Comment on Lyrical Nanoha 4th Series: Mahou Shoujo No More by Ohkikaze:

cant wait for a 4th season, well she might be 25 by now but theres still vita <3 and i find it rather nice and refreshing that the girls really grow up.
And Vivio has both her nanoha-mama and her fate-mama so no guys needed in that relationship lol.

BTW spill your rotten copypasta elsewhere this isnt /b/

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  • IdolM@ster Life:
    amen^~^ this kind of room is as normal to an otaku as breathing. He did a really cool job with placing his merchandise, i need to spice up my apartment furniture a little more so my poor figures get the attention they deserve haha

  • Water Soluble Revenge Bikini:
    haha yup and aspirin

  • Ronery Idol Otaku:
    I think there is nothing wrong with him, when you look at the picture its all over the floor so he just wanted to make a picture of his collection which is when bundled up far smaller looking. plus it was the idols birthday, a special day for a fan. even i bought a small cake on konatas birthday lol the only sick (Idol)otaku are the ones that start stalking, disturbing, frightening theyr object of admiration.

  • Final Fantasy XIV to be PS3/PC MMORPG:
    they already stated in the SE Q&A conference that it will be possible to choose between solo and party playstyle^^

  • Final Fantasy XIV to be PS3/PC MMORPG:
    lol there are tarus^^ look at the artwork on the official website


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