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Teacher Makes Club into Personal Maid Harem


A teacher shocked his school and was reported to police after it emerged that he coerced his female students into cosplaying maids for him to photograph, threatening to fail them if they did not comply.

The teacher (51) apparently blackmailed a number of his third year high school students (18) at the arts club he was supervising into cosplaying as maids, threatening to deny them credits in Japanese if they disobeyed.

The girls refused his initial request, but he made them into his maids anyway, using the club’s store of maid costumes. He then made another student photograph the scene for him.

Soon word of the maid harem spread and was reported to authorities, and the vice-principal and teacher headed to the parents of the forced maids to apologise. The day after, the girls took the matter to police.

The teacher was removed from his club post, but returned to general duties immediately after, without giving any explanation. A full apology was however given to the school at an assembly the next day.

The pictures in question were deleted.

The teacher excuses himself thus: “I thought they’d take it as a joke and nothing would come of it.” The local school board accepted this, saying “He meant it as a joke, but it ended up causing great harm to the students concerned”.

Via Yomiuri.

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