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UK Bans Loli: “All Children are Victims”


The UK’s decline under illiberal socialist governance continues with the news that the UK is set to ban all drawn imagery of an erotic nature where the “impression” is that a participant or onlooker is a child, or rather is “under 18”.

The ban officially brands such imagery “disgusting”.

The laws in question, coming as part of the Coroners and Justice Bill, which looks set to come into effect without difficulty, set out a complete ban on possession of drawn pornography featuring underage participants, images where “the impression conveyed … is that the person shown is a child.” In this case child is simply defined as anyone under 18 years of age.

UK law already bans “pseudo-photographs” of underage sex, referring to images which have been Photoshopped or rendered with a computer; this new law is presented as “closing a loophole” as a result.

One of the major proponents of the bill even went so far as to suggest that prosecutions should be made for simple doodles:

“Let us assume that for the purpose of this argument he and I were separately doodling the sorts of images described in the measure and that once we finished we tore them up, threw them away, and showed them to nobody. Would he expect that that doodling should lead us to be prosecuted under the clause?”

George Howarth:

“[If] somebody retrieves it, and then it is discovered that it is grossly offensive, disgusting or of an otherwise obscene character—an image that could be of such a nature that it would be solely or principally used for the purpose of sexual arousal—what he had engaged in would be improper and should not be approved of or sanctioned by the law.”

An MP raises doubts over the complete lack of evidence underlying the bill, and the lack of any victims, but is told that “all children” are victims of the drawings:

“I am a little concerned that we are legislating without any evidence, because the risk to children could increase. If the evidence showed that having images that were not photographic acted as a release, and therefore reduced the risk of harm to children, legislating could increase the risk of harm. That is why I am concerned that we are legislating without sufficient evidence.”

George Howarth:

“If the image in question is grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character but does not have a child as a victim, is it not arguable that, by extension, all children are victims of that image?”

A victimless crime where all children are victims? You heard it in parliament.

No evidence of any kind is presented in support of the law or claims of the legislators.

The opposition to the bill is muted, with only amendments to change the wording of the law to cover only “publishing by any means whatsoever to another”, instead of the current blanket ban on possession proposed. Freedom of expression is not given any consideration.

The issue of how to tell the age of a character illustrated is hardly considered by the proponents either; in practice this will be left up to police, courts and juries to decide, with predictable results. Most people would likely be unable to reliably discriminate between 18-year-olds and 17-year-olds, and in fact it is legal to have sex with 16-year-olds in the UK.

An opposing MP considers the matter of age, even making specific reference to manga (although not knowing the proper word):

“Clearly, when we have a photograph of an actual person it is much easier to determine someone’s age. We can work out how old they were when the photograph was taken.

When it is an imaginary figure that is drawn, a number of concerns have been raised— including in some of the responses to the consultation—that Japanese art forms in particular are often ambiguous, so it is difficult to decide how old the figure is.

My amendment proposes to delete the entire subsection. I know the thinking behind it is obvious, but I am not sure how it can be properly implemented without pulling into it all manner of things that probably should not be illegal.

For example, images of an 18-year-old who is dressed as a child, such as Britney Spears in a pop video, clearly is not illegal. If it was a drawing, however, it could be illegal because it would be very difficult to work out whether the person in the picture was supposed to be over 18 or under 18 and dressed up as a school girl.”

Bizarrely, the minister (Maria Eagle) in response starts rambling about how such images could be used for “grooming” a child:

“One of our major concerns is that the images could be used for grooming a child in preparation for actual abuse.

Amendment 489 would remove images such as cartoons or drawings from the scope of the offence. We believe that that is an unacceptable limitation. Children see cartoon images regularly in day-to-day life.

They are a well-accepted form of entertainment for children, and the characters are often well known. An offender could easily exploit that familiarity, using explicit images created in such formats, and such graphic cartoon images could be a powerful grooming tool.

Reducing the scope of the offences described in amendment 489 by the hon. Member for Cardiff, Central could leave explicit cartoon images in circulation and open to serious misuse, and without the provision the police would be unable to remove them from people’s possession.

The amendment would create a loophole in the law and in the new offence, which would be exploited.”

She then starts rambling about the need to make illegal disgusting nekomimi shoujo:

“[The amendment proposed] provides that an image of a person should be treated as an image of a child if:

‘the predominant impression conveyed is that the person shown is a child despite the fact that some of the physical characteristics shown are not those of a child.’

I appreciate that that last point may sound unusual, but it is important to cover circumstance in which a person may try to avoid prosecution by amending the image of a child slightly—for example, by adding antennae or animal ears, and then suggesting that the subsequent image is not a child. That is a real concern.

The people who seek to exploit the provisions and to continue to create what they call legal child pornography on the internet will use every loophole to try to escape the offence. It has been carefully structured and amendment 491 could create another loophole that would render ineffective the offence that we are seeking to create.

We structured the provision carefully to capture only the images that cause concern.”

When finally pinned down as to how to determine the age of a fictional character, she is determined that no “reasonable person” have the opportunity to judge whether an image is of a child and illegal, only police and courts:

“[The amendment] would add a reasonable person test so that an image would be treated as one of a child if a reasonable person would consider the impression conveyed by the image of the person shown to be that of a child.

We believe that that test is unnecessary and unhelpful …”

The same spate of legislation also contains a variety of unrelated laws, including a ban, including criminal penalties for manslaughter, on providing information which “encourages or assists” suicide…

You can read what else the wise legislators have to say in the official transcripts of their debate.

This comes hot on the heels of the ban on fetish porn the UK recently passed into law, leaving no doubt as to the fact that UK now harbours one of the most illiberal and oppressively moralistic governments found in the developed world, with the ruling Labour Party consistly having shown no interest whatsoever in preserving essential liberties.

Controversy in the US, or the judicial ban in Australia clearly have nothing on the dedication with which UK legislators seek to stamp out sexual deviance….

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  • Why on earth was this bumped ? 2009 this was made lol. Anyway since im here, fat lot of good this did them. 7 years on and my local Waterstones still stocks about 50 odd titles where this law would take effect (Fairy Tail for example) and nothings been heard of this so called law since this stupid topic was made.

    The whole thing is farcial, it wouldnt be policeable for a start, they can barely keep up with dealing with real CP let alone wasting time and resources looking for people who own a book or two of some fanservice loli panty shot. I will laugh my ass off if it ever did come to pass however. Maybe i should write a letter to Theresa May and remind her that drawings are evil and they suffer years of mental trauma because a japanese man showed them in a hot spring with another girl hugging.

    Jesus wept. This world has gone mad

  • Anonymous says:

    This is an outrage for UK civilians everywhere. its considered a limit of our freedom as a human being. the US wont ban them because of one thing

    FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. if my government DARES to make a law such as that shit. I would personally go on strike because if their stupidity. now the parliment here is just fucking idiots. its like saying. you are not allowed to watch anime because “its disgusting”. seriously do these people have a brain here? I guess not. I hope this gets reverted

  • I know there’s alot of people that might hate me for this- But seriously?

    Who cares?

    I can’t understand loli AT ALL.

    I know people have certain preferences but loli is really just odd. Like wrong odd.

    I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting- just that it’s not exactly boner inducing. It’s just weird.

    I see posts all the time – “More loli!”

    It’s weird.

    What else is EVEN weirder though is that in the UK recently there’s been an ad campaign for dairy milk chocolate with a totally sexualized rabbit. It’s like softcore furry porn on posters and in the papers. That really pissed me off.

  • Please mom, pllllllleease send a very large rock into this planet just large enough to wipe out the current society of humanity.

    The bullshit is getting overwhelming.

    We seriously need mother nature to do her thing and do it fast.

  • What will i do with my videos now… i have to keep them well hidden. Damn thats why i hate this place.

    Anyway i wouldnt vote for Lib Dems either since they wont do anything to get the law revoked (thats just how they are i guess). If we want to get the law revoked its gong to have to be good old english stike XD and appeal for binding referendum. Unforetuately the overall opinion (towards the public) is that porn is bad, any form of porn that even hints at children is social death. So unless we vote in some mediocre party like Monster RavingLunatic Party and get them to change the vote, i’ll just have to hide my pics/vids and wait a few more years before leaving this country.

  • All UK otaku should vote for the Liberal Democrats. They’re our only chance. If the Conservatives make it into power, they’ll screw us over even worse than Labour have. They may not like ID cards and CCTV as much as Labour, but they sure as hell love censoring the media even more.

