Japanese Schools Make Nintendo DS Compulsory


A regional board of education has implemented plans which compel some 10 elementary and middle schools to distribute Nintendo DS handheld consoles amongst their pupils, along with appropriate software.

Starting in January, the schools began distributing the devices and software to children.

The plan has been approved at the highest levels of the Osaka Board of Education, and a specialist post has been created to oversee matters. The plan will see schools attempt to harness the device for educational ends, with lists of approved software being made available.

Predictably, the bold plan has come under fire; however, the main criticism appears to focus on the issue of taxpayer’s money being directed into Nintendo’s coffers, certainly a legitimate concern considering the potential for abuse. Such criticism appears to have been dealt with however, so full implementation seems assured.

Other issues raised are who gets to select the software approved, and of course the “games will corrupt the youth” line of argument, proving a favourite of assemblymen.

Via Sankei.

Nintendo has had much success marketing DS games as aids for mental exercise, using scientific sounding doctors and studies to promote its products as semi-medical, and a significant number of educational titles also exist on the platform.

Thus, the notion of distributing these amongst those few schoolchildren who do not already have one is not as far-fetched as it might at first appear; a number of doctors have already staked their reputations on the effectiveness of the device in combating senility… Children would be the next logical step.

Whatever the case, Nintendo cannot help but profit from their innovative marketing.

Pupils will also doubtless welcome the financial assistance, which should leave them more money for loli spanking games

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    Otherwise, money well wasted, students need better school equipments and facilities, not to mention getting better teachers(one that won’t feel the students).

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  • So what if Nintendo profits? Why is that bad?

    Microsoft profits off education PLENTY already.

    Apple profits off education. Their computers still have significant market share in schools. And do you know how many American schools are using iPods now?

    Sony televisions, video equipment, and software (Vegas, ACID, etc.) are used more and more widely in American schools now, too. (Their laptops are too ridiculously expensive for much school purchasing.)

    Who cares who profits? Somebody has to manufacture the hardware and software. Somebody is going to profit.

    If technology can be leveraged to improve the quality of education, why not use it?

  • This is a great decision. Moreover, if anyone would confront it because of “spoiling games”, Nintendo could release a special version of DS with a modchip that prevents running any games except educational ones. And, all this tendention seems like our childhood sci-fi dream about hi-tech schools, with computers built-in into decks and such, are coming true.

  • Bravo!

    This is the path more educational boards should take. I once campaigned successfully to allow board games and strategic card games be brought to school. Of course, my fellow students abused this and eventually the ban fell back into place, but it was fun while it lasted!

  • asianprostitute1500 says:

    Now Nintendo gets its money directly from tax payers wallets. It won’t be long before they finally manage to take control of the Japanese government. Then they’ll finally be able to set off those mind control chips they installed on all the Wiis shipped locally and internationally. Nintendo, yet again, gets one step closer to world domination. Clever move, Nintendo.

  • They’ll all use picto chat in class since it’s less obvious than texting with cell phones.

    I wonder if they’ll have a special School Design casing for the class issued DS’s to make them collector items.

    • The school is probably buying used DS consoles for the kids. If you think about it it doesn’t make sense budget wise to buy them spankin new DS consoles, not to mention “special edition school DS (with numbers and plus and minus on the cover!)”.

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