Woman Bathes Family with Breast Milk


A lady whose breasts provide such an abundance of milk that  she can not only feed her family but actually bathe her daughter in the secretion on a daily basis has recently come to light.

The mother, blessed with breasts that can produce milk in prodigious quantities, produces two liters more than is required to feed her baby on a daily basis.

Both she and her family have also been drinking the milk. Still, they have plenty left over.

Having overindulged in this natural bounty, her mother-in-law said they were all beginning to feel like they were drinking too much milk.

In an ingenious act of practical thinking, her mother-in-law then suggested bathing the young infant in breast milk, saving a little on the water bill while also providing the baby with a refreshing, revitalizing bath.


The milk bath is said to make her skin exceptionally smooth and white.

Confident in her ability to produce milk, the over-lactating lady stated she is also looking to donate her excess milk to those who are less fortunate.

Via Ananova.

She seems to be overlooking a significant business opportunity


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