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UNICEF’s Agnes Chan: Lolicon Otaku Must Reform


Agnes Chan, Chinese pop star and UNICEF Japan anti-free speech crusader, weighs in on the subject of disgusting lolicon otaku and why they should be stamped out with ever harsher laws:

I received a mail asking “Do you hate otaku?”

I don’t hate otaku.

Otaku become engrossed in a single thing, trying to learn as much about it as possible, eventually knowing even more than the specialists, don’t they?

In English, they are called “maniacs”.

In a certain way, Einstein and Da Vinci were otaku too. And of course Bill Gates too. This is how they accomplished so many wonderful things.

I don’t dislike otaku. To become engrossed in something is good.
But I want lolicon otaku to reform.

Most responses on 2ch seem to be exploring the desirability of her returning to China and not lecturing the Japanese on the finer points of civilisation.

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  • Ya know, instead of attacking japan on the wonderful world of 2D loli….
    …how about we divert your attention to the wonderful world of 3d abuse/rape/forced marriage or anything forced on that matter of the real lolis. Yes, I’m looking at you, some counters over the atlantic ocean and bit beyond. I don’t hear them getting saved, protected, and whatnot?

    Here’s a little advice. F*ck off the Loli. How about you actually start concentrating on REAL issues and REAL incidents that are happening to the REAL victims.

  • And this “Agnes Chan” come’s from a country where children are being kidnapped, bought, and sold on the black market.

    Why worry about something that has something to do with a country you are not from. Deal with your country’s problems first before scattering along to others and nit picking at things that you dont even know where to begin to try to understand it.

    Japan has the lowest crime rate than most countries. Yes there still is crime but this is a country where people turn themselves in for stealing a candy bar out of respect.

    I feel that Japan’s crime rate, rape rate, etc.. is down than most countries is because they give their citizens the chance to experience things through PC, Console, etc.. games rather than to allow them to get curious as to what it would be like and go kidnap a child and molest them.

    Other countries do not have games like this, that is why I believe that children are gettting raped, women are getting raped, men are getting raped, etc.. all around the world.

    I don’t condone child molestation but I’d rather see the men/women do it in a video game in the privacy of their own home rather than to go out and do it themselves.

    Can I get an Amen!?!?! -_-

  • CanadaMann says:

    I dont understant anime fans talking politics
    How can you stupid people under communism
    You are mostly Americans so you do what the government told you to:”hate communism”.
    What shit can you generate?

    Lolimanga should never be banned, indeed.
    This is true and I support this extremely.

    However, I DO NOT support you people insulting an ideology with no knowledge on it.

    Protest for lolicon’s rights, but dont protest about politics.
    Otakus only suit animes and games, not politics

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with her, but it doesn’t make much sense to think of Agnes as a representative of the CCP or Chinese society at large. Criticise this bullshit using the sound argument that she is giving unwarranted attention to a surreal, harmless minority, which distracts from the actual problems facing the world’s children.

    • They weren’t/aren’t (as Bill Gates is still alive, I believe) and since she said ‘otaku’ equals ‘maniac’, she is clearly potty. All of these men – yes, even Bill Gates unfortunately – were brilliant in their time, especially Da Vinci, who managed to be accomplished at both sides of the creative spectrum; a true Renaissance Man.

  • Anonymous says:

    Speaking of communist, US is great country whenever a new president is elected. Surely there will be some act signed in favor for the president finance supporter, just like how the federal reserve act is born.

  • I received a mail asking “Do you hate otaku?”

    I don’t hate otaku.

    Otaku become engrossed in a single thing, trying to learn as much about it as possible, eventually knowing even more than the specialists, don’t they?

    In English, they are called “maniacs”.

    In a certain way, Einstein and Da Vinci were otaku too. And of course Bill Gates too. This is how they accomplished so many wonderful things.

    I don’t dislike otaku. To become engrossed in something is good.
    But I want lolicon otaku to reform.

    Bye im off to my shouta ~ =)

  • Zatsugami says:

    Now I hate UNICEF. What is wrong with lolicon?
    Does it harm anybody? NO!
    Maybe just jet’s ban all porn? It expose humans sexuality. Someone may find porn is wrong.

    Live as you want, and let others to live like they want.

    Btw. I’m not lolicon fan, but this makes me so angry, because they are not right that lolicon is bad.

