Teens Sell Schoolgirl Sex Slaves


A gang of six teenagers have been arrested after they kidnapped and abused two middle schoolers, imprisoning them naked in order to sell them to clients, and torturing them on film to ensure their obedience.

Previously the gang captured other girls, forcing them to have sex with men and making millions of won in the process.

Using an Internet chat site, a gang of four boys, aged between 19 and 21, and two 19-year-old girls lured two 15-year-old middle school girls to a rendezvous.

Upon meeting the girls, two of the boys forced the girls into a car at knife point, imprisoning them and threatening their lives if they refused to prostitute themselves. They also attempted to have their way with the girls.

The teenage gang confined the two girls at a motel in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, forcing them to strip naked. One of the female gang members reportedly said “My hands hurt from hitting them”; her response was to make the girls hit one another for her.

The gang intimidated another 13-year-old girl they had previously captured into filming the action with a cell phone. The captive schoolgirls were told that the footage would be spread if they failed to cooperate, or ran away.

However, the two 15-year-olds did manage to escape, and true to their word the gang uploaded the video to the Internet.

Outraged Internet users soon alerted police, who used the video to track down the gang members. The video itself was quickly removed.

The gang is suspected of having perpetrated similar crimes in the past, apparently pimping three other girls over 60 times and making five million won ($3,340) between last October and November.

Net users are calling for an example to made of them to dissuade others from similar predation.

Via the Korea Times.

It seems such excesses are not limited to the Chinese teenagers who not so long ago perpetrated a very similar crime; of course, similar crimes are seen throughout the world, not least in Japan

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  • seriously im all for the death pentalty for some of these people, how the **** can you rape 15 year olds and sell them? to hell with prison, gut em, hang em, shoot em, torture em (not all in that order) god, some people in this world is f’ed JOIN THE ESD MILITIA thank you 🙂

  • Tsk, kids now adays, need harsher punishment I reckon. Just throwing them into jail is no longer a deterrent afor hardcore criminals, might even become a badge of “honor” for them. We need to bring back pain and humiliation as a punishment.

    • Just shows the amount of intellect (or lack thereof) they possess. As I read “the footage would be spread if they failed to cooperate” I was thinking “RUN AWAY GIRLS!!!” and fortunately, they got this as well and did just that.

      Not that they shouldn’t have tried to escape anyway, but knowing that if they did the perpetrators would surrender their faces to the police sure is some nice extra motivation…

  • “Tsk, kids now adays, need harsher punishment I reckon. Just posting a vid of them is no longer a deterrent afor hardcore criminals, might even become a badge of “honor” for them. We need to bring back pain and humiliation as a punishment.”
    I fixed it for you… 😉

  • Unfortunately if your hopes were to appear to give a philosophical perspective on the problem then you’ve failed both in leaving out an incredible wealth of relevant factors and in deliberately misconstruing the commonwealth argument, to the effect both that it conformed to your artificial structure (so you could at one point say “both fail” as if you were competently dealing with more than one point at once), and was a straw man argument with little content.

  • There are a lot of fucked up people out there. You always have to keep your guard up and use good judgement, cos otherwise you could find youself in a really fucked up situation.
    They’re some pretty awefull teenagers though…

  • 0_o… Okay, even I have an extreme problem with something like this, if what the girls are saying is true (I do NOT take it just based on a teenagers word that it is true, I want proof).

    Really, though, this is what happens when prostitution and other things are made illegal: it’s forced underground into the hands of the ‘worse of the worse’ and the people who want to make a buck off someone else back take it over and made things 1,000 times worse.

    There is one thing that raised my eyebrows in this article even more: they had been arrested for doing this BEFORE!? Why the heck weren’t they in prison or, at least, in jail awaiting a trial?
    Something stinks about that, and it sounds like maybe someone was paid off.

  • Old news is old. This shit’s been going on for quite a while now. I saw news of it in 2000. Think they’re still trying to get a hold on kids marketing other kids out for sex.

    Glad to see that the Korean netizen base isn’t just a bunch of anti-US demonstrators.

  • There wouldn’t be a market for these types of sex slaves if young females of childbearing age were married off: men not have to buy females from gangs, the gangs wouldn’t be in buisness.

    Once females gain the vote more politicians who represent women are elected.

