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$6,500,000 Akiba Maid Sex Parlour Busted


A major Akiba “massage” parlour offering the experience of sex with maids, cosplayers and crossdressers, has been shut down by police, and its management arrested.

The establishment, which served upwards of 30 patrons daily and had revenues of some ¥540,000,000 over 3 years, was found by police to be in violation of various regulations forbidding such enterprises in Akiba.



The massage parlour, called “Melrose”, operated out of 13 rooms in a short stay apartment building. However, the management had reported the business to authorities as being a dispatch operation, sending its girls out, which would not have been an offence in the locality.

This was not the case; we hear that the operation employed dozens of girls who dressed as maids, men, etc, who rented their bodies for ¥10,000-12,000 for 40 minutes, using the rooms comprising the establishment.

As a result, anti-brothel ordinances came into play and police acted; it is not clear what they were doing in the 3 years since the business started.

The operator (33) and manager (46), along with three male employees, have all been arrested, though strangely it seems police did not see fit to arrest any of the female employees plying their trade at the venue.



Via ITmedia.

Maids certainly exert a curious fascination over many of late… Is it justified?

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