Evangelion Pantsu


For those needing fashion more more intimately Eva-related than the recent EVA-01 watch, help is at hand in the form of manly Eva boxers, sure to cement the 2D preferences of the wearer in a similar fashion to a chastity belt…

Japanese company MOVIC has announced that they are introducing a new line of manly underpants based on the Evangelion series, aptly called ~オトコの戰い~/Otoko no Tatakai, or “A Man’s Battle”:





The underwear comes in two sizes, medium (76-84 cm) or large (84-94 cm). There are 6 designs in the set, which are Nerv, Seele, Angel Monogram, Ugoite-yo, 6th Angel, and Nigecha Dame (“I mustn’t run away”).

MOVIC suggests on their site that the Nigecha Dame pantsu would be appropriate for “gaining confidence when trying to face work stress, a date, test or similar”.

Presumably a quick glance at the pantsu during a moment of stress or on a date will power up the wearer.

The pantsu are sold at 525円 a piece or 3150円 for the whole set.

Further information at source.

Probably anyone wearing these will not be helping their chances with the opposite sex, not that many considering them will consider this a serious disadvantage.

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