Korean Death Threats Made Against Hetalia Author


The Korean furore over supposedly racist WWII parody anime Hetalia, which resulted in a partially successful campaign to force the anime off the air in Japan, did not stop at threats of cyber-terrorism; it appears even death threats have been issued against the author, 日丸屋 秀和 / Hirumaya Hidekazu.

The threat in question originates from the same boards (Daum’s “Agora”) responsible for spawning the various petitions which initially led to the anime’s cancellation; the commenter is succinct about his wishes: “Let’s go to Japan and kill the bastard! The author’s name is Hirumaya Hidekazu!”

The author actually lives overseas (in New York), so some research is evidently lacking on the part of the would be assassin, and his potential victim may be safe as a result.

Still, calling for the murder of a comic author is something which puts him amongst extraordinarily dubious company, as you may recall from recent similar events elsewhere.

As if issuing such a distasteful call to arms were not enough, the same commenter goes on to say whilst affirming his vote on the petition to ban the anime: “I sign! We’ve all got to kill every last one of those filthy Japs!”

The threat was actually made on the 12th, around the time of the original attacks on Hetalia, but for some reason no Koreans saw fit to report it, or remove it. Thus it was left to Japanese observers to uncover.

It is not clear whether any more such threats, or exhortations to murder or genocide, have been made, though sadly this does not seem entirely improbable.

You can see the relevant 2ch thread preserved here, along with a cache of the original Daum pages.

Of course, nobody would deny that such froth is a frequent characteristic of boards the world over; however, in many nations such grave threats are dealt with seriously by police, due to the knowledge that a small but tragic proportion will inevitably turn out to be genuine, something understood only too well in Japan. Whether Korean authorities will be investigating this is not clear.

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  • I don’t care about Korea but Hetalia really sucks. I have to agree with the Koreans on this one. All of those small plots from the webcomic are way too character-oriented.

    I know this is sort of yaoi anthropomorphism but the whole mood of the series doesn’t have to be whole ‘only-character-dynamics’ or something like that.

  • Ode to Heights says:

    Seriously, like wow. Aggressively creepy much?

    I’m not one to judge as to why some or most Koreans find the portrayal of Korea-tan offensive but…aren’t death threats to Himaruya a bit too much? Plus, the damn petition? I mean, why would the government of S. Korea would want to intervene or get itself involve in something as trivial as a webcomic that was made purely out of comedy. They’re fussing over something like that when the government (not just referring to Korea)should address real problems here. We all know that Himaruya-san has given flaws to almost all nation-tans. How is Korea any different? You don’t hear other nations bitching about their portrayals, like crazy. Besides, I have seen far worse TV shows out there that fills every episode with racism jokes and other shit. Ever heard of South Park?

  • Now, Hetalia would only be something to bitch about if Hirumaya Hidekazu makes Korea a hardcore nationalistic who hates Japan, is racist and makes anonymous threats to authors about manga.
    So those anonymous, Hetalia hating Koreans should go bitch at those “Korea sucks” websites. End of story.

  • I find it amusing how because of some crackpot Korean, you guys all think they represent a whole nation to you all. Seriously, I’m Korean and I love Japan and all, but you guys who are saying “KOREANS SHOULD DIE” should relax and think for ONCE.

    Yeah that scumbag and those petitioners should die, but the whole Korean nation itself? Since when did one Korean crackpot (who by the way CONVENIENTLY lives in AMERICA for those of you who don’t know and also CONVENIENTLY uses the word JAP like a typical racist moron living in America(Koreans who actually live in Korea don’t even say the word JAP to insult Japanese since they don’t even know that word, but rather uses a different KOREAN word if they ever do insult them)).