    The Lib Dems may not be perfect, but at least they hate censorship. At the end of the day, I just want to be able to enjoy loli material in the comfort of my own home, not jail.

  • I think what pisses me off , is the fact that its totally somthing you cant ever put a label on.

    It’s all a matter of opinion and how you view it.

    But to be honest if you find a picture that somebody drew to be dangerous or offensive or even discusting no one is forcing you to look at it , clearly its better to have that than people looking at REAL children for christ sake!


    can we get confirmation?

  • This is SUCH bullshit. I’d like to as where the fuck they got this article from? Provide links to your sources because i find this SO hard to beleive.

    There are a billion loopholes in this “legislation” and its complete bollocks. A site that has porn images down either side of the page, and we’re supposed to beleive that this article is true? Fuck off!

  • Strawberry Suicide says:

    You know, the 2000 year old Roman silver cup featuring on one side a 30 year old man hardcore ass fucking an 18 year old boy while an 8 year old boy watches them; and on the reverse side a 21 year old man hardcore ass fucking a long haired 12 or 13 year old young boy slave.

    And we haven't even talked about the Japanese buddhist tradition to have sex with lil' boys – 'cause monks were not allowed to have sex with women but noone said a word about boys…
    Or there's Oda Nobunaga who first met his 'right hand', Mori Ranmaru as the boy was six…And they had a sexual relationship until Ranmaru turned 18…
    'Putto' angels ( the naked kids with wings ) on paintings are really shotacon…I never really understood their function…
    Also, there is one painter – I guess renessaince era( Sry can't remember his name at the moment ) – who made nude pictures of a 13-14 yr old girl, who he had a crush on…
    Why did I had to study about that if loli is such a crime?
    Ah, well…We can discuss this until ages but it won't help…Loli faces ban all over the world…

  • Anomynous says:

    Is the world a fascist dictatorship now? Why the fuck is every country so fucking against anything of a sexual nature? If things keep going this wa=y i’m gonna habve to brush up on my h4x0r skills and start trolling and fucking with the governments of the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    “A victimless crime where all children are victims?”

    A Good Point. This sum up the situation, where the agenda preceeds logics.

    I can understand the underlining sentiment of such banning, however the logic don’t work out. And if logic fails it should not be law. And if logics are discarded in the law making process, then consider a downward spiral for the Kingdom from then, because everyone would have their own idea of what’s moral, law making by then will become a battle of numbers to gain political advantages, not a process to deal with real issues.

  • I find the UK jumping on the cencorship wagon quite amusing like the UK acting like a lost cause trying to ban someones interest simply because they do not like it. Well what if i was to ban football because it was so damn stupid and causes so many bloodbath fights at footbal arenas which sometimes result in death simply because one fan of a football team didnt like the other fan of the opposing team, see a lot of things in the UK are just as wrong as trying to ban this i find football sometimes annoying because it spawns chavs which are the Uk’s form of most annoying scum who love to beat the crap into peple because they simply look at them funny.

    Anyway back onto the point i find the UK banning loli is a stupid childish idea because quite simply ITS JUST AN ANIMATION NOT FREAKING REAL BREATHING PEOPLE WHO WALK AMONG US. I mean the people going against this must be nuts or indeed mental to call a drawing a real person its almost like saying “yes indeed there exists someone who looks just like rei ayanami who acts like a complete emo and just loves ending mankind with unimaginable power”.

  • A drawn character has no real age, his author could say its age is anything between a newborn or a million years old. It is really dangerous when legislators intend to convert in crime the people’s phantasies, they are acting more like radical religious than legislators.

  • If they ban loli in my Country and I am not able too have
    my collection, I will suicide.
    And I am not joking…
    In this ugly world those sweet drawings are the only things
    than can relieve me a little.
    Really, I am serious.

  • It all boils down to social utility. The only people affected are those that like Lolicon. Sure, Child Pornography should be banned, but this isn’t really child pornography as per se, that is, no single child is actually being exposed. A drawing is a drawing.

    The UK just has a problem with pornography on the whole. British people will know when I mention about artworks should be covered up because of nudity.

  • “For example, images of an 18-year-old who is dressed as a child, such as Britney Spears in a pop video, clearly is not illegal.”

    This quote has no meaning. Why? Because if I’m 25 years old who goes at a motel at UK with my 25-years old girlfriend who looks like 14-years old girl I’ll probably have problem with the police until she shows them her identification card.

    You see, even at real life you never knows if the girl in front of is underrage or not. And I have met lots of examples.

  • What are you all talking the shit out guys!!! is that the effect of shit in your brains????!!!! why are you discussing of this such matter… you know already the CROOKED POLITICS….!!! anywhere there is always a CCCCRRROOOOOKKKKEEEDDD POLITICS AND A CCCRRRROOOOKKKKEEEDDD LLLLAAAAWWWW…. we are already mature to think about that …. and

    one thing!!!!

    why does marijuana are LEGALLY exposed there??? meanwhile only a TV entertainment is ban for being
    blamed of exposure of “CHILDREN” “LOLI” “ARE” “FUCKED UP” are they fucking us up?!!
    damn realize the politics in the world….


    just a comment no personal aggression….

    • You’re a perfect example of what Anonymous 2009-03-10 22:27:15 said.

      By your reasoning, people are all sick barbaric murderers who get their jollies off for playing games like GTA, Man Hunt or FPS. Or laugh when somone is mutilated, dismembered or harmed in Cartoons like Simpsons, Futurama, or South Park.

      Loli is not just porn either…Go do some research troll.

  • TL;DR. I just know it means that the United Kingdom won’t be seeing Marvel’s Layla Miller or Runaways, and that Push, The Professional, and Pan’s Labyrinth will be taken off the shelves. F.E.A.R might get a second look at as well…

  • Idiots -.-
    How drawings can hurt somebody, if have not personal reflection in real live.

    Children even don’t know about lolicon, it wont stop the pedos anyway, so what’s the problem?

    Those people makes me fckin angry! Not because I’m a big loli fan (I’m not), it’s because they’re ideas are so stupid.

    There’s a lot of other stuff to ban.

    • /LOLIBAN/? Are you kidding?

      Nobody sign that fucking petition. If you want to see this law struck down wait for an adult to make a petition, with a description that focuses on the (many, many) things the law bans that do not involve little girl porn.

  • Now that I think about it…How does this affect videos from Youtube, Nico Nico and other video hosting sites? Does that mean we would be screwed just by watching Anime, or anything Touhou especially with Suika and Chen. If that’s so…WTF?! What complete douchebags. Most of my favourites are Touhou related.

  • appropriate quote by jefferson i would think, “Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear. ”

    good intentions gone awry by the uk i think.

    also, “I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinions of others.”

  • Labour hasn’t been a socialist party since the mid-80s. They’re illiberal and this is one reason for their deep unpopularity, but this unrestrained statism should not be associated with Britain’s proud (albeit dead) socialist tradition. It was the Conservatives, during their 18 years in power before Labour, who oversaw mass censorship of TV and radio using similarly ‘moral’ excuses. Labour moved more to the right and now they too seek to appeal to the social conservative/’think of the children’ crowd.

    British democracy is, in general, a complete joke. The problem is systemic, not party-political.

  • In the US, this sort of law would undoubtedly be brought to the supreme court ere long on grounds that it is unconstitutional. I believe we recently had a case akin to this where there was some “child porn” of a woman who was really 18 but was dolled up to look younger. Plus some others that were photoshopped.

    I know that the supreme court struck the law down as unconstitutional the first time, but I think some superficial alteration made it pass after Dubya got his two religious nutjobs on the bench.

    But still, at least we have this recourse, and the justices are usually pretty good about abiding by the true spirit of the constitution, no matter their political affiliation.

    Does the UK have any safeguards like this in place?

    • If you check out Wiki, you see The Protect Act has a clause that excludes drawings providing they pass The Miller Test for obscenity. Effectively, this means loli isn’t illegal in the States.

      To answer your question as well, we do have the Human Rights Authority and The European Court of Human Rights. However, Britain is notorious for ignoring their rulings, plus it’s bloody expensive to bring a case before these courts in the first place.

  • man, talk about the government sometimes being such a bitch. leave my loli alone. but in the end this law isn’t really going to change much…except the fact that those brits could get owned now for being on this site 😛

  • wow the world has comed to an end. first teh swimsuits in animes and now loli/shorta nooooooooooo. wait what if you say they are over 18 would that be still bad. is it not them saying that that the people in the drawings are under 18. so could that mean they want them to be under 18 for the own sakes. and i live in the uk so how will they track me down. if i do go off and buy soem loli/shorta manga or pics will i go to prison for it even though im under 18.