    It’s like UNICEF have nothing better to do…

  • Presumptuous bitch!

    A Chinese semi literate wench lecturing Japanese how to translate “otaku” into English ?? Talk about the Blind leading the blind!

    Einstein and DaVinci were Otaku ?? They werent obsessed , they were “brilliant” bitch!

    Apparently, UNICEF has gone down the toilet to take the word of a citizen from a communist country about morality in society.

    Why dont they clean up some real poisions in their atmosphere in china ?

    • You do know she was born in Hong Kong right? UNICEF went down the toilet long time ago before Agnes was inolved, hence also why the Pope did not want to be affilliated with them and why has Polluted Air got to do with Lolicons? Say something like deal with their own child abuse problems in whatever country 1st since it relates more to the topic…

  • You think they would have probably realise that the real problem lies elsewhere. But they probably want to blame on imaginary charactors/games/etc as the sources instead of admitting that they themselves have a problem with curbing their own temptations.

  • if UNICEF gave a flying shit about children they’d be talking to the UN about Countries that have Sharia law and allow 8 year olds to marry and legally get raped.

    Instead they pursue people masturbating to cartoons.

    MILLIONS OF RAPED CHILDREN vs. a few sticky keyboards.

    Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Gaza Strip, no one cares about the REAL children.

    • well they can marry as 8 year olds,but there needs to be a good cause for it.And they are allowed to have sex in the married relation if they already hit puberty.
      Ah but rape yes thats kinda difficult to understand since they could say it’s the girls fault for getting raped -_-.

      BTW all you cryfags why don’t you make a group of lolicon art protection with funds and all support it and protect peole that got to court,becouse of drawn lolicon,explain to the society about it’s good things and bad things.
      If more people would directly understamd what it is.
      And if the mayority would accept it and see this organization there would be no more problems against drawn lolicon.(thats how it wors people)

      • The Comic Book Legal Defence Fund (CBLDF) takes care of that in the States, but in Europe or any of the Commonwealth countries, you’ve got no chance unless you are bloody rich.

        My country, Britain has a history of abusing The Human Rights Act and ignoring The European Convention on Human Rights. It all sounds good on paper, much like The First Amendment, but you just try to gain any joy from it in Freedom of Expression cases like this.

        Of course, Britain is a lot better than Canada, Australia & New Zealand, where ‘penal colony’ mentality continues to rule to this very day. In all three countries, I’ve known of artists & fans disappear into hiding, so afraid are they of being targeted by police.

    • Anonymouse says:

      You dumb loli-con loving fuck.
      Show me where it says in the Koran or the Hadith that it is legal to marry 8 year olds?
      Your sick obsession over 2D pedophilia has completely blinded you.
      Rot in hell fucktard.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be fair, Agnes Chan has not a lot to do with China. She was born in Hong Kong while it is still a British colony, and moved on to become famous in Japan and lived there for the majority of her life. Those who say she should go back to China and mind China’s own business are either ignorant or just want to talk shit to bash China when she has nothing to do with it.

    • Well it’s 50/50 really. Some people say it for lulz, kinda like anything stupid that happens in the West; America/Americans are the 1st to be pointed at or when rape or bizzare porn is mentioned Japan is also involved in the same sentence.

      The other? Obviously Weeaboo’s, racists, dumbasses etc…

      I have to agree with others though in the saying, deal with the problems in your own country before you should critisize others. Something the West clearly has a problem with though…

      UNICEF, Agnes, Jack Thompson, Soccer Moms and all moral zealots of the world need to set their heads straight and realise Anime&Cartoon Images/Animation/CG are not REAL people.

      • How about we just put them on a boat and send it to Antarctica instead. I mean, there they can practice being sexual ‘cold’ towards one other in the privacy of their own tabooist colony. Either that, or get friendly with the penguins when the urges get too much for them (^_^;)

  • Anonymous says:

    2D Lolis are considered the same as child porn in my country(Canada). Any young looking nude 2D girl can be considered child porn. I can risk jail time just being on this website.

    I don’t get how a drawing is considered illegal. It’s like murders in video games debate, I won’t become a pedo because I like 2d lolis. Would the world just let me live alone with my 2D lolis and stop making laws against drawings.