    And you also got to understand that some Koreans REALLY hate Japanese people because of their past with Japanese people (you know the whole Japanese colonization stuff). For Korean people, it’s the same as how Jews were controlled and killed by the Nazis. Most people should try to forget and forgive, but there are people who are still strongly feeling like that and are very nationalistic. I myself don’t really care since it’s all in the past, but there are people still like that around who in my opinion should, like everyone else said “CHILL”, but who am I to say anything about that since I didn’t experience anything like that? Of course, you guys never even thought of that all before making your extremely thoughtful comments now did you?

    Seriously though, what the hell do I expect from narrow minded idiots? All you people who say that Koreans should be nuked etc. are nothing more than the same person as that Korean racist idiot saying that Japanese people should all be killed. I’m sure if some American person made the same type of action as that Korean crackpot, you wouldn’t talk about bombing your own country now would you? Seriously, all you racist idiots, please stay wherever the hell you are and just don’t come to Asia. Just don’t come to Korea or even Japan for that matter because people like you aren’t even welcome.

    P.S. And from what I say on the Daum page, there are 161 people who are on the petition. A FREAKING 161 people. I mean really that’s like the whole Korean population, right everyone? We should blow that country away because of them. OH YEAH!!!! Bring on the WWIII Baby! Bring it ON!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously. I mean, the name of the show is “useless Italy”. I havent seen any Italian protesters.
      But, the Italians are too busy being chill to notice being made fun of…

  • I’ve just recently learned about Hetalia. To say the least I pretty much enjoy it and don’t really see a discriminating point. Everything is pretty much all comedy. Funny thing is I’m Korean.

    I do agree with people that Koreans are very much aggressive when it comes to these kinds of things. Honestly it disgusts and embarrasses me to know that my own country is like this. However, I do disagree on some people’s view that South Korea shouldn’t exist at all. Not all people are like that psycho with the death threat. If you see people like that exist all over the world. Not only South Korea has them. Although I can say they can certainly take first place for things like this.

    Please I hope people who read this comment will understand that not all Koreans are like that. And realize that other Koreans that really like hetalia are a little hurt by the comments like South Korea should be nuked by North Korea or something along the lines of Koreans all being evil.

    Anyone reading this if they take offense I truly apologize. I didn’t mean to get this message off negatively to those who thought so.


    Look we all need to stop acting like racist bastards and think like calm mature adults.

    I do agree that S. Korea is taking this way to far but come on…It’s a comedy, comedy is meant to be funny. The only other thing that upsets me is that they didn’t even bother to use actual official art when protesting bur like everyone’s said government is screwed up(Everyone’s is).

    And also to ANYONE who keeps saying “Jap” KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. That’s one of the most insulting and RACIAL things to call the Japanese as it’s a insulting term from WWII.

  • Then shall the Japaneses go to Korea and assasinate the author of that Korean manhwa Devil’s Island..?

    They (that manhwa) killed a Japanese loli in a gruesome way (doesn’t shown graphically though) and then introduced 4 Japanese characters potrayed negatively; a shameless sex maniac rapist FBI, a crossdressing male miko, a(nother) crossdressing female punk that’s determined to do a transexual surgery, and a err.. typical sadistic sage.


    The ending went pretty good imo though, with the reverse-trap decided to stay as a female after being convinced by the young Korean priest that she looks pretty as a girl, although some parts still looked disturbingly rascist..

    • You got me at “shameless sex maniac rapist FBI”… (I have visions of a psycho white Malaysian police officer from another manga…)

      So where can I find this Devil’s Island? JanimeS and other popular ManHwa sites don’t seem to have it and google tends to bring up other ManHwa’s that feature Devil’s and Islands (like Masca).

      Apparently it’s sold in specialist bookstores in Malaysia but if there’s a place online where I can take a look, it would be much appreciated. (Would save me a lot of effort and petrol. Save the environment and let me know!)

      • find old Kreko/Komik Remaja Issues, Devil’s Island is in KR’s issue 50++ to 100++ (roughly around 2002/03 me think b4 they change the numbering to issues yearly)

        Now I’m worried that my parents gonna visit S. Korea for business affairs

  • Artefact really dislikes Korea, doesn’t he?

