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Thousand Member Sex Party Business Busted


A man who ran a “sex party” club from an apartment has been arrested on prostitution charges. The club apparently had over a thousand members, and ran parties twice daily with a participation fee of ¥23,000…

Advertising that “We hold adult parties for the Osaka area”, the club, called “Touch”, operated out of a normal apartment; members would pay ¥5,000 to register, and provide identification, after which they would be free to participate.

Male members would pay ¥23,000 to attend one of the sessions (with a reservation being required), of which there were some thirty a month, both in the afternoon and at night.

The club would dispatch female participants (prostitutes) aged 20-50 to ensure enough meat on the table, and also advertised free entry to female “observers”, from whose ranks new employees could be recruited.

When police acted to close the venture, they arrested three unemployed men in their sixties (patrons), along a lady piano teacher (46) and a prostitute (28). The low attendance might have been attributable to it being only one in the afternoon.

Two managers have been arrested; police are concerned to continue their investigations, though it is not clear what they find so objectionable about this specific establishment given the extremely loose laws surrounding the trade.

Via ZakZak.

As with the case of the Akiba maid sex parlour, it appears one likely reason they were caught out is that they opted to use fixed premises rather than some kind of dispatch system; “delivery health” and similar seem to go completely unmolested…

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