    • One of my online mates lives in Canada and we often debated how come you can have some of the most draconian sex laws in the world, and yet still have one of the highest rape rates.

      If this isn’t evidence that Denmark’s lax approach to pornography definitely works to reduce sex crime, I don’t know what is.

    • Perhaps, the Canadian governors are also creepy men that possess dakimakura and dutch wives as their soulmates? You know, the idea of think that anything in a human shape is considered as a living human being..

  • Anonymous says:

    So…which one of you people took one of those Unicef boxxes and went out collecting money for unicef while trick-or-treating??

    If you were one of those idiot brats who did…shame on you…shame on all of you…

    Next halloween when a kid asks for unicef donation, grab his box away and give him a free speech lecture (and lolicon)

  • Anonymous says:

    einstein, da vinci and bill gates were otaku?
    why? do they fap to the things they like?
    nah just kidding….

    but anyway…
    who knows? maybe there’s a lolicon otaku out there somewhere in the not so far off future who can accomplish much more wonderful things than what these three guys mentioned above has accomplished.
    (like for example, the device from dokuro-chan that doesn’t let women’s physical appearance look any older than the age 11 or 12) lol… kidding again

  • I like the image used for this article. It looks a little bit like she has a sore butt if you look at it in a certain light, and that’s just the perfect way to describe UNICEF: butthurt.

  • funny to see how many people are getting angry on her comment^^

    i’m personally not interested in lolis, i prefer the normally developed ones, so i don’t care a shit about what she’s saying

    oh yeah and greetings to all loli-lovers, wish you will always have the abily to live your dreams

  • Kill chinese over jews, they’re overpopulating. Sooner or later chinese will be the majority in every city in the world. JESUS CHRIST!!

    I love the picture, so lolicious mmmm.. where’s delicious cake?

  • She’s right on the mark with that otaku stuff. But while she might not be anti-otaku, being anti-lolicon is just as lame.

    I suppose she has the most massive lumps of fat on her chest as well, is tall as fuck, and massively wide and curvy hips, herself?

    Otherwise, I guess she’s not fit to look at herself. And anyone who would ever consider having sex with her is a rapist lolicon, and must be removed. Enjoy being lonely forever.

  • Hmm, and this not hours after reading that our cowardly politicians over here in the UK, have backed down over possible amendments to the ‘Dangerous Pictures of Children’ act (essentially the same as The Protect Act in the US, but without any First Amendment provisions).

    Playing Freud’s advocate here though, I would say both Agnes Chan & Maria Eagle, our nutty Under Secretary of State, who seriously believes loli’s only purpose is to groom real kids – like most who actively oppose porn in one form of another – both have deep rooted psychological issues where their own sexuality is concerned. My suggestion is that they all seek counselling immediately and leave me to get back to fapping to Lisa & Co. in peace (^_^;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Frankly, there is no such thing as ‘grooming’ a kid. You touch them sexually, either they like it or they don’t, and they will damn well tell you if they don’t.
      I know that from my own childhood, where I was making love with adults and LOVED nearly every single encounter.
      In fact, the ONLY encounters that I didn’t like were two that I really didn’t remember and are just assuming happened (because the person in question was later arrested for drugging/raping children) and 2 sexual assaults when I was 12 by BOYS MY OWN AGE AND YOUNGER THAN MYSELF, in which they were planning on killing me!
      Wasn’t in danger from the adults (who always told me that if I didn’t like what they were doing to me, tell them and they would stop [which they did!]), I was in danger from my own sex and people my own age!
      All this anti-pedosexual stuff is a LOAD OF BULL, and some of these WHINERS who are whining about “I was touched by daddy and I didn’t like it!” need to take responsibility for their own inactions and realize that ONE word to ANYONE about their father or ANYONE else touching them sexually against their will would have been enough to get it to stop!
      The reason that most of them DIDN’T do that: they wanted the sexual touching to stop…. but didn’t want the person in question to be put in prison or turned into a sex offender.
      That’s coming straight from a girl who had her stepfather making love with her from 6…. when she was 10, she wanted to stop but he didn’t, and she didn’t want to tell anyone because she had seen with one of her friends how it DESTROYED the family by putting the man unjustly in prison and ruining the families financial outlook.

