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They are real. I have personally seen similar.

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  • Japanese Narrow Buildings:
    I’m not going to bother repeating myself any further.

  • Japanese Narrow Buildings:
    They look as if they would be standard 6 tatami 1K apartments, probably with an elevator and stairs at one end, with one apartment per floor. the only difference is probably that they usually have more apartments to each side…

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    We’ve been running these skins for years now…

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    The original source I came across was worded to suggest she died, but some double-checking against other sources does suggest this was in error – I’ve updated the article, although unfortunately it is still not clear whether she actually “rescued” her as such. Thanks for the correction!

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    There’s a note announcing it has been released on the PSV the official site as of today: The trailer, cards and other materials were intended to be illustrative of the game’s original version, sorry if that was not clear.

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    Your browser cached the redirect image, you’ll probably need to refresh or wait a little while.

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    429 is a warning from the server to throttle back a little, not an error as such. You can also trigger it with sustained periods of high activity, which might be what you are seeing.


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