    Stupid threats and extreme views like that aren’t limited to Korea. Hey, just look at 4chan! The whole world’s full of retards, we just don’t see them because nobody’s pedantically gone and searched for them. This is the internet.

      • Haha…
        Change “Japan” for “N.Korea” or “S.Korea” and you will have the same thing.




        See, Koreans are the real racists.

        Koreans, (both North and South) are just crazy. They can’t even unify their country and live peacefully.

        Korean civil war did more damage to Korean people than Japanese occupation. Koreans need to afraid and hate not Japanese, but their own leaders.


          I like the statement above. It is one of those “fill in the blanks” type of joke. Basically you can replace the names of those two countries with names of other countries or groups whom you hate or are trying to slander. And they work reversible too!


          “France” + “English”

          “America” + “Negros”

          “Autobots” + “Decepticons”

          …more than meets the eye.

  • So if I was to create a show as a white person making stereotypical jokes against black people, I’m sure I’d have an angry mob in front of my door, ready to basically kill me. How is this any different?

  • You know what?

    If you can’t beat them… join them.

    I hereby declare that Hidekaz Himaruya has insulted the national pride of Malaysia by excluding Malaysia from the Hetalia Axis powers manga/anime.

    I call on all true patriots of Malaysia to rise up and petition their members of parliment to table a resolution calling on the UN to DEMAND that we be included in what will no doubt now become a legendary manga!

    Failure to let the world know how Malaysia let Japan ride all over our country is a dire insult. What? Do people think we don’t exist? We who labored long and hard with our twin erections that were at one point the tallest in the world?

    Malaysia Boleh!
    (And if Parliment won’t take action – then we need to send out death threats!)

    • Anonymous says:

      *hetaliafag here*

    • I dare not to hope for that, my friend. If they ever do that, i can see UMNO and PAS politician fussing on Buletin Utama every night, then national extremists doing ‘tunjuk perasan’ in front of the Japanese embassy, followed by a boycott over all Anime and Japanese materials..

      And what kind of Malaysian army do you want to see in Hetalia? A sissy version of Sergeant Hassan..? lol

  • Guy should be put under arrest, as it is a crime to do something like that.

    The only sad part on this is that Koreans/Korean police didn’t do anything about it yet.

    Other than that, unfortunatelly the Internet is filled of people just like him… lowest scum on Earth.

    People who make life threats on the Internet shouldn’t even be considered humans… some coward low life forms, that’s what they are.

  • You guys all believe this stuff? The only purpose of this article seems to be to turn everyone against the EVIL Korea. It was only a brief period of protest like many debates in Korea and almost no one gives a f*ck about Hetalia in Korea nowadays. You guys are just overreacting and keep dragging on this same stupid stuff.

  • I guess I should’ve expected here to be a shitload of Japanophiles. But seriously?

    I saw someone commenting that Korea can’t take a joke. Obviously someone can’t take a joke about saying that “somebody will kill someone”; I’m pretty sure there are thousands of the same comments shared every day, online or off.

    And wow. This is just like “all Iraqis are terrorists!” type of logic.

    I know this show pokes fun at all the countries involved around WWII, but Japan being the country that raped and killed the Koreans to portray them as a “homosexual” country seems somewhat contradictory.

    I enjoyed the show, and Japan is supposedly not including the Korea character in the broadcast. Again, this wasn’t even public until some Japanese person picked it up. I don’t think they’re “begging for attention”.

  • Dear Korea: GROW THE FUCK UP.

    I mean, come on. This is MILD compared to some of the stuff out there, and yet you’re getting all whiny on them because they make you look weird, or not to your liking?