  • prololiconreform says:

    what would you have felt if when you were 8 and an old guy/lady raped you?

    ever since i was a kid, i’ve always been subjected to sexual harassment by strangers and even drunk uncles. it was hard getting over the shock. i even ran away from home and attempted suicide several times. even now, i get groping attempts by men and even high/middle school boys and lesbians. currently i hardly ever trust men and get paranoid in public. i trained myself in martial arts like muay thai, tetada kalimasada and aikido, and currently into airsoft and target shooting(aside from animu and mango). even with all that i’m still freaked out that i always carry a taser and a knife everywhere.

    bottomline is i hope lolicons would limit themselves to animu, and not be selfish and think through of the possible consequences(such as ruining lives) of acting out their urges on actual children.

    sorry for pouring my heart out.

    • antiloliconreform says:

      I suffered abuses from two older brothers and a pedophile uncle when I was 4~9 years old and even though that was some sick shit that I will never forgive them for, I never became emo because of it, neither will I blame it on the perversion of imaginary children. It also happened in an European country that’s considered developed and anti-lolicon, like most of them where children are raped and/or murdered every day.

      People that are infatuated with imaginary children/characters aren’t exactly the same ones that end up abusing real people. And if they end up doing it, it’s because they already had some kind of problem. It’s not something that should make them less guilty for it, but it’s better than the theory that games/comics/anime are the god damned cause, which brainwashes people until they end up commiting a crime.

      tl;dr: Anyone can be a pedo. It doesn’t matter if they read/watch lolicon or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t you know?

      He routinely spent time in his parents basement and jacked off to doujinshi from the internet, only drawing those rubish pictures he draw so he could earn enough money to publish his own doujin.

      • It’s not much of a stretch, if you stop to consider the Mona Lisa one of the first best forms of Paintshopping.

        On a side note, I think Mona Lisa has been sleeping with the Quaker Oats Man for some time now. If you ever wonder why she’s smiling so much, there’s one of your reasons. <_<

        ……………..It’s thoughts like those which kept me out of the Ivy League schools.

  • Anonymous says:

    *Feels guilty at having just faped to some strike witches doujin I found on the net*

    My…eh….My hand sliped onto my fap machine….Yes….thats what happened….It was an accident.

    Honestly though, should we ban drawings of non minors, because they don’t technicaly have the ability to concent?

    • Anonymous says:

      The fact is that people are going to have to realize that lolicons and pedosexuals are totally normal and stop trying to ‘protect’ children except by keeping an eye on their children and making sure that no one is forcing them into sex.

      As I have said MANY times before: pedosexuals are VERY OBVIOUS. They like to spend time with children, play with children…. oh wait….. aren’t those the SAME people who you WANT your children to be around? Yep, they are!

      Time to realize that all the anti-pedosexual stuff is the new anti-homosexual bull, and cut it off before the hydra grows more than one head.

      • Zelgadis4tw says:

        They forget that these things have existed since time immemorial, and the illustrations were spawned by these sentiments, not the other way around. The thing is, the ones who are going to rape, are going to rape regardless. Those who don’t rape or have any inclination to rape won’t rape regardless. And all caeksexual intercourse is considered rape, even if they don’t say it as such.

      • The hell? Agnes Chan did well as a Japanese pop star and now that she does things lolicons done like, you guys want her to be Chinese again? You fucking racists. She probably doesnt even care about the Chinese people. That she wants to do this in Japan shows she loves Japan.

      • Anonymous says:

        People who talk about communist is bad had totally been brian washed by the west. It’s a propaganda during the cold war. There were more non-communist countries, and those countries were usually more civilized during the cold war, that’s why they won.

        Communism is a very good way for a country to reform during its early stages after war. Actually it’s the best seeing how China and Russia picked up so quickly after WWII compared to few others even though they suffer more that most countries. It was due to quick decision making, easier for people to find job and food, etc.. But the fault of it is that there will be corruption, but if handled nicely, it can go smoothly. But the best way is actually after 5 to 10 years after the war, switch out of communism.

        People with their bias mind due to propaganda just do not realize this as they had been brain washed by the gov saying no matter what, communism is bad, but in reality, it’s the best “ideal” world, which just doesn’t work very well as this world is full of people like you, being brian washed easily, can only see faults and not the good side. That’s why many artists, professors during the cold war were for communism.

