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Touhou DS & Fate/stay night DS


Doujin soft (or homebrew as we might say) Nintendo DS fan ports of both danmaku shooter Touhou and classic visual novel Fate/stay night have emerged, in both cases in English. Fans of such may wish to check them out:


Touhou DS 0.7 looks to be functional, though not complete, and for those without an actual DS but with the burning desire to play Touhou on a cramped screen with inferior graphics, it apparently works with a DS emulator. It is intended as something of a portable version of Danmakufu.

Those interested should head to the relevant page; there are also apparently a few other such Touhou conversion projects out or on the horizon – Weeaboo’s site has some details and links…



Fate/stay night DS, or FateDS, looks to be complete at version 1.0, and promises as full a reproduction of the visual novel as the DS is capable of, with full voicing and English language support.

Version 1.0 resides here.

Credit for all this fine work goes to Weeaboo.

Genuine homebrew software – who would have thought?

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