    • Stated age is irrelevant as they will go by how old the character appears to be. Tracking anyone down would prove impossible at present as they have enough trouble keeping track of released child abusers. I doubt anyone will go to prison over this either, with ‘cheaper’ cautions being the order of the day just to put the fear of God in people.

    • Well, at least you can cry ‘First Amendment’, meaning they then have to fall back on The Miller Test, which so far, hasn’t been been used in any case purely involving fictional material (that’s the impression I got from Wiki anyway).

    • This could have a negative effect.
      If people are really caught and put in prison just for 2d lolicon(i think usa has it).Then those people can actualy think that if they get to prison for this 2d lolicon.Then why not rape a real child for it.Since it’s all the same now.

      • That was exactly what came to my mind immediately. This law makes it MORE likely that real children will end up in porn. If even a drawing will land you in the slammer, why not use a real child?

        These MPs are either idiots, or they WANT more children to be abused. That way they can use the excuse of the children continuing to be abused to push through even more of their ultimate agenda.

  • So, anyone feels the need to emigrate? As for me, I feel the need to never set step on the freaking country with the rainy weather. Damn those guys, damn them! I wish all of them an allergy to water, oh yes, I do.

  • This law they’re trying to pass isn’t a law specifically targeting loli, its a law against inflammatory images which implies the UK government can decide what images can be banned, this article quoting only part of the legisation. This may pass the commons with ease, but the law lords will throw it out on the grounds infringement of artistic expression.

    This is why I don’t follow shitty news links on /jp/, because its full of classic news material being taken out of context.


    • Like I said above, because militant feminism is largely behind the drive to ban any kind of porn. I mean, the DPA came into force based on a thoroughly bogus report by three of them in fact.

      The business of protecting real kids is just a smokescreen anyway, for bigger grants and even harsher laws to keep ‘nasty perverts’ (read, all men) in line.

      • Bullshit.

        Women deserve respect for the years and years and years and years men have mistreated them and in many countries, continue to mistreat.

        There are limits here too, but in general, women deserve respect.

        If anyone came up to me in real life and started ranting about “militant feminism” and “the evils of women”, I’d throw them into traffic.

        “You’ll be free of oppressive feminists when you’re dead!”

        • I’m a feminist. Extremist feminist groups are involved with both this legislation and the extreme porn ban. However, Feminists Against Censorship has opposed both bans.

          People who oppose this law are not necessarily misogynists.

        • Here! Here! Now that’s evidence-based argument, not like the crappy platitudes ‘certain people’ on here keep coming out with.

          I said already that I support equal rights, but not militant feminism. These stupid cows all have serious issues where men are concerned and probably all need to be pschoanalysed. In fact, I’m sure Freud would have had a field day with the lot of them.

        • I’m not against feminism, quite the contrary actually. Feminism has achieved many great things in the 70s and early 80s to make our world a more liberal, equal and civilized place.

          The problem is with some feminists nowadays. Those stupid cunts have lost all common sense and are disconnected from reality. Heck, that stupid bitch Carol Bellamy that headed UNICEF from 1995 to 2005 has indirectly killed 10 million children every year through pure ignorance (discouraging breast feeding (it treats women like cows), neglecting boys as being worthy of support and protection, discontinuing sexual education by UNICEF and related NGOs in 3rd world countries, and many more). Luckily, not all feminists today are like this. But those who have a say in important matters are.

          This has nothing to do with women’s rights anymore. Feminism nowadays doesn’t fight for women’s rights. If it were, it would direct it’s attention to Islamic countries and the 3rd world. Women there are in serious need of help, but the great organizations with feminist influences just ignore them, and focus on the developed world, where women are technically treated equal already. And even there they don’t focus on the few remaining issues, but instead fight porn and everything related to it.

          I’m sorry if this offends you, there really are oppressive feminists out there. They even neglect their own followers if they are into BDSM or enjoy anal sex and deem them “traitors”. Many feminists, like German Alice Schwarzer, are infamous for using militaristic language and going way over board with it to the point of pure tastelessness.

          Bottom line and tl;dr: feminism in itself is good and needed, but today’s feminism isn’t what it was 20 years ago and has lost all connection to reality.

  • meh~ its UK so its a no brainer lol!
    they even ban “mature” based everything(except adult porn)from games to movies so….yeah it sucks to be living there!
    they might arrest you for possession of manga!
    confusing it for a doujin…its not that far off i think…

    • this is before when i didnt read the comments..
      and after i did read ALL of those uhhh…i think my brain just died in the process uuggghhh…

      its like the world is indeed a hell hole!
      loli banning? wuts up with this!? just because you cant tell what age that character is or shes wearing animal ears means shes under 18???
      so what if shes under 18? who the hell cares!!oh so real children might become victims of…uhhh it doesnt make any sense!
      so whats next prevent cats or any animal for this matter from murdering their offspring’s or blaming natural selection from killing endangered animals??
      im sorry if anyone is reading this i know im not making any sense or im just adding more nonsense than it already has but hey the place were living doesnt make sense there for i blame humanity for everything no one is normal anymore what is normal anyway?

  • I suppose it’s because of Sankaku’s audience that the discussion here is mostly on “lolis,” but I would think that, volume-wise, there’s a much larger amount of yaoi/BL comics with highschool boys in steamy sex scenes sold in the U.K. at the moment than stuff with little girls.

    We really need to get the yaoi fangirl army (or better yet, fan-woman-of-voting-age army) on our side on this sort of thing.

  • Well I have to say as one who will be affected by this legislation i am thoroughly disgusted at this new law, it is a total farce. That response from magistrate eagle, “children recognize cartoons they see everyday”. If children are watching that type of stuff that is not the least of the governments worries. But yeah, this is a TOTAL infringement upon humans right to freedom of expression. The law wont come into affect for another couple of months as it still needs final ratification, so there is still the most infinitesimal chance that someone with common sense and whos head isnt so far up their own arse that they could kiss their own tonsils, will see it and put a stop to this travesty, but that looks HIGHLY unlikely at this stage in the game…

      • Freedom of expression may only be limited when others are harmed. Researchers and philosophers have yet to prove that such a thing is even possible. Liberalism, the very thing that brought to you those basic civil rights, has the harm principle at the core of all it’s theories. If you don’t even get the basic concepts of liberalism you shouldn’t comment on what rights need to be limited under what circumstances.

        Also, you’re obviously too brain dead to comprehend that ALL of anime/manga will be affected. How many series have underage characters in ecchi situations?

        Seriously, I think stupid fucks like you don’t deserve freedom of expression.

        • If Kaisos is talking about the black & white minstrel show, that show was basically about black men seducing white women. It was embarassing because of the blackface and because it evoked stereotypes, but it wasn’t harmful to blacks and in fact romanticised them.

          But no, this isn’t an issue of free speech. If they banned the distribution of certain manga, that would be a restriction of free speech – but the Obscene Publications Act already does that.

          This is a possession law, which means that if you draw a forbidden sketch in your private diary, you can be prosecuted for it. Your diary is not speech unless it’s published. It’s a private expression of thought. This is thoughtcrime.

          I should also point out that this does not only affect paedophiles, but pictures of adults in school uniform, or of legal sexual acts with 17 year old characters. So you can do it, but you can’t draw it.

          It’s true, they won’t be able to police this. They have no intention of policing this. Rather, they will use this to (as the Register puts it) imprison “people the police want to ‘do something about'”.

          Kaisos only has one point, and that is on the top of his head.

        • If you don’t like it, don’t look at it! Me personally, I hate violent movies, but instead of catawalling to the BBFC’s website to get them banned, I just don’t watch them instead.

          Maybe you should do the same with loli and stop telling everyone how much you hate it because, quite frankly, you’re pissing me off now. Also, stop using the word paedophile until you learn exactly what it means.

        • I’m not in the mood for this shit today.

          Yes, all anime/manga will probably be affected. That is, if they choose to care.

          Fact is they can’t police this as well as they think they can.

          Want a situation where freedom of expression can be harmful, fucktard?

          What about any work that’s, say, obviously racist? Like the blackface shit you saw back in the 30’s? That’s pretty damn harmful.

  • As I have told people many times, if you don’t stand up for the pedosexuals today, they are going to come for stuff near and dear to you tomorrow.

    I am sure that this will be overturned in Britain however….. many judges in that country have already said that they were extremely leery of any law like this and would rule it as a violation of human rights were it to come up in front of them.

  • This is bullshit!!!!!