        • Anonymous says:

          Communism, in principle, relies on everybody to work equally as hard and take the same share. Unfortunately, real life does not work that way. It’ll work on smaller scales, but not for whole countries. To say communism is an abomination in all forms is a pretty blind comment. Gotta love McCarthy, eh?

        • cloner4000 says:

          China had no where near the growth in industrial development as they had now until 20-25 years ago, before that, there are the couple government attempts to reform that end up with starvation and rob people of their youth working in farms or so.

          Back to the topic, I would be more incline to ask for a reform with other stuff, like smoking and drinking problems than otaku.

        • Anonymous says:

          yes, when the economy’s bad and you’re shit out of luck, you should man the fuck up and obey the government’s every command. why not help your government do their dirty jobs such as killing civilians and receiving bribes and framing someone else.

        • ManaYagami says:

          The Portuguese Comunist Party (PCP) managed to spend almost everything on the State’s coffers after we got rid of a 40 year old dictatorship on 1974, and we only noticed progress after PCP was kicked out of the government in the 80’s by the other Portuguese parties. After, almost 30 years, we are still feeling it on our wallets.

        • Anonymous says:

          “During times of economic crisis, you need to man the fuck up and do what needs to be done.”

          yeah, confiscate all properties from those who possessed them and had tradition in doing business, throw them in working camps, jails or just murder them, and put illiterates with low IQ in charge of the land and factories. way to go!
          because of the “very good way for a country to reform” under communism that took 42 years, my country (also Eu member) is probably 30-40 years behind Germany in terms of development.
          communism is only good on paper.

        • Anonymous says:

          MidnightTide, that might not sound very appealing to you right now because you’ve got options. But when you’re flat out broke without a penny to your name and unemployment and job competition is at its highest, communism is going to start to look good.

          During times of economic crisis, you need to man the fuck up and do what needs to be done.

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed. communist party dictatorship is as bad as any other totalitarian dictatorship this world has seen. i’ve lived my first 10 years under commis. but for some fame-hunting idiots, loli’s, otakus and pedobear are a much greater evil.

      • We’re as worthy to talk about chinese civil rights as Agnes Chan is to talk about lolicon problems in Japan.

        She should worry more about all the teenagers prostitutes working in China.

        We also rather should try to apply those human and civil rights in our country before we criticize others countries.

  • Speaking as someone who experiences grave disgust at even the mere mention of lolicons, I can sympathize with Unicef’s position.

    Nonetheless, the place of lolicon anime and hentai in society is ultimately a question of numbers rather then opinion.

    Have there been any studies on the rate of sex crimes in relation to minors in Japan, as compared to other developed nations? And has there been any strong links between sex offenders and a predisposition towards lolicon anime and hentai?

        • Face it, there’s really no proof one way or the other, just like there isn’t with violent films/computer games causing actual violence in society. Believe me, none of the bullies I had to endure at school were that way because of media – they were just scumbags to begin with. As evidence, I would say banning so called “video nasties” in the 80s over here in the UK clearly had no discernable effect on crime rates in the years that followed.

          Long-term observation of countries with draconian sex laws, versus those who have much more liberal ones, would seem to indicate a pattern though. As I said before, all the Commonwealth countries have ridiculously high rates of abuse, despite their harsh laws, yet many countries in Europe, with low ages of consent; readily available porn; etc., have rates far lower. Causality or not, common sense tells me (as it indeed told Freud) that people who are comfortable with their sexuality are less likely to want to commit crimes.

          Purely on the grounds of Freedom of Expression alone, these laws are wrong anyway. However, also claiming we’re the ones who have to justify our position is hardly fair when UNICEF, like so many do-gooders in this area, not only have no evidence to support their claims, but see fit to totally exaggerate the entire issue of child abuse, just to garner public support and hence secure larger and larger donations.

          I mean, I spent this morning reading a massive paper on the child porn industry, with the conclusion being that it is and always has been a tiny problem compared to other more serious crimes. Most government or law enforcement sanctioned investigations have all been discredited over the years, yet the moral panic goes on to this day.

          To sum up, the onus is on UNICEF, as an official charity, to prove a link, not us. Making grandiose claims without evidence to back it up just isn’t scientific or professional, and the fact that my own government has taken to abandoning evidence-driven legislation in favour of heavy ‘1984-like’ moralising does not sit well with me at all.