    Seriously, grow up. That’s NOTHING. Allow me to introduce you to the group that Fox News amusingly called the ‘internet haet machine’ – Annonymous. I’m sure you’ll find that this stupid characterization of your silly countries is tame compared to them. See you on /b/…

      • Their food isn’t great. Do they think they invented barbecued meat? And pickled cabbage is their national dish. c’mon… Overall, they just makes things spicy and don’t even care about the natural flavor of ingredients.

        Don’t even get me started on how worthless soju is.

        • cactuar_jinn says:

          No, we didn’t invent barbecued meat, but you have to admit it tastes pretty different from that found in other countries. And kimchi is only the “national dish” because that’s all foreigners really notice when they visit the country. It’s only a SIDE dish. There are plenty of other Korean traditional foods that most people have probably never heard of.

          Even I don’t really care for soju. Makgeolli is the much better option… much much much much better tasting and a lot smoother.

        • A lot of their more recent food dishes were developed AFTER or during the Korean Civil War. In and around US Army bases, where the civilians could trade products and/or services for any extra food the GIs had on hand. Spam was big back then from what I recall hearing my relatives say. Among other foods.

        • Actually, the food is excellent. And no, they didn’t invent meat BBQ, but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s really good. Even Anthony Bourdain likes it (it’s the only thing he kept eating after the cameras stopped rolling) and he didn’t think too highly of the rest of the Korean cuisine.

          The majority of Korean food isn’t spicy. If anything, the chief complaint is that they overuse garlic.

          Not too big of a fan of soju either. I guess we have one point of commonality.

  • I’m going to go fly over to North Korea, purchase a four foot high shipping box, stuff Kim Jong Ill in it, and mail it below the border! Eat that South Korea. Seriously, what the hell? You’re always going to have some patriotic whack jobs, but for their government to get offended by a manga and animated show- Don’t those idiots have anything better to do, like, I don’t know, deal with a worldwide recession?!?!?!? From what I’ve seen, the portrayal of S. Korea in the show isn’t even that bad. Five years from now, if China or Russia/ newly reformed USSR : ), comes down to your dot of a country, wouldn’t you want a powerful non-communist ally close to you on your side, like, I don’t know…. JAPAN!

  • hey Korea ever heard the word “comedy” before?
    for god sake just laugh you humorless tightwads!! its a joke! dont you get that? pfffftt i guess being all high and mighty stops you from knowing what comedic humor is huh? who needs it right?it would be much easier for you to piss off people that way…

  • Oh korea… why don’t those irrational hot-headed nationalists stop trying to pick fights over nothing and just go back to beating their wives while eating dog?

    If koreans don’t want media coverage of their idiocy, they should stop acting like idiots.

  • No point cursing at these Korean otaku. They are doing this to get attention to their country.

    They think by doing the so, the world will fear their awesome leet haxx0r nationalistic power and will pay more attention to them instead of their more popular neighbours ie China and Korea. Well the world will see them as similar to the Muslim terrorists; basically intolerant people.

  • I’m not sure if these people even have the money for the plane fare… usually people who start this crap are prepubescent teens that have too much time on their hands.

    (Meaning the petition to kill the Japanese and so forth, not the entire anti-hetalia thing.)

    And no, korean authorities probably won’t be investigating it because of the above reason..

  • KajunBowser says:

    C’mon, IT’S JUST AN ANIME!!! There’s no reason to get your pantsu in a twist over it, let alone make death threats against the creator. I’d expect this type of response from North Koreans, not South Koreans.

  • A country that gave us Hwang Mi Hee can’t be all that bad…

    Anyhow, lots of idiocy on the Internet. Idiotic behavior like this deserves ridicule and scorn, but police action? No.

    And ultra-nationalist Koreans need to let it go. It’s a cartoon. This is almost as ridiculous as their protest against American beef (Americans have been eating it for decades but it is unsafe for Koreans?)

    I know plenty of Koreans (Korean Americans at least) who don’t know about this Hentalia issue, don’t care, or wonder what all the idiots in the home country are smoking to get all worked up on an issue so small.