    So now 2-d characters have rights. That’s just perfect. Well there goes any chance for GTA 5,6,7 and so forth or Halo 4,5, so forth, Mortal Kombat and violent video games. All becasue 2-d or 3-d images have rights. All those video games grooms real people to act upon killing others and to be numb to such events.

    Next stop illegal possession of violent video games.

    • I don’t care for lolicon. I do, however, care for principles, esp. where freedom of expression is concerned, as well as matters where common sense in the law is clearly defied. Because it doesn’t end with “lolicon”–it spreads to bigger issues. And, by the end, you end up looking like something from an Orwell novel. Besides, lolicon’s NOT “ch*ld porn”–it’s ink on paper. Control what people write or draw or say, and you’re killing the tenets of democracy itself. There’s no stopping other freedoms from falling, in the name of arbitrary and vague “morality.”

    • Well, when the main argument for banning loli is “Child porn is wrong guise”, going against it would brand you as a paedophile in the eyes of the media. We could discuss semantics to death, but the truth is that if people think you are a paedophile, you can’t walk past a daycare center located near your workplace without someone calling the police.

      Since going against it in public is even less of a possibility than usual, and not every place even in the internet is willing to let you argue about it freely, expect a lot of talk in places where you can.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, I go against it in public, and I take the label of pedosexual WILLINGLY, because that is what I am.

        Surprisingly, 99% of people who I meet have no problem with me, even when they know that I am a pedosexual.

  • This law is so stupid it really amazes me. What makes police “more reasonable” people than others? Nothing. Hell, I’m gonna move to UK just to get a job as a police officer and say “The person on that image is clearly over 18” on every loli picture shown to me, just to fuck with this law.

    This law, is the same as removing the right of expression, it goes against everything the modern society thinks of. I’m sorry to say this but I actually hope a lot of childs gets raped because of this. Why? Well, I feel sorry for the kids sure, but is there another way for “reasonable people” to see how the world really works and not how they want it to work?

    With this law (and god, so many more) I’ve lost faith in the “leaders” of the world. Someone with a fucking brain should take leadership and do something that’s actually good and useful, how did these people get these positions anyway? I’m guessing there’s some “my father was here before me” thing going on, because this is just fucking…

    Like, I can understand what they are trying to do, and I don’t think that’s wrong, but this is just stupid. They should take time and actually read this article, I wouldn’t think they would learn anything useful by doing so though.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, don’t ban child pronography, LEGALIZE it and HIGHLY REGULATE IT, along with pedosexuality in general.

      That is the best way to prevent children from being forced into sexual situations against their will, by LEGALIZING pedosexuality and bringing it out in the open.

  • Maria Eagle, like all the tabloid-reading wannabees after their 15 minutes of fame, fancies herself as The Paedofinder General. In her eyes, we are all guilty by speculation; proof isn’t even part of the process.

    Anyway, I think I’ve said more than enough on this subject already, so I’ll just leave you with Monkey Dust’s take on things:-

    It’s funny because it’s true! (^_^)

  • I don’t really mind the loli ban myself but it is frightening to see laws like this in today’s world. Human rights for works of fiction? Then what about written works? What about the ‘age’ setting on vocaloid, will we get arrested for child labour?
    When insane laws like these are going down the generations they get more and more vague, resulting in something convicted as easily as sexual abuse is these days needing only a single female to cry ‘wolf!’. Don’t get me wrong I’m not pro-molesting but the easy and indiscriminate procedures are common and have locked away many that were innocent.

  • Stupid law is stupid.They are even forcing themself to imprison people.

    Anyway you can groom a child with anykind of porn.Don’t need to ban lolicon becouse of it.
    But you shouldn’t ban such art,especialy since you can’t decide the age of a drawn character,actualy the age doesn’t exist,even if they say it.That is what fiction is about,it doesn’t exist really,it doesn’t actualy show a human,but a drawn character which can’t be a real human.
    There shouldn’t be such prevention laws but only those who actualy groom children and have sex with real children.Those you should get.Crimes and law are made for punishment and not prevention.
    And what if one child saw it by accident.What im saying if somebody grooms a child and somehow has sex with it or it makes it to have sex with others,then it’s bad.But if he actualy explained the meaning of it and when it would be good doing it and when not,without forcing the child,not illegaly and all whats to say,then it’s good.
    Right sexual education can prevent many problems.

    You know men are making such laws.Actualy intelectuals who don’t know better what they are doing.Technicly a good way to ged rid of the unintelectual and different people,also the intelectuals with lower society status.And also get the most votes by women.Since they are a mayority.
    Such a law is like HITLER thinking i say.
    Men will become endagered.Men are always protecting women,those higher ups.So there needs to be a group of men who realize the danger and stand up for the rights of men.
    The problem is i don’t see any men protecting mens rights and the bigger problem is the difference between the female and male population is too huge.
    And still the minortiy men are being downcasted by society.
    Technicly they should be protecting men more becouse of that.Though who says this law isn’t also against women 😛
    Though i wouldn’t be surprised by the local feminists who protect women.
    Just becouse you are in laws and politics you shouldn’t force your own opinions on it.You should always think about all and the different ones.Purely discrimination against different people.

    Truly don’t know what all to say.So i rather stop here.

  • remember the times where being left-handed is a crime, that being left-handed is evil, just because they can’t understand what’s being left-handed feels like? also those days that you are considered a witch just because you’re good with science…

    now, in the modern days, the same things are happening, just because you prefer something that they see is quite not what they like, they ban it… just because you enjoy furries, and they don’t, they will hate you, and label you disgusting.

    they should be called extremists! someday, people will get fed up with you, and they will leave your place, but wth, they’ll just ban you from leaving anyways…

  • Umm.. Be right back, I’m moving country before our laws get even worse. (If thats even possible?)

    Still though, I’m not exactly into what I’d class as lolicon, as in, under 16 year olds.. But I’m quite sure that even some of the goverment people would look at a sexual drawing of 17 and 365 day year old girl/boy and think it was nice – I could understand banning CHILD lolicon, but adolescent too?

    If you can HAVE sex at 16.. Why is it illegal to LOOK at sex till your 18? It’s stupid.

    Couldn’t you argue that pedophiles looking at lolicon might supress their lust for real children? – Sure, for some this would be a no, and it might make them want real kids.. But even if for SOME, wouldn’t it be worth it? Is it not better saving a few kids than losing even more since Lolicon is banned?

    This reminds me of a case in America a few years ago.. (It was something along these lines, I might have messed up a few things, but it’s more or less right.)

    17 year old lad, and 17 year old girl were in love, and had obviously had sexual relations.. She took a picture of herself, naked, and sent it to the young man.. Somehow the police get involved, and the young woman gets done for MAKING child pornography, and the young man gets done for OWNING child pornography. It’s just TOTALLY RETARDED.

    This also reminds me of the law which says it’s illegal for an adult to have ANAL or VAGINAL sex infront of a child, but ORAL sex is totally legal. – God, if our country is going to make laws up, why not actually read over them before passing them..?

    Once again, the U.K proves that we totally suck arse when it comes to laws.. 🙁 This is indeed, a sad day for humanity. (And Lolicons. Lol.)

    • I’ve read loads of these stories, but the one that takes the cake is a kid of 4 getting put on the sex offenders register in the States for repeatedly hugging his nursery school teacher.

      After reading that, I became convinced that the world had gone mad, except as Einstein said, there is no end to the Universe or human stupidity.

  • Anonymous says:

    ‘a nature that it would be solely or principally used for the purpose of sexual arousal—’

    Huh. So basically, a person can only be offended by a drawing that brings about sexual arousal. But wouldnt that mean that the person is turned on by this drawing of CP, in effect, be a lolicon/pedo, child fetish?

    If it isn’t sexually aroussing, then its not offensive enough.


  • what we have here is already reality in other countries. opponents are silenced with the argument “you’re against any bans, so you must be a pedophile”, which makes it difficult for many people to speak up – effectively undermining (real) freedom of speech.
    it was the terrorists before, now it’s kiddie porn.

    mind control at its best.
    as i read in a blog recently: mr. göring once said “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” – no matter what damn bastard he was, he was so fucking right that i want to cry.

    i wonder… would it be possible to sue politicians employing such tactics at the icc for violating basic human rights?

  • I really am not surprised, after banning of fetishes with no actual scientific evidence I knew sooner or later this would happen.