        • “At any rate, I think you should do a lot more research before you criticise our position on the subject.”

          Am I to presume you mean my criticisms of the communities’ antagonism against Unicef? If that is the case, I must say that I continue to stand by my criticism.

          However, I would like you to note that at no point did I criticise the communities’ desire to keep lolicon available and uncensored.

          I myself have stated prior that I do not believe that lolicon porn contributes to increased cases of child molestation. But all I have is anecdotal evidence, and that is also all that I have been offered.

          You said that there are studies which prove the availability of pornography reduces sex crimes. I have no contention with that. As a law student in my senior year, I’ve done a fair amount of research into this subject.

          However, I must reiterate, rate and causation are separate entities. Just because Japan enjoys a low rate of sex related offenses, it does not necessarily prove the nonexistence of causation.

          Personally, I’d like to see proof that no causal link exists. But I’ve yet to come across any. If you can supply credible, independent studies that prove no causal link, then I would happily get off the fence and stand on the side of this community.

        • Sorry, but I totally disagree. Having been into this stuff for over 25 years, I haven’t come across even a single artist or fan yet that had the urge to go out and rape real kids. There have also been plenty of studies done already that prove ready availability of porn reduces sex crime, but the moralisers don’t want to hear any of it. As far as they are concerned, sex is for procreation alone, in the missionary position, and in the dark, with earplugs in so you can’t hear your girlfriend’s pussy making etchi noises.

          Also, loli is already illegal in most English-speaking countries, so your argument about banning it is moot. With the exception of Britain, where they are still trying to force it through Parliament, and the States, where First Amendment rights resulted in the law being much more carefully worded, viewing loli can and has landed people in the dock. It isn’t just those with real CP anymore either, but hapless fans of cartoon porn, like that poor bastard in Australia done for what I take for granted on a daily basis: looking at Simpsons porn.

          No, I’m afraid many of the children’s charities totally lost their credibility when they switched from helping real victims of abuse to fighting an unholy war against child pornography, most of which consists of nothing more than nudes or near nudes. Only a tiny percentage (around 7%) actually features real cases of abduction, coercion, or rape. Indeed, thanks to these fanatics, even images of 17-year old Samantha Fox topless are illegal now, despite the fact she posed freely for The Sun back at the start of her career.

          As I said above though, there just aren’t enough cases of CP to justifty their inflated budgets, so they’ve moved on to fictional material. Claiming it can be used to groom kids doesn’t make it so, and they haven’t produced a shred of evidence to back up their claims because there isn’t any. Take it from me, real child molestors don’t want pictures of Lisa Simpson, they want living, breathing flesh, and they want to destroy its innocence, like theirs was once destroyed. In short, they are totally messed up and need to be carefully monitored, much the same as any other kind of dangerous criminal.

          Those who look at real child porn are a totally different entity, however, most being the true definition of paedophile. They are more often than not the kind who are merely fascinated with the idea of sex with children, but sensibly have no inclination to commit thoroughly heinous crimes. In fact, by taking CP away from them, like with P4P in Sweden now, it merely results in them going after the real thing instead and a noticable jump in the crime rate follows.

          At any rate, I think you should do a lot more research before you criticise our position on the subject. Believe me, in a battle of wits, I could reduce Agnes Chan to a quivering wreck because I have something she doesn’t: knowledge of the subject at hand. For sure, I’ll see the lawmakers in Hell before I give up my 2D girls.

        • @ Anon
          Aside from video games, the others have no correlation to lolicon. Mercury laced fish, junk food and alchohol are matters of personal responsibility and their any derogatory effects that occur due to their consumption effects the consumer only.

          In terms of lolicon, the sufferer is not the consumer, but the child; therein lies the fundamental difference.

          And in regards to TV and video games, they are mediums rather then subject. But if we are to talk about specific programing or game genres, then my views on lolicon apply.

          @ Quen
          Japan’s low crime rate is both well known, and an appropriate argument in this debate.

          However, we can not draw a firm conclusion based on it because rate and causation are separate entities.

          The fundamental question that we are concerned about is whether lolicon causes people who would otherwise not be child sex offenders, to be child sex offenders.

          And yes, the burden on proving causation currently rests with Unicef, them having initiated this. However, we the anime community, should hold ourselves to a higher standard then we currently do.