    You’d think they’d worry more about their economy, the large percentage of their college graduates who can’t get jobs, the growing gap between the rich and poor, significant labor unrest and the issues with North Korea (and its probable future collapse and current belligerence). But apparently, these aren’t BIG issues.

    • I don’t think you should talk like you know everything.
      First, the beef protest was because the Americans sold the beef without letting Korea inspect the meat; what would you do if someone passed you a bowl of cereal with rat poison in it and told you that it’s safe?

      • haha. You still believe that drivel that MBC broadcast? I don’t know everything but I know enough to check more than one side of the story. Get your facts straight.

        And for the record, I’ve been eating American beef for well over 30 years. I find it funny that not a single Korean has gotten sick over American beef and yet hardly a murmur was said when bad Chinese whey protein affected milk, confections and other foods consumed by Korean children, making many of them seriously sick. Certainly Koreans didn’t take to the streets in mass demonstrations. I think Korea needs to take another look at their inspection priorities.

        And you need to cut it out with the comparisons that American beef = bowl of cereal with rat poison. Hyberbolic exaggerations does not impress anyone. All that does is group you with the ultra-nationalists who can’t listen to other opinions without getting all emotional and mad.

    • cactuar_jinn says:

      Well, I’m gonna have to agree. I’m a South Korean and I could care less about the whole Hetalia issue. In fact, I think the series is hilarious. Others don’t seem to understand that the entire thing is one giant satire. However, it does offend me a bit that people on this site tend to generalize all Koreans as being Japanese hating war-mongers and a bunch of “pruds”. Just because those that make the most noise catch your attention doesn’t mean that everyone agrees.

      Anyone ever think that maybe no one really reported the comments made by the would-be assassin because they shrugged it off as a stupid comment that wasn’t worth their time? And if that’s not the case, I blame the f**ked up government that runs Korea. Can’t get more corrupt than that governing body. =.=;;

  • Has anyone pointed out that this has been discussed in the National Assembly of South Korea, whereupon a representative labeled the author of Hetalia as a criminal? Come on, there are more pressing issues than discussing a series of four drawings put online by a New Yorker in his free time… Oh, and thanks for the free advertisement.

  • Don’t be too hasty hating the Koreans yet.

    Let the nationalists cross a line, maybe kill the artist. The worst thing that could happen South-Korea then is WWIII (or just war against Japan generally), alienation by the rest of the world, crack in their country’s reputation (and we all know how much they love their country), whatever makes your boat floating. Even though if it’s the Internet, if the Koreans do cross a line, they still have the world against them. The ones who’re gonna suffer the consequenses are still the Koreans.

  • hauntedview says:

    Puuleease! All you haters need to tone it down. I work in a private research institute surrounded by S. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese scientist/techs. To hear some of you wishing harm for an entire race or subgroup of a race due to some crackpot’s threat makes absolutely no sense at all. And to those uber-japanese lovers out there, you tend to forget the atrocities the Japanese army inflicted to several Asian countries during the 1st half of the 20th century. But that’s all in the past, so try to find common ground here…
    ___)~~;( . Y . )

  • man what a bunch of wankers those koreans are. like shit man, it’s only like a 5 minute show anyways. This kinda reminds me of the muslism danish cartoon a few years back except this time, no offensive content is even in the show.

  • Korea, I love you, I think you’re swell.

    Korean Hetalia protesters, please go die in a fire.

    Actually, grow some common sense first, and then die in a fire while repenting your actions.

    But seriously, WHYYYYYYYY

  • Saw the first ep and I liked the show. Personally I didn’t see the big deal about what the Koreans was upset about. Since I live in sweden I was more furious about my country’s 2sec screen time.

    Either way it seems stupid to get so worked up about an anime production. But if any koreans that supports killing the producer of Hetalia, please reply and argument why!

