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@ pic #5

welcome to the dildo shrine, where i’m sure you will be satisfied with out many different sized dildos XD

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  • Kitsunemimi Yukata Cosplay by Non Flirtatiously Feral:
    Entitlement issues. If you were more refined you wouldn’t be on here.

  • Japanese Roach Trap “Could Even Stop A Human!”:
    Perfect ideas for the Yandere Simulator.

  • Super Spicy Horo Cosplay:
    There is some really interesting photo work going on there. So much so that you almost don’t bother noticing the naked girl. They have a very ethereal oil painting feel. Well done to the photographer.

  • Asuka Langley Cosplay Entrancingly Elegant:
    Thank you. I was wondering if it was just me being weird. But yeah other than hairclips nothing there even remotely related to Asuka. It’s not the character. It’s not a character. It’s at best a girl in lingerie being photographed very very poorly by someone who doesn’t know how to work the exposure settings.

  • Mighty No. 9 Looking Mighty Fine:
    The trailer is only the tip of the iceberg, backers and other types of supporters were disappointed in this piece of trash long before the silly remark on the trailer + the dina disaster + bad character design choices + a clunky demo with questionable gameplay mechanics and graphics that looked A LOT worse than the concept art suggested + waiting over a year for something they already pay for and will have to pay for once more makes for a really shitty sum of all things. The former fans of …


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