    UK being one of the most uninformed countries about Anime/Manga in the West, I really have lost all hope for this retarded Big Brother State, there are already cameras spying in schools from outside, and now schools are implenting cameras inside? They even plan to lengthen Data Retention from 4 days to longer right?. Now how the hell is this gonna affect Anime/Manga? I love to see what their view of Japan would be then.

    This has got to be one of the most ignorant things to happen in the UK. I might aswell not bother going to Anime/Manga sites no more, especially Touhou related ones (even though majority of the characters are way over 100) Heck Dizzy from Guilty Gear is 3 years old and she looks 18-20, or how about Etna and Flonne from Disgaea who are over 1000 years old. It’d be pointless for even a trial in court, since the Jurors and Judges are probably uninformed ignorants aswell.

    What the hell?! ‘Grooming Tool’?. What kind of BS is that? If that’s the case you might aswell ban every Cartoon you nut, since violence is so prevelant in them, especially with all the stabbings going around hmmm?. Try actually dealing with REALITY and not target something that has no cognitive abilities like knives and drawn images. It’s so old fashioned to believe ‘Animation are for children only’ or is directed just to children. These people need to get with the times.

    As someone said, this isn’t even protecting children. It’s to prevent themselves from being disgusted and to take the ‘Moral High Ground’. Want to protect children? Then deal with actual Pedophiles and Child Abusers. Honestly these people are no better than religious fanatics. So much for liberties and free speech. Fact is I bet even with the ban, do you really think Real Child Abuses are going to decrease? I don’t think so. Because even before the introduction of Loli, there were still Pedophiles around. At most we will see an increase of Shotacons/Lolicons/Anime/Manga fans being stigmatized or arrested and to those Fat Cats it would be a success even if said people never got involved with rape or pedophilia. In fact I’m gonna sound like a complete twat for saying this; I will laugh so hard if Child Rape/Abuse increases due to the ban, or whether there is no connection/correlation at all to prove to those ‘Thought Crime Zealots’. Pedophiles are Pedophiles for a reason. They specifically target actual Children in reality, not some 2D image. If anything it would be an alternate form of release, instead of targeting Real Children. Really, they are pointing and shooting a gun at someone before any actual crime even happens. Guess they just want to follow up from a certain Black Male getting shot by police as he carried a bag while running towards a bus in UK.

    Sure, there are factors where it ‘could contribute’ to acting out in reality (like any other media). But said people tend to have problems psychologically or physiologically. But you know how you can help? By actually getting parents to I dunno…be PARENTS. Teach kids the difference between reality and fantasy. Parents take your kids out and show them the world (I know corny lol). Don’t leave them to be raised just by the fucking TV or Internets. But no, it’s so much easier to point the finger isn’t it? Unless they deal with the root, the individual persons, then it isn’t going to improve. ARGH! So much rage right now for the ignorance of this. Sorry for tl;dr.

    • Completely agree and lol very good for a rage post. It’s completely an illogical move. This can be generalised on so many grounds it’s ridiculous. I believe games will probably be affected by this too (specially JRPG’s and ilk, goodbye Disgaea). I mean c’mon you have to be mentally challanged to believe 2D images deserves rights and is equivelant to real people. Then why not ban GTA and FPS games completely? Or like you mentioned majority of Cartoons. By the ‘Grooming’ logic, these cartoons are preparing us to hit each other with hammers and the like with Tom and Jerry. Oh but wait…no actual real person is being physically harmed!

      I don’t see how this would protect children at all. Shouldn’t targeting Real Life Child Molestors be the primary objective? Or is it because they fail at it so much they want to direct the attention to something much easier? Honestly people believing this ban is right are most likely uneducated, subjectively bias moralists that know fuck all between reality and fantasy or the meaning of freedom of speech and expression. Plus they would be major hypocrites themselves if they accept Violent Video Games and Media. God dam these emotional little fucktards, as stupid as those people who cry over people eating dogs, but at the same time stuffing their fat face with industrialised meat. Hell majority of such people can’t even bring up a decent arguement for this stuff other than “It’s sick!” or “It’s wrong!” or “It’s goes against God’s teachings!” with not a shred of viable explantion. They never studied in psychology either I bet or even looked up studies or research.

      Times like these I wish the terrorists do suicide bomb these idiots. One less fanatical religious idiot and illogical moralists gone from this world. Labour party has already screwed up the economy enough, just of waste of money and time. We might aswell turn into a country of Theocracy this rate, ruled by nothing but bias morals and subjectiveness, where scientific evidence or logic doesn’t exist. Man we really are reversing back to the Medieval Age. Burn it, instead of understanding. Incriminate someone when there is no actual crime. Well better prepare my broom, black cloak and pointy hat and bring my black cat Salem along.

    Why would the UN bitch and bitch about cartoon children but not lift a FINGER towards sanctions against countries that legalize preteen marriage and boning those 8 and 9 year old loli wives in yemen and saudi arabia?
    By this logic the UK and Canada and Australia should go ahead and ban action movies cause
    *gasp* they portray fictional images of MURDER and therefor MUST be grooming us all to kill.

  • Thank you Sankaku, you’ve been good to me.
    It seems at this rate it will soon be illegal for me to read your articles, there’s no telling when my internet providers will just blacklist you for all your illegal content.

    I don’t actually know what I’m going to do with my life now, since currently I’m studying Art in University, pretty much doing Fine Art lolicon.
    So, that’s me out of a job.
    God save our gracious Queen.

    Thanks for all your articles, you’ve been great.

  • I pity the fools.

    The Law is easily manipulated, at times effective, and most of the time so flawed that I find it rather interesting.

    The law is never constant; it is the duty of legislation to change the laws according to their own perception of justice, although sometimes in expense of the community. But then again the community is usually irrational, hence a judge is needed to interpret the laws impartially.

    It’s a judge’s duty to interpret the legislation and create case laws non-arbitrarily. And that’s the problem with interpretation; you give each of them a picture which paints a thousand words, one reads the vertical letters, while the others read backwards, diagonally and horizontally.

    I don’t think this debate would ever end as long as laws keep changing, society’s norms evolve, and the internet exists.

  • RanmaSyaoran says:


    How does one go about fighting against this bill in parliment?

    (And not some silly walking down the street protest)

    Oh… And if this is the case… Ban Romeo and Juliet… Juliet was only 14 and she commited suicide.

    • In short, you can’t, not unless you can somehow convince a lot of MPs or Lords to vote against it during its various readings.

      Also, Romeo and Juliet would probably be exempt since it’s classified as a work of art, literature, or whatever.

      • Yea, about the only way you can do it is get ALOT of people to sign a petition or email their respective MP’s.

        Just one person is likely to be ignored, but 1000 emails are something different.

        • I’m not going to email, just because my MP is MikeHall, and if you have ever met him, you would know how meaning less anything not on his own agenda is, dispite being a ‘representative’.

        • I wish I could believe that, but as that petition someone pointed out on here has barely had 125 signatures in 6 months, it shows just how few people in the West are prepared to stand up and be counted over this.

          Good luck with writing to your MP though. Mine is too busy engaging in junkets abroad to give a damn about the state of the sink estate I’m stuck in, let alone the individual rights of fanboys.

  • Anonymous says:

    On average since the labour party has been in power, they have banned one thing a day. It is getting ridiculous now as with each ban they take away a right.

    I cant wait for Labour to be voted out, they are just getting pathetic now.

    As for the whole lolicon thing, I can understand them banning it if there were say incidents of the things parliament are stating could happen. I have yet to see anything along that nature happen.

    Now child pornography should be illegal as it wrong and forces a child to do horrible sexual acts which can traumatize a child.

    Loli though I don’t like it myself are drawings, harmless drawings which no actual person is harmed. If the government cant supply evidence which supports the acts described, then it shouldn’t be pushed through.

  • Anonymous says:

    People are getting worried over nothing. For those of us that live in the UK, we are all to aware that no-one gets arrested for these pointless laws.
    With that fetish porn law, they still sell it in all the local shops (after hearing about the law, I went to my local Londis and red it for myself).
    Our government is detached from the real world cause they don’t live in it, so we the people ignore them completely. The police have too much paperwork to do and more important crimes to focus on, such as giving old ladies ASBOs and litter-picking.
    I’m not a fan of loli, put I have red Kodomo no Jikan and fail too see cartoons being classed as real people. People are worried way too much over this!

    • You’re probably right actually, particularly after reading that there’s only 1 cop to ever 65 paedophiles (and here, we’re talking about the really dangerous nutters, not some teacher who sneeked a peek at the girls getting changed or some old fart who downloaded near nudes).

