Wonder Hobby Festival 9 Figma & Nendoroid Highlights


WonHobi 9, or to use its official name, “WONDER HOBBY FESTIVAL FOR YOU ! ! 9 ~featuring Figma and Nendoroid~” took place earlier today, and as its name would imply, an absolute bevy of the latest chibi Nendoroid and poseable Figma figures were on display for onlookers to gawk at.

Collected here are some of the best sights from the event so you too can join in on the sightseeing:


First off, it’s the Nendoroid version of the gorgeous Good Smile Company’s Saber Lily figure.

Combine this with the Figma Saber Lily to make a matching set?


Eroge player Nagato Yuki in Nendoroid Puchi (Puchi are smaller versions of regular Nendoroid), from the Haruhi-chan manga (and now Youtube) parody series.

I wonder what her other face could look like?


Nanami Nishijou, the sister of the protagonist of the fall season’s Chaos;Head series, looking quite moe.


A Megurine Luka Nendoroid Puchi – unfortunately her costume’s details don’t seem to take well to this sort of miniaturization, although I’m not sure if this is a final version or not. However…


A full sized Nendoroid Megurine seems certain, as this poster states: “Nendoroid Conversion Grand Announcement !?”, which is as sure a sign of her eventual Nendoroidification as anything else could possible be.


The full sized Nendoroid Nagi-sama, due out in May, which Artefact covered recently.

Hint: Generally, Nendoroid do not have oppai at all, but make sure to compare Nagi’s chest to her more well-endowed sister below for a cute jest…


Nendoroid Zange-chan, sporting Nend-oppai and a very cute version of her “¥100 a go” sign.

Note the impurities scattered around her feet.


Nendoroid Rin Kokonoe, from not-loli series Kodomo no Jikan, set for an April release.


Nendoroid Yoshika Miyafuji, looking very prim and cute in her Imperial Navy sailor’s hat and matching pantsu, befitting Strike Witches’ status as a modern classic of the Japanese visual arts.


Nendoroid Miyuki Takara, due out in March. The hair looks especially good on this one, compared to most Nendo.

Also, she and Tsukasa will both be getting limited edition Nendoroid available through the Comptiq magazine


Comptiq Miyuki Nendoroid, in fetching cow cosplay. It’s an auspicious time to be dressed so, as it is the Year of the Hentai Oxen.


Comptiq Tsukasa Nendoroid, in moesome inumimi cosplay. Very cute!


Nendoroid Yoko, who also has the rare (for a Nendoroid) anomaly of having oppai, although hers are hidden underneath her huge rifle in this shot.


A sequel to the first set of figures, the Idol Master Nendoroid Puchi Stage 2 set will be coming soon. The first set looked excellent, and this one should cover the rest of the girls not included in the first release.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the photos I originally had that displayed the others, so this image will have to do.


Nendoroid Imoko Shishidou, from Sora o Kakeru Shoujo, due out in June.

A surprising choice for the first Nendo from the series, perhaps?


A Nendoroid of Exelica, from arcade and PS3 / Xbox 360 game Trigger Heart EXELICA.

This deluxe Nendo will be packaged along with an upcoming game release from the series, but I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with it to give any more details…

Ending the Nendoroid section with that, here begins the Figma coverage.

In the last week there has been two good announcements for fans of the articulated-joint Figma figures – Shikabane Hime‘s Makina Hoshimura and Haruhi will both be getting new Figma versions (In Makina’s case it’s her first, in Haruhi this might be her 3rd or 4th?)


Figma Makina Hoshimura, due in April.

Being able to see the No-Pan Princess‘ pantsu might detract something, but with careful positioning that should not be a problem – assuming anyone else besides me worries about such things?


Figma Haruhi Suzumiya Summer School Ver., also due in April.

The main difference for this new Haruhi is a different hairstyle, changed to a cute short-ponytail, which of course is not visible in this image that I’ve selected.

Here are some of the promotional images for Makina and Haruhi:



Both look great for Figma, and could almost pass for being very small scaled, normal figures if you looked at them from a distance (and perhaps squinted).


Figma Hatsune Miku riding the new Figma Bikes, part of a new trend of campaigns from Max Factory which gives out accessories for buyers to use with their figures.


More Figma accessories.


The cute Kagami Hiiragi cosplaying Hatsune Miku Kagamiku Figma, or MikuMiku Kagami if you prefer.


Mikuru-chan in her time-traveling battle waitress attire.

Note the accurate different colored eyes…


A group shot of the Figma Haruhi & Mikuru Cheerleaders, both due in March.


Panchira generally don’t look appealing on Figma due to the articulated joints, but the photgrapher here got a pretty good one of Mikuru.


The above photo stand cut-out of Hatsune Miku’s Figma that was at the event is technically Figma-related, and I’ll use it to end this WonHobi 9 Figma & Nendoroid report here.

See the rest of the photos at the huge galleries from online store HobbyStock’s Reports page, Moeyo, and AkibaHobby.

Expect a similar post on the more typical bishoujo figures from WonHobi shortly…

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