Boy Born With Two Penises


A boy born with two penises has been subjected to lengthy and complex surgery in order to ensure he does not exceed his allotted amount of manhood.

Doctors were surprised to see the infant had two members, as the pregnancy was otherwise normal; he was quickly moved to a specialist clinic, where surgeons attempted to combine his two penises into one.

The child also had internal abnormalities, having no abdominal wall, and apparently no bladder.

A doctor remarks: “The surgery was complicated. We had to form one penis out of two, make the abdominal wall and create a bladder; when our colleagues asked for help we said yes immediately, but we couldn’t imagine the case would be so complicated.”


After the five hour procedure was completed, the baby was left with a single, normal penis. Doctors claim he will grow into a normal adult, and will be capable of siring children.

Via Heaven.

Reminiscent of the earlier case where a child grew a penis on his back


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