      Seriously, all but the Met expressed concern over loli at the Consultation Stage, yet none of these other police forces have the manpower to tackle serious crime, let alone come and arrest me for fapping to Lisa & Co.

  • Determine age by pictures? my ass, ha ha ha.
    In case of asians, it is impossible.

    A girlfriend of mine was 25, yet has the upper body of an 13 year old girl to the point she often was mistaken as a child (when buying tickets, she got child’s reductions for example)

    I understand the (prude) UK politicians wants to protect real childrens but this law really is bullshit. As expected, this law is directly directed towards japanese drawing. Well, sorry that some europeans 13y old girls looks like 18y old whores and that 30 year old girls looks like 40y old grandmas.

    One more thing:
    Does it mean that children books such as these will be banned? ^_~’
    No matter how you look at it, it’s a loli.
    Millions of french children read this.
    Do we have to fear for the next generation?

    • Anonymous says:

      As i was reading, i was facepalming all the way.
      The thing is i dont understand the thinking behind banning lolis, i mean, yes, the parliament thinks that the images could be used to exploit children by some sick fucks, i dont think alot of criminals watch anime, plus saying the way to abuse loli images actually encourages and gives them another way, sigh.

      Also, way to point out the loopholes, antennas and anime ears, determining the age of a drawn character. So what they are doing is passing a useless pact that still has loopholes?

      “if the evidence showed that having images that were not photographic acted as a release, and therefore reduced the risk of harm to children, legislating could increase the risk of harm.” – you got that right.

      I would love to go to a court hearing where the judge has to determine the age of a drawn loli. All i can see coming out of this is gigantic time waste for the criminal justice system, where they can be actually prosecuting real criminals. This shit makes me so angry. sigh

      Looking from anime industry view point, im pretty sure with this pact they just headshotted it. Would we have an age rating for anime as well? Take The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for example, where Haruhi ‘abused’ Mikuru, i wonder how would that go down with the parliament, total ban? since they are under 18, right?(actually i have to idea how old haruhi and/or mikuru are, but since its high school, im pretty sure its under 18).

      so anyway, goodbye sankakucomplex, its been good having you around.
      R.I.P. lolis in the UK, ;_; it was nice having you arond.

      • Probably a total ban, or at best, edits by the BBFC. I mean, they tore another hentai anime to bits recently because it had incest, menstration, and loli sex in it.

        Court battles will undoubtedly go the same way Lady Chatterley’s Lover did when The Obscene Publications Act was first tested. Quite simply, the law was made to look an ass.

        Of course, that’s nothing compared to New Zealand banning Puni Puni Poemi, which isn’t even hentai. I really feel for the artists I know over there as they have no freedom at all anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    A self-righteous politicians, where would we be without you? I wonder if anyone in parliament would make the argument of having ‘loli’ characters that are actually well into adulthood, such as Komoe of To Aru Majutsu no Index. The more you know!

    “If the image in question is grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character but does not have a child as a victim, is it not arguable that, by extension, all children are victims of that image?”

    I don’t know if I’m just dumb or slow, but that statement by Howarth made no sense whatsoever to me. For one thing, anything ‘offensive’ is completely up to the person in question. Take for example scat. I find it grossly offensive, but some people out there seem to enjoy it. Then the whole child are victims even if there are no children in the picture…his rhetoric just blew me away!

    Whatever happened to actually helping real, living, breathing kids?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear god…this is just plain retarded, I’m not THAT into loli but I kinda just download doujinshi at random so I have a few, why do they think viewing loli of the drawn sort leads to children being in danger.

    I for one, find 3D kids annoying and pig disgusting.

  • Anonymous says:

    epic fail on government. even worse than their usual fails.


  • I wonder if that means browsing this site will be illegal soon. I mean, did you see that picture at the beginning of the article? She’s clearly underage, and I can see pantsu.

    Goodbye, Sankaku. It was a good run. ='(

    • Anonymous says:

      The new law takes context into account, so you can get away with a loli image if the overall purpose of the work is not sexual arousal. A standalone image is therefore much more dangerous than an anime or a manga. For example, if you have the whole Kodomo no Jikan manga then that will probably (just) be OK, but if you have that image of Rin with the shower head on its own, you are asking for trouble. Anything with a BBFC certificate is OK too, which is why what’s left of the UK anime industry isn’t complaining and also why I can keep Elfen Lied and Puni Puni Poemi.

      • Believe me, I’ve read stories of people being accused of having CP, even when the material is quite clearly legal, such as with Japanese actresses for example. Who knows what they would make of anime or manga, which is still a niche market in the UK at best.

        Yeah, I’m afraid the “Trust me, I’m a policeman.” line carries very little weight in the real world where your freedom is concerned, simply because they are often a lot less educated than you are (not to mention, gunning for an easy arrest where you won’t put up much of a fuss).

  • Anonymous says:

    not new news, loli has been banned in the UK for almost 3 years now. fucking shitkaku, post current events, good lord.

    and before you run in to say, no it wasn’t illegal 3 years ago, then how come british citizens were successfully prosecuted for recieving and posessing lolicon in the UK long before you published this article?

    why not further expand this story to comment for the viewers in the rest of the world who don’t know that britan has also banned BDSM pornography, and that women can’t even spread their vagina’s in adult magazines without a full censor of their entire genitals? (full censor doesn’t mean a mosaic either, it means you just don’t see a vagina.)

  • Anonymous says:

    The really laughable bit now is that it will still be legal to possess a photograph of an anatomically correct model of a child’s genitalia (for example, like the ones in the “Dutch wife” gallery here), but if instead you possess a drawing of it then that will be illegal and you could go down for 3 years plus spend the rest of your life on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

  • fsdgfdehbs says:

    It’s a fucking drawing, what the hell is everyone so tripped out about? Who exactly is in danger? The fantasy characters? I’ll draw a god damned fetus getting ass fucked if I feel so. ITS A DRAWING.

  • D.T.H.Snake says:

    man i hope this loli banning thing dosnt spread to the US cuz i gotta go nd live there for a few years,nd the last thing i want is the goverment stopping me from watching/drawing loli stuff

  • Bah I say. Censorship of any kind is foul. Even if I don’t agree with whatever they’re trying to censor (although loli and such have never bothered me) I still don’t say they should cover it up. People can make their own decisions, especially if they’re grown adults. They would know by then. Fuck, you should know by puberty at the latest between right and wrong. I don’t need the government policing my brain.

    A sexy drawing of a girl done in graphite or ink or whatnot is the least of our problems in this world.

    brb victimizing drawings

  • Mmmh the country next door, that’s hitting home a bit too closely.
    They even made sure nekomimi loli’s are illegal to 🙁

    Hope they keep those crazy laws on their island and don’t contaminate the rest of europe with it.

  • Oh man, all the bitching in this thread just shows how many anime fans want to fuck children. If this law was announced on any other type of site, no one would care or they’d think it was good.

    • I rarely editorialise, but you can just piss off, mate! For your information, I have no desire to fuck real kids whatsoever. Not only are they nothing like the characters I love, they don’t look, say, or even act in any way that appeals to me sexually.

      Try watching the film ‘Cool World’, then maybe you’ll have a much better idea of the way many nijicon feel, instead of just dumping your own narrow-minded prejudices on all of us.

    • >>If this law was announced on any other type of site, no one would care or they’d think it was good.

      That’s simply untrue. From The Register, an IT news website:

      “First they came for the child pornographers… It may not have quite the same resonance as Pastor Niemuller’s oft-quoted aphorism. But the reality behind this particular slippery slope is just as sinister.

      The British government today announced proposals to make possession of drawings and computer-generated images of child abuse illegal. “Good on them”, is likely to be the most common response. However, it will be an ill thought-out response if it is.”

      That article had 191 comments; of which many if not most were expressing disquiet or dismay over the new legislation. Reader responses to more recent coverage on The Register, and other non-otaku related sites that I have seen, have, in the majority, been similar.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, real children is not wrong. It’s only idiots like you who make it out to be wrong, because you don’t want to believe that children are JUST AS SMART and deserving of sexual freedom as adults are.

    • There definitely are some crazies on this website but don’t generalize it to just anime fans. I believe in freedom of w/e in most regards and while I understand the UK approach, I do not agree with it.

      You are right in one aspect though, if someone tried to argue this in public, their ass would be branded a pedophile and that would be the end of the matter. I’m surprised more legislation like this hasn’t been passed in the US by some “moral” group as what politician in his right mind would argue against it(imagine his opponents election ads).