    • the article said the author lived over sea’s didnt it… 😛 if the koreans who tried to ddos this site read it again they might find out artefact! lol~ XD but all this actually made me go read the manga and download an episode of the anime… 🙁 i dont think its that big a deal so i rkn they should just let it go

    • Zelgadis4tw says:

      Hmm…I suppose I would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that one of our biggest national and economical symbols was attacked, and our top military officials counsel building as well. Which also cost a great many lives in the process. When you believe that you are safe in your own back yard, when something happens in it you tend to think it’s worse than it actually was. Though that doesn’t mean the 9/11 attacks were any less horrible/tragic.

      …Having said that we went to “war” with the wrong people, seeing as how at least half of the perpetrators were Saudi Arabians.

    • The world is going to bitch and complain about ANYTHING the U.S. does or does not do. Americans in response gave up caring about it long ago.

      Those South Koreans making the threats need to grow some thicker skin.

      • The difference between this issue and everything in America is the willingness of the people. Most of this bullshit that’s going on right now in Korea is motivated directly by the citizens. All the stupid shit Bush did in his two terms was protested in the streets and got little or no support from the US citizens.

    • >And honestly, since when being so nationalist is wrong?

      Since it caused two World Wars? Longer?

      >The American went to war mostly because their (last) President was nationalistic(ly stupid)

      Did it do them any good? Did it do anybody any good?
      Well, perhaps the Iranian (since they got rid of their dictator), but even for them may not have been worth the price and the aftermath.

      • Daddy and Junior Bush screwed us up, internationally-speaking. Plus, Bush Sr.’s hand-puppet Mr Reagan.

        Why else would Reagan have an operation on his colon, and a bit later Bush Sr. have one on his middle finger? Something didn’t smell right from the get-go. XD

        All the joking aside, the Bushes haven’t done much for America in the way of repairing the bridges that they burned.

        • No offense Miroku by Bush Sr. was much more respectable than Clinton or Bush Jr. He wasn’t perfect by any means either, but he did a lot of good that everyone seems to overlook. Everyone gets at him for Kuwait, but everyone seems to forget he also helped Gorbachev clean up Russia considerably. Bush Jr on the other hand….lets not go there…

          Korea just needs a country wide power brownout. Just enough power to have radios but not enough for computers, so that they can all get away from playing starcraft and MMOs long enough to realize their country sucks.

      • No offense but if we took every anonymous death threat on the internet seriously we would have to be shipping people to the jails in the thousands. If the person showed some serious detail, that’s kinda different than just someone posting on the board they are going to kill an author. Otherwise people threatening Obama alone could fill up a prison.

        • JK Rowling hasn’t had the amount of death threats that Salman Rushdie has… for his part in writing the Satanic Verses.

          But then again, Hetalia-haters and Company cannot compare to the frothing-at-the-mouth vehemence of an outraged religion. *rolls eyes*

        • I should say we shouldn’t generalize about the Koreans due to a few crazies in the basement, hell look at the US alone and some of the loonies we’ve had.


          Only thing is Obama already has had the most death threats against him than any president in history. I’m sure J.K. Rowling herself has gotten a few death threats from some “Christians” but you haven’t seen anyone arrested. My point being that just because someone makes a general comment about killing an author isn’t really that big of a deal or should be taken seriously(especially since the person has no clue where the author is).

        • I think it is about time Koreans start sitting at the big boy table, this is ridiculous. The rest of the world does not need to adhere to your hard line nationalism that apparently must always portray Koreans in a positive light.

          It wouldn’t even be a problem if it was the extremists bitching, and it stopped there, but their government caved in over something so inherently pointless. But I suppose I cannot complain too much, I’m just enjoying for once my country not being the target of ridicule for the actions of the few.

