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New Negima 3rd TV Series Likely Due


Rumors of third Negima! series are currently spreading online, fueled by comments made by Starchild and series creator Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina) himself.

The main catalyst for this is Akamatsu’s blog declaring that some sort of new media project will be announced at an upcoming Negima event next month.

The first hint of a new series comes from comments made from a Starchild representative in the as of now unreleased Dengeki G’s March 2009 issue. Supposedly, the representative mentions “two new releases based on manga original works sometime around autumn, (including) a moe production on a popular series.”

Fans identified Negima as being the most likely candidate from Starchild’s past works, as it is a popular manga-based series that could easily warrant a new sequel. Following news of the leaked comment, an entry in Akamatsu’s online journal on January 27th lent support to the idea of a new series:

The day before yesterday I wrote “I really want to gauge the feelings of the 2000 people that are going to be at the upcoming event”, but that actually wasn’t concerning the development of the Negima manga (^^;)

The matter that I actually wanted to discuss at the event are the details of a new media-mix (multimedia project). The reason why is that because it’ll be an opportunity to see fellow countrymen (manga readers) and to experience first-hand their reactions and opinions. There will be printouts to help jump-start the discussion handed out at the event (or so I hope).

The event in question is a Negima event set for February 11th to commemorate the end of the Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba OVA series, fully named “We’re going to show everything!? Negi Full-Crew Assembly Party”. Details on the event are available at the Shiroki Tsubasa official website.

Since the event is focused on the Shaft produced OVA series and is advertised on that series’ official website and none of the other various Negima franchise websites, it is not much of a leap to assume that Shaft would be involved in the new series if one is actually made.

Whether this possible new series could be an TV series or not is another matter for speculation, but most online discussion points toward a TV series for some nebulous reason…

The details are far from concrete, especially as the Starchild representative’s comments are basically unverifiable, but the hints from Akamatsu’s journal are indeed compelling.

It seems likely that expectant fans will only have to wait a small while until the Negima event takes place in order to have a definite answer.

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