    • I used to joke about putting a cardboard cutout of Lisa in the dock, you know, so she can tell everyone she definitely wanted it. Seriously, I never in a million years thought that someone would actually get done over Simpsons porn.

  • This is a conspiracy. Instead of planting drugs, they will plant lolicon on people they want to arrested, soon UK will have the power to arrest anyone at anytime, without the need to plant evidence. V for vendetta, WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN?

  • I will be one of the only people on this site who actually agrees with this kind of law, but…

    I will say that loli porn is effectively harmless and that governments should focus on rooting out ACTUAL child pornographers rather than wasting their time banning this kind of thing.

    Loli porn is still disgusting though…

    • Loli porn is disgusting, yet I suppose adult porn isn’t, eh? You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but not to pour scorn on one type over another just because you don’t happen to like it. I mean, I’m not really a fan of shota, but I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting as I know there are a lot of people who do like it, especially women.

      I used to see this a lot on the Newsgroups actually, where people would say Aeka getting her arse raped off was fine, but that Sasami was child porn. So one kind of fantasy is fine, but the other is totally off limits. Er, why exactly? Forgive me if I keel over at the fresh stench of hypocrisy wafting about again.

      Anyway, from a purely moral standpoint, all porn is disgusting really as it’s nothing more than a form of voyeurism. Thank Christ I don’t subscribe to that philosophy anymore. (^_^)

      • Loli porn is disgusting to me because it depicts underage, immature females being effectively raped.

        I’m not about to begrudge others on their fetishes.

        But a lot of loli porn is no better then pedophilia.

        • If you and others would stop making supporting females as being the dominant person in a relationship then you would get more support from your fellow men. As it stands, you faggot pro-women’s rights artists are seen as a problem.

          Men want young and _obedient_ wives. Men do NOT want bitches no matter what age they are.

          Also you would be more respectable if you would stop saying “oh well I only look at “2d girls” but throw those men who marry 3d girls who are underaged in jail! Those scum!” and instead supported that females who are able to have children be married: in that case you would be alligned with Men who agree with the Bible rather than wishing them be thrown in jail.

          Stop trying to deflect criticism by saying “OH I’m not bad, THAT MANNNN is worse!” and instead take a principled stance against those who have outlawed men having young wives of childbearing age in the firstplace (the people who are also trying to outlaw your fiction because they wish to place more Men in jail…)

        • While I would agree that some loli porn does go way over the top, it’s not all that way (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of it over the years). It’s also a point of contention that it’s equivalent to actual child abuse. For sure, doesn’t that make my above example with Aeka rape as well. Just because a girl is over 18 shouldn’t automatically make such a fantasy more acceptable (not that such issues really amount to much in the first place where fictional material is concerned).

          Speaking for myself, I prefer the softer stuff anyway, poses mainly, and in all my stories, the girls are always the dominant partner and generally around 12-14. In fact, all the commissions I’ve asked people to do me of the Playdudettes are generally aged from their onscreen counterparts too.

          Also, there’s nothing wrong or illegal with paedophilia, despite what the media would have you believe. After all, it merely means ‘love of children’. It’s only when people act on unsound urges and hurt people that it becomes a serious crime.

  • Well, this is after all only a bill so far, so it’s not in their law books just yet. However, by the looks of how their talks are going, seems like random paradoxial ways of making their points like the “victimless crime where all children are victims” won’t get much opposition. It’s up to the opposing party to somehow argue against them and shoot the bill down.

    • Like I pointed out to Artefact in my recent email reply to him, this article is a bit misleading in that regard because it does still have to get through The Lords, before it can be added to the Statute Books.

      Not that it will get much opposition though, as has already said. I mean, the DPA (the law banning BDSM pics basically) sailed through, so who in their right mind is going to object to what will undoubtedly be worded by the tabloids as ‘legislation that gets tough on paedophiles’.

        • They can also suggest Amendments, and Veto any legislation which would change the amount of time a gov’t can stay in power, unless it’s war time.

          Lords can veto a bill extending the time between GE’s, and demand a GE if it has been over the allocated time since the last one.
          However, if it is war time, then Gov’t can stay in office indefinatly.

    • Problem with this is that not many people are actually informed about what lolicon manga actually is and only hear the words “child porn”.

      It’ll pass. In Britain, and everywhere else too.

      Thank god all the images I have that could possibly be construed to be loli *cough*Taiga*cough* are on my laptop, which no cop is getting near, heh.

      • Anonymous says:

        No cop is getting near? No cop *has* to get near your house to conduct electronic surveillance. That’s the beauty of network sniffing. As long as you download stuff over the Internet, the only safe way to do it is encrypted, and the only *really* safe way to do it is some sort of anonymizer service. Otherwise, it’s detectable and traceable to you while in transit.

        But hey, all that sort of activity might show you have something to hide, so it might be a tip-off by itself. One might want to consider encrypting one’s hard drive in that case … except that in the UK, the police can demand your encryption keys, and if you refuse you can get five years in jail. Incidentally, there was a court ruling a few days ago that sets precedent for this sort of thing happening in the US, too, at least at border crossings.

        So no, you’re not really safe as long as laws like this exist.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love the part with ‘if britney spears dresses up like an underaged kid in a sexy manner its ok’… because we know she’s not really that young… >_> So basically what this law is saying is that if policeman X looks at a erotic picture, and THINKS the girl is underaged, possession is illegal… >_>

    Lol UK laws.., honestly what is this world coming to?

  • Anonymous says:

    What the hell is all this anti-women talk? Seriously it’s rather disgusting. Sure women are pro-child protection but that doesn’t mean all of them are against 2D women or lolicon just like not all men are pro-lolicon. This is just an example of people in power abusing it to enforce their moral system thinking it’ll make the world a better place.

    • Maybe, but I said above. It’s just a sad fact that some feminists take things to massive extremes. A perfect example would be that crazy bitch in the States, who said penetration was rape because women can’t consent to sex (she understandably lost all her support shortly afterwards).

      It’s people with children are naturally wary of types like myself, whereas most single people would just shrug if off, regardless of gender. In any case, when this first appeared on The Register, the replies were almost unanimously against this law, so I’m not sure where the Government gets the idea that ‘most people agree with them’.

    • Anonymous says:

      “This is just an example of people in power abusing it to enforce their moral system thinking it’ll make the world a better place.”

      I’m wary of people like that.
      I’d rather have pragmatists run than idealists run for office.

  • Love the bit about grooming children for abuse, as if no more was done by the glut of popular culture. Tell me to which children have more exposure, lolikon or the sexual antics displayed on MTV and what not. Where is the real threat of desensitizing a young person to sexual abuse?

    Also MikeeUSA seems a bit extreme, doesn’t he?

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s Ridiculous, If a pedo goes to court over raping a child here in the UK, He’ll get off with a year or two in prison at the very most, Yet they want to start picking on us for having Manga with Loli in it.

    What about manga series like Yubisaki milk tea? It’s sold over here and has a naked shota and loli in the first page of volume 1. So now owning a copy of my favorite manga is going to be illegal?

    I honestly don’t care, I’ll just break the new “law”.
    Do you think “I’m only interested in 2d girls” would stand up in court?

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    This is only the beggining, next they will ban all anime, manga, video games, etc. under the guise of “protect the children” from victimless crimes. Austraila did it with GTA.

    Too bad people in the UK have had their gun rights taken away, lest they try to overthrow their government.

    • That could well be their plan since Keith Vaz is always banging on about video game violence. I mean, this law will pretty much ban 99% of hentai in a pinch, plus catch a load of the stuff you mention too. For sure, it was probably all about removing ‘Japanese filth’ from the market to begin with.

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t know where you get your info but i live in Australia and i own GTA just brought 4 the other day

      And the UK are a bunch of idiots have you most British women those poor bastards that live there need something better to look at

  • Wow… So who gets to decide what is disgusting or offencive? I know people that think bikinis are disgusting. Soon we wont be able to piss in our own bathrooms becuase its somhow wrong.

    I find it funny that the UK is turning into the movie V for Venteda.

    We need V to fight for loli!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Mark my words… this will spread in USA.

    Most Western United States (“progressive-state” California for example) have voter initiative & referendums. If someone introduces anti-loli initiative in California it will likely pass. And it’s no secret that whatever “progressive” laws passes in California it spreads to the rest of the 50 states.