    • Maybe… but they’re victims.
      The most significant source of this issue is radical nationalism generated by swindle and fabricated history education by Krean government and media. They’ve been distorting the ture history and hiding the truth to encourage anti-Japanese feeling. And saddly, now most of Koreans are not interesting in facts themselves. They never try to think something based on any evidence or ground. They just believe fabricated evidence reported by Korean historian without any doubt. They believe everything related Japan is evil and anti-Japan statements are heroic action.

      • distorting true history? excuse me? I’m not even sure if you studied Korean history before posting this. I’m sorry, I’m not disagreeing with the last 3 sentences, but the “distorting true history” part doesn’t make sense. When Japan took Korea as a colony, they changed everything, including its name (it used to be Corea) and history records, which is why there are lies not just in japanese textbooks, but also in korean textbooks.

        but again, koreans might be lying.

        geez idk what the believe in anymore :I

      • >The author actually lives overseas (in New York)

        Its obvious that Korean protesters have never read the webcomic. They’re manipulated by madia or internet or whatnot. Need their heads examined.

    • It is not like Japan would even let that Korean scum pass through customs lol.

      South Korea just climbs higher on my list of countries that needs to be obliterated with WMD for my ideal world.

      • Anonymous says:

        For the record, its JAPAN that committed mass genocide during WW2.

        Thousands of women from both Korea and China were forced to serve as ‘comfort girls’ for Japanese soldiers during wartime, not to mention the way Japan dealt with independence movement of Korean activists in the 1940’s. In response to peaceful demonstrators, the Japanese police slashed their way through with Nihonto and bayonet.

        If you think Japan didnt DESERVE Hiroshima and NAGASAKI, think about this: how many Allied soldiers do you think would have been sacrificed to overtake a nation that was willing to mobilize their entire population in order to fight off the Allies?

        You think Korea needs to be wiped off the map for being a VICTIM? by similar logic, I suppose Japan should be wiped off too since majority of Japanophiles think JAPAN was the victim in WW2, not to mention China and most of Southeast Asian nations.

        Get your facts straight before spewing out ignorant ranting from that neardenthal brain of yours.

      • I am very disappointed for hearing people think this way. This is one of the reasons why i dislike SOME koreans. They are too focused on being on the bandwagon, and playing follow the leader. They are very nationalistic, as well as aggressive.

        But i am also disappointed in everyone on this board who believes that they should all die for it. Wishing that all koreans would die, doesnt make us any better than that one person who wished the author was dead.

        Also, dont forget that just because a bunch of computer addicted kids signed a dumb petition to cancel hetalia, it doesnt mean that Korea as a whole is a bad nation.

        I am korean, and i also love hetalia myself, i laugh at the humors of England and US, and squeal at the cuteness of Italy. But i can understand why some may hate hetalia, it really does use satire to change the horrors of wars. Perhaps they believe wars are meant to be seen as evil, and not cute like Hetalia is.

        eh, but what would i know? im a white washed asian. LOL >.>;; i kid.

        • oh shit, SECONDED. Most Koreans signing the petition and bitching about Hetalia are elementary schoolers and early middle schoolers. They’re also apparently crazy about anime/manga,or plainly computer addicted, since they actually know hetalia wtf

          I swear, not many koreans aren’t even aware of hetalia’s existance. :I

          I should know. I’m Korean.

          eh, I don’t really like hetalia just because everyone likes it nowadays and I still don’t know what’s so cool about it. :T Not that I hate it.

      • As much as I agree that this kind of person is the psychotic thug scum that the world does indeed need less of.

        Your ideal world is something that the human race is even better without.

        Not to say I disagree with your ideals (I do) but if the mass genocide of a nation, regardless of how crackpot they are, can be warranted over the cancellation of an anime, what in the world has Iran been wasting their time doing?

        • WondrousWizard says:

          Ahhh I wish I had a Death Note in those situations. Man, what’s wring with those people. I wish that now that the problem against Hetalia has get too far, Japan will maybe start moving in making this anime free to everyone even on T.V.