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Maniac Otaku Buys 39 Copies of Idol Master SP


Desperate for every last item of Idolmaster merchandise, one otaku bought no less than 39 copies of the new PSP Idolmaster title(s), Idolmaster SP, with most of his haul being in the form of telephone cards limited to specific outlets.

The maniac in question visited 13 different shops, buying some three copies at each (as the game is cunningly segmented into three), along with three additional copies for actual use. Along with the precious telephone cards, he obtained a variety of other trinkets, all visible above.

From his comments, he has no intention of opening any but the three he bought to play…

In total, he appears to have spent some  ¥200,000. The three titles are readily available now for some ¥5,000 each.


Assuming the franchise captivates them, otaku would appear to be some of the easiest consumers to market to yet known…

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