    Just how powerful are voter initiative/referendums? Just last week the Supreme Court of California had a hearing on PROPOSITION-8 (banning gay marriage and defines marriage between 1 man and 1 woman ONLY.)The California Supreme Court’s decision on PROPOSITION 8 will be due within 90 days; and based on the hearings it looks like the Supreme court will not overturn PROPOSITION-8.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck that prop8 stuff is bullshit. It’s fine to treat homosexuals as second-class citizens; imagine if they tried to say another other minority wasn’t allowed to get married? How quickly would a vote to ban African-Americans or Jews from getting married last?

        • In California the government actually gives people the “power”. They (the people) can vote to ban gay marriages and lolicons as long as the referendum/initiative is written in a very specific language (err technicalities, no vagueness) that it does not violate the California constitution.

        • Don’t be a tool. Straight people can marry the people they love, homosexuals can’t. This screws homosexual couples over in so many ways it’s disgusting. Financially, inheritance wise, rights wise, etc.

          Arguing the law is “equal” that way is like arguing things are fair under a totalitarian dictatorship where only males can drive cars. After all, the law applies to all equally, right?

          Also, regarding this new law. Every country ought to have a constitution barring this kind of law from ever being passed. This is thoughtcrime. Nothing else. I don’t care if you get every single person in the world to cast a vote on lolicon being “disgusting”, it’s still a form of expression with no direct victims. You do NOT have a right, NOT to be offended.

          Government, you’re doing it wrong!

      • Anonymous says:

        Polygamy is only one of the more obvious precedents on who can and who can’t marry. If anything.. they have a more legit claim.. they have been around as an institute longer and they can create the future generations and they.. have pretty stable relations for the most part with well educated and well cared for kids.

        Another is the non sexual types… They were never recognized since.. they were not creating.. how is non sex any different than gay sex in that regard?

        So why are gays so special compared to polygamists and all the other groups? Why does “love” or “sex” have anything to do with fairness in how a person is taxed or what goodies he is given? “Love” was never a part of it.. sex was.. and not because sex is important in and of itself but because it creates other humans.

        In that respect the gays (in California) at the very least.. need to get in line behind the polygamists.

        • Arguments concerning the right to marry whoever you want for purposes of love is only used to cloud the issue and force ideology on others. Society (the people) is who should decide what is acceptable and what is not, not a court.

          Marriage is not a right guaranteed by our Constitution (USA).

        • The world is fucking overcrowded as is. We don’t need people breeding like rabbits. Us gays want our rights because we’ve been railed against since the dawn of time in some form or another. Up until a couple hundred years ago, we’d still be executed for being gay in places like Europe and America. We’re a minority like any other and deserve our rights as human beings like everyone else gets. No group is so higher thana nyone else that they should get to ‘go first’ for reasons so stupid as they can breed. We gays can raise kids too; it’s called adopting all those kids you guys breed and dump by the wayside. We’d be damn good at it but you won’t let us.

          Love has everything to do with it. Haven’t you ever felt love for another human being in some form? Do you not have friends that you rely on and have bonds with? And don’t tell me sex is only for breeding; it feels damn good. Haven’t you ever fapped and enjoyed it? If not, try it, you might relieve some of your stress and clear your poor muddled head.

          great logic A++ would argue again

      • Anonymous says:

        I like the reference to George Wallace and therefor racism.

        In Alabama, George Wallace opposed citizens of the state attending the State’s University because of their race.

        In California, after prop 8 passed, a gay man has exactly the same right as a straight man.

        Either, if not presently married can marry a single woman who is of the proper age, agrees, and is not too closely related.

        So because gays and straights have exactly the same right, this is not similar to racial civil rights after all.

    • And only in vanilla situation! So you’re into strap-on wearing dominatrixes in full SM garb? Better get rid of your collection, even if they are all appropriately big-titted, or you might get introduced to a less enjoyable form of buttsex…

  • Goddamned labor party. The UK’s already turning into a Big Brother country with the government looking over everyone’s shoulder and they just made it worse.

    The best of intentions don’t always mean the best of rules will be properly implemented. Haven’t they learnt that?

  • Anonymous says:

    The U.K.’s Parliament never ceases to amaze me…

    God Bless America and help it keep its liberties. Sadly, few people in either party stand up for our Constitution or Freedom of Speech. Write to your reps and donate to the CBLDF.

  • Unsettling to think that something like this could even be passed, but the language used to frame it is so vague and subjective that I wonder how exactly the laws it would create will be enforced. “Reasonable person test?” Give me a break.

  • What about the children who act older than they really are? What if they end up forcing themselves onto the REAL victims, the older men, and get rejected, would they try to get them in trouble by lying ?

    • Zelgadis4tw says:

      It’s proven that they would, since Japan has had at least one incident that did just that with EXTREME malice. “Yakuza” dude and some girl ran a blackmail prostitution scam at some point…

  • Anonymous says:

    “If the image in question is grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character but does not have a child as a victim, is it not arguable that, by extension, all children are victims of that image?”

    That’s some serious doublethink.

  • Victor Delacroix says:

    God, why do these laws keep getting passed where one could or could not be arrested based on one person’s personal interpretation of an image? Who’s to say someone won’t see a 30 year-old character as 13? D:
    Pretty scared, yo.

    • You can thank women’s rights for this.
      In the UK, one of many feminist police states, men shall be persecuted for looking at drawings which depict females under the age of 18. Anything women’s rights activists demand they get.

      In pro-men’s countries you marry young females of childbearing age (12, 13, 14 years old). It’s always great reading about the this weeks arrest or executions of women’s rights activists on

      Wouldn’t YOU like it if YOUR government worked for YOU to destory those who HATE YOU and wish to DENY you all that is good! There are very few countries that side with Men. The UK is not one of them. (Nor is Japan anylonger)

      • your a fucking idiot mike, I’ve been to japan, women are NOT respected there at all, this may be hard to tell for you, because in japan there IS a lot of respect afforded to strangers and people who are not close family.

      • I understand where mikee is coming from. I do think he is being a bit zealous but still identifiable. I live in Amerikkka and all you need to do is watch commercials here and you will see. Men are always portrayed as idiots and women are the only intelligent creatures on earth. It gets even worse if you start paying attention to race in these same commercials but I will leave that alone.

      • Okay.

        What the fuck is wrong with you, shithead?

        Women have to be fucking respected and their rights protected.

        This isn’t the result of women’s rights activists. This is a result of a bunch of bureaucrats misguidedly attempting to protect children. Not entirely their fault.

        The hell is wrong with you?

        And if you go for little girls in real life, you deserve to be shot.

        We need more crimes to be capital crimes, especially with people like you around…

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok so I’ve read all your posts on this topic MikeeUSA and all I really have to say to you is this
        You’re an idiot, you clearly hate women and have too much time on your hands
        Grow up and realise this law won’t make any difference at all

    • Women’s rights countries: men go to jail for looking at “underaged” drawings.

      ANTI-Women’s Rights countries: Men marry “underaged” females (who are able to have children). Feminist get hung by the kneck untill they are _DEAD_.

        • Once again in response to Miroku74,

          It’s fine, I’m well aware of the misconceptions and stereotypes that exist about us mormons, so I don’t blame you at all, nor do I take what you said personally by any means. It’s just that its kind of a pet peeve for me to see that generalization being made about my faith. I could go on about the subject, but not only is it not relevant to the topic at hand, but I don’t want to waste space here. So for now, I thank you for understanding.

          *returns Miroku74-san’s bow*

        • To the above Anon who cared enough:

          Sorry, dude…. I’m just calling it like I see it. I usually try basing my own point of view on the middle ground, and because of all the stories I’ve heard about polygamist sects… in little podunk towns across the US who have ‘Throwaway Children’… primarily male might I add… it colors my perspective a bit, sadly.

          I stand corrected. ^_-


        • As a 19 year old Male who’s been raised Mormon, I respectfully refute Miroku74’s statement. The mainstream Church does not practice polygamy, in fact, it has been an excommunicable offense since 1890. The only “mormons” who practice polygamy, are those who end up excommunicated, or are part of certain fundamentalist sects.

          I personally find Mikee’s statementsb to be repulsive. As I am sure any reasonable man (mormon or not) would agree.

          Also I’d like to add that while I’m not really all into loli in the first place, I think that UK’s parliament is out of their collective minds trying to ban it, for many of the reasons already stated.

        • We have marriage for a reason, or at least monogamy for a reason.

          Shacking up with one lady is advantageous for a guy, since he can keep making babies with her, provide for said babies, and help them grow into adults.

          His kids get taken care of = more of his genes get spread.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, it’s “natural” to partner off. The child is defenceless and cannot feed itself for the first few years of its life, and the mother can only do so much. Humans have been partnering to care for their offspring for tens of thousands of years.