Lolicon Otaku Invasion Forces Fresh Precure Board to Close


Children’s mahou shoujo anime Precure, aimed at primary school girls aged 4-6, has recently had its latest incarnation in the form of Fresh Pretty Cure; oddly, in addition to the target demographic, the anime has picked up a notable following of adult otaku, who lately have attracted attention to themselves with interminable debates over doujinshi and other weighty matters, conducted on the official boards.

As is evident from the nature of the discussion and the difficult language used (including one very strange individual referring to himself using the same language a monk or samurai would use), the debate participants are unlikely to be primary schoolers. In fact, the board shows no sign of any schoolgirl presence at all…

After being raised by Vippers (denizens of a famous board on 2ch) and then reported widely, it seems Toei’s discomfort finally reached critical levels, as now the board has been taken offline “temporarily”:

Thank you for using the Fresh Precure BBS.

We would like to make an important announcement.

Thank you for using the Fresh Precure BBS.

We would like to make an important announcement.

Recently, the BBS has strayed from being a place general users can utilize to one where “Prohibited conduct which discomforts other users” is becoming an issue. As a result, we must unfortunately suspend the board temporarily.

Thank you for using the board, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Have otaku have driven some poor little six-year-old girls to tears with the closure of their venue for discussing the anime?

One charmingly good natured, or some might say naive, interpretation from a Vipper is that “You guys are all overreacting, they are all just fathers who have been watching it together with their daughters, and have gotten into it, that’s all.” Hence the doujinshi discussion…

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