The Nude Bathing of Aya Hirano


Fans of avante-garde fashion idol Aya Hirano are celebrating her latest admission, probably with much use of tissue.

The portly star has tantalised readers of her blog with a detailed description (for her) of her love of naked bathing, regaling all with a tale of how she stripped off at the hotel pool during her recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, for filming.

“Nobody was looking” she says, so she felt it an opportune moment for a spot of skinny dipping, continuing even through the inclement weather, which culminated in a downpour.

In a rare moment of insight, she opts not to provide any pictures, much to the disappointment of fans. You will just have to speculate using some of her bikini photos

Incidentally, her website has been crushed under the weight of fan interest.

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