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Man, what helluva culture -is- that?!

Besides, my uncle’s son got robbed when he went to malaysia… he got hit in the head and ended up in a coma for ages and had to relearn how to speak and communicate all over again… the crime rates there are absurd. =/

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  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    Sounds like you’re a 80s/90s kid… not that old really.

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Most Maniacal:
    Frog Panties on your Head. I have my Halloween costume now. :D

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    I guess the fans took offense anyways. That’s what you get for being different.

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    It’s not worse, it’s just different. It’s more like an entirely new concept based on the concepts presented in the manga. I wish fans of the manga would treat it more as it’s own thing. Personally for me GitS the movie is an amazing experience and a friend I feel I can relate to.

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    Robotech still used the same art/animation created for the Macross anime so I don’t see how it can’t be considered any less an anime, even if it was a butchered version of an anime. I’d say it’s somewhere between an unedited anime and something like Thundercats.


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