    Those politicians vote to criminalize some things which are against the interests of women but in the interests of men (that is: things men like or wish to do but women do not like or wish (men) to do).

    More men go to prison are are convicted of these new crimes. In many states they are barred from voting from that time forward.

    This reduces the amount of men who can vote while the amount of women who can vote remains unchanged.

    Furthermore men often do not change their behavior in the face of these new laws, as that which they criminalize is often an ingrained desire in men or something that all men want or enjoy. Men just try to find new ways to get away with these newly criminalized activities, possessions, etc.

    Since the proportion women who are eligible to vote is now greater than the amount of men who are eligable to vote more politicians who represent women are elected and the cycle continues.

    Where women have power, It is not possible for Men to have liberty.

    • Narcissist says:

      Jail lol? What is it with all these stupid people who always thinks of jail as punishment.

      It is just because of matters like these that we need more death penalties. In my ideal world, jails wouldn’t even exist. Any crime today that can result in 2 years or more in penalty would lead to death, and the rest would be served with hard labor to the state in concentration camps.

      There seriously dies WAY too little people these days. In my ideal world, the population of earth would be reduced with at least 3-4 billions. Would solve all current problems that we are facing and would also leave the superior races to handle the earth.

      • Zelgadis4tw says:

        I’m sorry, I must have went blind around the time you mentioned who gets to choose who lives and who dies, to make sure that “superior” is the only thing left standing. I also must have missed when you said that the governments are interested in protecting superior genetic specimens as opposed to killing any and all dissenters to the cause, the cause being more power and money for themselves, which would probably include almost everyone that frequents this site.

      • In my ideal world, there isn’t any need for jails, because there are no guys who do wrong. In my ideal world, there are pretty androids for every taste, so there won’t be this much children in the future.

        And in my ideal world, children are taken from their parents, to a really good place, where they get educated and monitored AND get all the love, there parents aren’t allowed to give them. In my ideal world, it is normal to show porn in free TV, but never before prime time. In my ideal world, there exists nothing like censoring. You want to see imaginary children get bangraped – go ahead, it’s legal.

        In my ideal world, there is no need for weapons or selfprotection, because the well educated children, who have plenty of possibilities for the future, don’t have the urge to do wrong. They can choose any path they want, like becoming an astronaut!

        In my ideal world, everyone looks awesome, because we actually experimented with humans and thus can use genetic engineering to make every child pretty.

        In my ideal world, there are no religions and other crap is non-existant as well.

        In my ideal world, communism DOES work.

      • “There seriously dies WAY too little people these days. In my ideal world, the population of earth would be reduced with at least 3-4 billions. Would solve all current problems that we are facing and would also leave the superior races to handle the earth”

        Narcissist gives us a full-on glimpse of his racist, paranoid, utterly humorless shit-stain of a psyche.

      • Don’t worry, you will get your wish. By ~2050 the total world population would have to be down by 6 billion people in order to accommodate for the lack of food due to certain insignificant event called global warming.

        In other words, you have 1/7 chance to be one of the lucky survivors.

        • On Mein Kampf: Surprisingly boring. It’s not the kind of book that would be able to convince anyone who didn’t already lean towards its conclusions to begin with.

          Not unlike Atlas Shrugged. Except without the meme quotability of “WHO IS JOHN GALT?*”

          Note that Narcissist was extremely unlikely to have been convinced by it, he probably already agreed to it from the start. Too bad there’s no such thing as Heaven; it would’ve been funny watching him try to bribe his way in.

          *Note: The correct answer is, “Some guy who won’t stop preaching.”

        • “I would never have supported Hitler.”
          “he could have become a great man with the correct advisor (read: me).”

          Hmm, that’s not exactly contradictory, but something’s still strange about these two statements…

        • The big problem with your “inferior race” reasoning is that you live in the DEVELOPED world, Narcissist.

          So why do you bitch and moan about “inferiors”? Maybe because DESPITE being in the developed world, you somehow STILL MANAGE to be a miserable, self-loathing, sexless, humorless fuck with the personality of a hemmorroid.

          You, sir are the inferior one.

          As far as advising Hitler…..lol. I don’t even think you’d qualify as Ernest Rohm’s bitch-boy.