          Regardless of what stance the Japanese government takes, the aftereffects could be wide ranging.

          Should lolicon be banned, in addition to irking fans of it, it would also damage the industry, and possibly threaten the livelihoods of some.

          However, should lolicon continue to be legal, there exists the possibility that we are inadvertently putting children at risk.

          Therefore, if we are to argue that lolicon should continue to be legal, we must ascertain that lolicon truly does not endanger children. And this can only be done by rigorous research, not anecdotal evidence. Cliche though this may sound, we owe it to the children.

          @ SasaMisa
          Whilst I’ve heard about Operation Ore, I sadly do not know enough about it to comment in a learned manner.

          I will say this however, misguided though some of us may believe Unicef to be in their crusade, I would wager they do so with naught but good intentions.

          It would seem that they are convinced that lolicon does contribute to child related sex offenses. Whether this is true or not is what I seek to find out. However, their desire to protect children is noble, and we shouldn’t demonize them for that.

        • The CEOP over here in Britain has taken the same route, undoubtedly because they’ve come to same conclusion we have: that there ‘sadly’ aren’t enough real crimes against children to warrant their £250 million a year hand out from the Government. Meaning, let’s make up some new ones again and bang up even more paedos, even though they aren’t actually hurting anyone.

          Of course, there’s already a sniff of corruption at the highest level as the Operation Ore case continues to collapse. As one guy said on another site yesterday, sooner or later, the whole thing will be blown wide open and a lot of people will be doing serious jail time for their involvement.

        • Does the low number of sex-related crimes, including those involving children, in Japan as compared to the other countries of the world mean nothing?

          If there’s any place in the world where lolicon material would result in more crimes, it would be Japan, but on paper (and even being generous with compensating for undereporting) Japan is a much safer place for children than countries where lolicon related material is far less plentiful.

          Do also remember UNICEF was not formerly a target of criticism in places such as this – that began when UNICEF began its current lolicon campaign, so one would think the burden of proof would be on them.

        • Anonymous says:

          “even if it’s effects are minor at best, I would expect no less then a complete ban.”

          If you use that logic, then we should ban alcohol outright…oh and video games…TV…junk foods…food with mercury in them (fish)…because some of those things can have minor to major consequences…

        • I’m not saying that Unicef and others following their line of argument are free of the burden of proof either. Currently, it’s both sides yelling at each other without much evidence being brought to the table.

          I too do not believe that lolicon hentai (repulsed though I am of it) contributes to increased cases of child sex offenses, but my personal opinion, drawn mainly from anecdotal evidence, is insufficient to prove that there is no causal link.

          The divide between pornography and freedom of expression has always been a tricky one. In cases such as this, only independent and thorough research can justify any major action regarding the matter.

          If no causal link can be found, then all the better for defenders of free speech and appreciators of lolicon. If there is a conclusive causal link however, even if it’s effects are minor at best, I would expect no less then a complete ban.

          Whatever conclusion this argument ultimately reaches, I care not. All I hope for is that proper research is held into the matter.

          What I do find objectionable however, is the antagonism that the community is heaving on Unicef, which I find to be utterly unwarranted.

        • Why would they need to provide conclusive evidence of the lack of any contribution to such offenses? One would think the burden would be on the people arguing against loli to provide the evidence showing that there is a connection between increases offenses and loli related material.

          Which, of course, doesn’t exist in any credible format. Even with wildly exaggerating the number of such offenses recorded in Japan to account for the usual claim that such crimes go unreported more often in Asian countries than the West, Japan with all its loli still has a lower per capita amount of child related sex offenses than most Western countries (as many other types of crimes).

          It’s fairly safe to say that loli material does not produce dangerous criminals.

        • Zelgadis4tw says:

          lol, don’t ask if you have no interest? Surely if you express interest that means you want to know, and wanting to know means you would be willing to find out on your own. Also, those points have been covered elsewhere on this website.

        • Stake and interest are vastly different concepts, might I suggest you pick up a dictionary once in a while?

          And once again I must reiterate my point; everyone is throwing up a shitstorm about Unicef, but no one has yet produced conclusive evidence that lolicon hentai does not contribute towards increased numbers of child related sex offenses.

          When arguing a point, the burden of proof lies on the one trying to persuade others, not one who sits on the fence.