised a PlayStation 3 to perpetrate the crime.

The man (24) faces three felony charges, including online solicitation of a minor and promotion of child pornography. One of the charges carries a possible 99-year prison sentence.

His modus operandi is one with which police are familiar:

“He ‘groomed’ the child for quite a long time. He befriended her and pestered her for pictures, being a friend and pestering her at the same time.”

Police explain his use of the PS3:

“People don’t realize how the PlayStation is like a regular computer … [he] threw his old computer out because he didn’t need it.”

Sony declined to comment on the case.

The mass media keenly highlights the terrible dangers inherent in Internet chat. Online predators, it is said, will use any means to lure children into their wicked clutches, including all manner of Internet-capable devices, necessitating unceasing vigilance.

All the major Internet-capable consoles include a full suite of parental controls. Most sources agree that the vast majority of such offences occur offline, within the family.

Via Ore-teki.

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