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pretty normal i must say.

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  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    Geez. When will englsh dubs become illegal? They’re always plain, void of emotion and the voces almost never fit the characters. Same goes with videogames. If they’re going to include shitty dubs at least give me the option to listen to the superior Japanece voiceovers. Or better yet, don’t make dubs and save a lot of money.

  • Koyomimonogatari BD “Bring The Ero Home!”:
    Damn, they just now bringing this anime to BD? Seeing how short each of these eps are I guess I can watch all of them in one go now.

  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    This is crap and changes Rias entire personality. She goes around nude around Isei all the time and does not act like this made it appear. This is just plain awful and yes Japanese is the best sounding!

  • Koyomimonogatari BD “Bring The Ero Home!”:
    I want to see more Black Hanekawa

  • Baka na Imouto Boasts Naughty Nekomimi Action:
    Seriously, what is it with this studio using photographs opnly slightly edited as their background? It looks ugly as hell and completely distracts because it looks so different and out of place from the properly animated parts. They have done that for quite some time now and by god, if it’s money that’s missing don’t do more than one shots or something.


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