        • Narcissist says:

          I do not worry, since I will be going to heaven anyway.

          RawrFear: It is true that Mein Kampf is very interesting reading, with some quite intelligent ideas.

          The main problem with Hitler was that he attacked other European countries, and thought that he could do this without other countries reacting. And of course that his obliteration of jews was purely idiotical, with nonsense reasons of conspiracy. If it were muslims that he obliterated on the other hand, not too many would have protested.

          His master race reasoning is also very interesting, and the inferior races does really show in for example Africa. Has there ever been any unity there? Without masters they keep walking towards destruction instead of developement.
          The only time there has ever been order there is when it was colonized. There the master race – inferor race theory applies perfectly.

          But no, I am not a nazi and I would never have supported Hitler.
          But one would think that he could have become a great man with the correct advisor (read: me). 😉

  • A Defense of the Biblical rule in regards to the rape of young maidens (As seen in Deuteronomy 22; that they there henceforth be the wives of those who chose, unilaterally, to consort with them.)

    In the case of the rape of a young virgin female who has come of age to be married (that is: is of childbearing age) we in society have looked on the action and its effects as a whole with abject horror and thusly have brought down a harsh judgment upon those men who choose to act in such a manner.

    The two schools of thought that currently exist in support of the harsh punishment of the rape of young maidens are that of the feminist and that of the traditional (common law, Anglo-Saxon influenced).

    The feminist thought pattern runs on the idea that the female be the sole arbitrator of her sexual relations and that she, so that she may benefit in what way she wishes, decides with who and at what time conjunctual relations may commence. In this ability to nearly fully regulate conjunctual relations against an almost unlimited desire for such amongst the men of the world she gains immense market power (the demand outstrips the supply (which (in the feminist school of thought) is completely dependent on the wishes of the woman). This market power is secured through the coercive power of the state.

    The thought pattern of the traditional (or common law) runs differently but has the same effect; It is known and accepted that men desire that their brides be untouched (this is: that they be virgins and innocent) at the time of their marriage. It is seen, thusly, that a non-virgin unmarried female may have a great difficulty or discover an impossibility of securing marriage and thenceforth be consigned to a life of unfulfillment, despair, and loneliness. Also in this world view is seen that whatever man may in the future be perhaps destined (that is: it is presumed that at some time in the future the young maiden would have found, had the rape not occurred, a man to be betrothed* to and then (no later than one year after) be married to) to marry that female would now be denied a virgin wife. The man who has raped the the young maiden has, in this school of thought, irreparably damaged the life of the female and has also offended some unknown man, who would have traveled the path to marry the young maiden, in the process. Thus in the mind of the traditional (but not the Biblical) this rape must be punished with great vigor. The power state is used, in much the same way, to protect the woman’s conjunctual rights. The market power of the woman over the men of the world is not diminished.

    The unwonted school of thought on this matter, the Biblical, takes an opposite view of rape (effectively). In the biblical world view, as seen in chapter 22 of the Book of Deuteronomy, the man who rapes a young maiden who is not in betrothal or married to a man states, unequivocally, his absolute demand of marriage to the maiden… and thus it is granted (permanently: that is he forfeits his privilege to divorce (and it must be noted: this is a privilege that the female _never_ possesses), though the Biblical laws and punishments against adultery still stand against the female and any man who would have relations with the female in the husband’s stead) and a fee is payed to the father of the new bride. In this case the man acquires the young maiden he presumably wanted (with such force that he felt that he had to act) and the female is not consigned to a life of loneliness (and perpetual loneliness is what all, both male and female, dread). This school of thought partially agrees with the traditional in that it would be greatly unfortunate to waste a young female and allow her to live a life unfulfilled, but it remedies the situation in the favor of the man rather than punishing him to the favor of upholding the female’s market power; in this it is in direct opposition to the feminist world view.

    All in all, neither the feminist nor the traditional schools of thought are to the advantage of men and neither do they remedy that which we are horrified to think of: that a virtuous young maiden would have her life be wasted to loneliness. Only the Biblical solution both avoids the waste of the female and gives to the man what he presumably wants: a wife for himself.

    *Betrothal consists of the betrothed maiden living in the house of her husband for one year prior to the marriage ceremony, as per Biblical designs on said institution.