Black Rock Shooter Figure – A Dark Hatsune Miku


The Black Rock Shooter figure, darling of the WonHobi 9 event and recipient of more feverish attention online than any other figure so far this year, has just been revealed on Good Smile Company’s website to go along with the opening of pre-orders, although International customers will still need to wait some more time before it is available to them…

The BRS figure is based on illustrations of a warped, dark Hatsune Miku by artist huke for a tremendously popular Nico video, which can be seen below:

We had already seen images of the figure at the WonHobi 9 and 9.5 events, but these new official images from GSC show the figure in much better quality than event photography:


The BRS is a 1/8 PVC; a bit on the small side and perhaps smaller than owners would have liked for a figure of such obvious quality, but being in a larger scale would have made the figure even costlier than it already is…


The Good Smile website has this to say about the figure:

A wish on a star, in the darkness of the night.

The original illustration by huke, “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” has been brought to life as a PVC figure! When ryo first saw huke’s illustration, he was inspired to compose a song based on the image, huke then created a PV for that song, which became a huge hit online. Even a CD has been released!

She has been sculpted holding her huge Rock Cannon, in an striking pose that draws out her mysterious charm. Her flowing hair and jacket, as well as her weapon and beautiful stand have all been carefully sculpted, even the smallest of details had careful attention payed to them, making this a top quality figure from anybody’s viewpoint.


Her gun and chains seem excellently detailed.

Those who closely follower her appearances at recent events may be disappointed to see her not come with the entire collection of chains she appeared with during those public displays, but those were rather obviously just for display.


The base looks magnificent!


The “flame eye” is cast-offable, luckily.

I hadn’t noticed the scars on her torso before…


Flame eye attached.

The effect looks excellent, even to me who usually shys away from lightning/fire effects on my figures.

The eyes look glorious…


No panchira, but her shorts are practically small to count as one.


Promo shot with some of the additional chains the figure had during her event appearances.

Here is the original illustration by huke, who also illustrated the PV for the BRS video:


The Black Rock Shooter will become available in August, for the retail price of ¥9,800.

The price is certainly up there (especially for a 1/8), but not as exorbitant as some had feared.

She is now available for pre-order at Hobby Search and HLJ

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